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  1. Thanks for the update! I already have two cruises before Dec, hope they sail, so won’t add another, but at least we know now. 😁
  2. I didn’t ask cause I was able to move my cancelled Aug cruise, but I think I’ll call tomorrow to see what it is....unless you call first. 😁
  3. That sounds even better. 😁 We did also get two comp cabins on HAL’s Eurodam for next April. That will work too....
  4. At least it wasn't a no this time.....sorry you can't join us on the 2/21/21 Harmony.
  5. Just got off the phone with the casino folks. I had our two Prime certificates booked for 2/21/21 Harmony. I was able to take the 08/30/20 cancelled Harmony comp cruise, move it to 2/21/21 (and the free play!!!!) and then use our Prime certificates for a Nov '21 Harmony cruise. It did take two hours on the phone, mostly for the work around of being no casino cabins available for Feb (they were able to put us in the same cabins!!). So happy to hear they're working with us on all the cancelled sailings and Casino comps!!!
  6. Just saw this offer under my online Club Royal offers.....guess they're trying to book 2020 again? 020 OCT - DEC FLAT RATE OFFER VARIABLE STATEROOM FOR A FLAT RATE exp6/26/2020 20FRC201
  7. Happy to hear!!! That makes three!! Thanks for coming back and giving us an update @RFerrington
  8. This was posted on another thread (one which I seemed to have ticked a few folks off from-lol!), so, it might work for you! I actually moved my from August cancelled comp cruise to the 11/1/20 sailing due to casino rooms still being available. I look forward to that cruise!! "UPDATE: Based on some posts I saw on the Club Royale social media site, I called back and asked if I could just "move" my cancelled comped August cruise. The answer was Yes, but only to certain Caribbean cruises sailing between September 15 and February 2021, that had "casino-rate cabins" still available. So I moved my August Symphony cruise to a January Oasis. I tried to get Allure for December but all "casino" cabins had already been booked. But I am happy I was able to move my cruise!"
  9. There are more important things in life then worrying about what people post. Stay healthy all you cruisers, we’ll be back to Sea again one day.
  10. I think that’s why I added the “whatever” after my last comment. The poster asked a question, I answered. For those, including yourself, that doesn’t like the fact that I answered his question, whatever. I do believe we’re on CC to answer questions, whether in the “original” topic or not. So, for you and your friend, I’ll continue to answer questions that are asked whether you agree or disagree it’s in the proper thread. PS....check the comment above your last one. Maybe you have a problem with that? Or is it just me. Lol Have a great night! And relax a little, it’s good for your health.
  11. That’s great news!! But, keep in mind, there are people out there that do not want us to post about anything on this thread except "Suspension extended to 09/15". Try not to rile up the Richards....
  12. You so funny! I like yours too 🙂 I guess some people just aren't happen unless they can bring everyone else down with them. Oops, off topic again, here comes the thread police! Whatever.
  13. Exactly. Some people........are jerks too.
  14. It sure does! If the suspension was extended, then cruisers want refunds! Duh!!!!!!!!!!!! Ps...if you don't like my posts, don't read!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't stand people who think they own the threads!!!!!!!
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