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  1. It was performed by a Student Physician doing a Covid study. I did have a faint line in the antibody section, but not enough to really stand out. The nurses that also took the test, had first dose same day as me, all had the antibody line. I'm pretty sure why they're calling for the second dose. Sorry, should have mentioned it was the blood test and not nasal swab. BTW, I'm a Biomed Tech that works throughout the Covid floors, OR's etc....
  2. Here's the antibody rapid test I took after my first shot. https://www.fda.gov/media/136625/download Got my second dose this past Monday, will test again in a couple weeks.
  3. Let me see if I can find the tests that was given to us at the hospital. The Nurse actually stated it would test for the antibody, and it actually showed up that way for a few of the nurses that were tested at the same time. It showed three different results......red stripes.
  4. I get my second shot this morning. Will be so happy to have this behind me. Anyway, did the rapid test last week, no sign of the antibody. Guess they were right when they said you need both injections.
  5. That's a good question. Seems our hospital stocked up in between the peaks, as we have many pallets sitting outside receiving department ready for distribution. I look at LinkedIn daily, and there are a lot of companies selling PPE that looks like they're well stocked. I'm sure (and I hope not), as cases rise, shortages are about to happen again......happy I got shot one of the vaccine and only three weeks from shot two.
  6. Yes, both ASP & Steris H2O2 Sterilizers can sterilize the N95 masks, but, at our hospital system we haven't had to do that yet. Still good with PPE supplies.
  7. Just received my first dose of Moderna this morning. 28 more days till shot #2. Our hospital, although not super large, is performing around 800 injections per day. Hope it's the same all around the US. Stay healthy my friends.
  8. I vote yes if it works the other way too. My D+ has perks with Silversea. 😉
  9. Got my refund last night for my canceled 2/21/21 Harmony cruise. It was a casino comp, but I paid for upgrade, taxes, fees. It was posted as five credits, but the total was right. I booked through the casino folks....
  10. I wait till I get $150k then use them for Caribbean cruise for two and $250 OBC. I'm getting close to another! 🙂 Total Available MyCruise® Points: layer 146,056Terms and conditions* layer Pending layer 1,800 Earned layer 565Terms and conditions* layer Redeemed layer 0Terms and conditions*
  11. Where you playing " Who wants to be a Millionaire?" 😉
  12. I remember lifting the drink off the ice filled glass and it being quite cold, like the refrigerator effect. If you kept the drink down the whole time, it would be kind of chilly underneath. Of course, I didn't have it very long to test. 🙂
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