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  1. I’m so happy to be doing a precruise to keep me happy till our cruise on the 29th. Thanks for working so hard to share with us.
  2. I wouldn’t be very, very concerned about any price I wouldn’t have to pay anyone. It’s a choice. If you see the prices before your cruise, you decide what you want to pay for.
  3. I cancelled and rebooked when mine went down. At least in my case, the original was cancelled and the new one purchased. I had two charges for a week or so till the first one was credited back to my card. Easy process, though, and it saved me a few bucks.
  4. I tell everyone who is going to have a knee replaced that PT is their best friend and to be absolutely faithful to it. If any of you ever need a hip replacement, I found that the hardest part was lying on my back the first couple of weeks...I’m a side sleeper. Pain wise, it’s a breeze compared to a TKR.
  5. I don’t believe his intentions were anything but innocent. I do believe he lacks in the between the ears area.
  6. Jeepers! Showed those to my TV watching DH last night. He never saw them. They’re excellent commercials, telling a story and giving a quotable catch phrase. Now we’ll be looking for them. It would be nice if they showed an RCI captain that isn’t!
  7. Responding to DCL2RCI. Thanks, I need to watch more TV. Wonder what else I’m missing!
  8. I keep seeing that Holiday Inn reference. Obviously I am out of the loop. Explain, please😀
  9. I loved doing the doc dance at the mailbox. Now I just hit a few keys on the computer. Where’s the fun in that?
  10. We loved Club Class dining. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were a pleasure. We would have paid extra for our cabin location, anyway, so the dining was a bonus.
  11. I used a Shout Wipe the other day and realized how soapy it felt. I wonder if one could be used if there was no water available for hand washing.
  12. When I was in Japan, I found myself bowing when meeting people. Very civilized feeling, and no touching!
  13. You should have received a statement from RCI showing what you paid, and what you paid for. It always shows final payment date. I don't believe any cruise line will make adjustments after final payment except upgrades with additional cost. The more you are on Cruise Critic, the more savvy you will become! Enjoy your cruise and stick with us. We all learn new things on these boards every day!
  14. Welcome to Cruise Critic. These boards can be a huge help. If you had been a member before the cruise you’d have known what My Time dining is and could have corrected the problem earlier. My Time is flexible dining as opposed to a time and table assignment. I’m sorry you had to go through the ordeal of standing in line to make reservations, but I’m sure you realize it wouldn’t be fair to the people who were already in line. I hope you enjoy all the knowledge you’ll get in the future from Cruise Critic members.
  15. I don’t understand. Where did OP mention being declined?
  16. Did you check the deck plans to see what’s above and below it?
  17. Please come back after your cruise to let us know how great it was and that there were no medical problems.
  18. The parents have good paying jobs. Are they asking strangers to pay their attorneys fees? If they would, in fact, have such fees.
  19. Everyone in my family gets the shot. I had influenza in 1968 and it almost finished me off. I’m a strong believer in vaccinations. I cruise in spite of Norovirus and any other virus that comes along on a regular basis. Personal hygiene is the only weapon we have against them.
  20. It doesn’t cover every strain. It also doesn’t cover the thousands upon thousands who doesn’t choose to get the flu shot.
  21. I hate that people are canceling because of fear is something so nebulous. This is a really bad year for influenza, which is a serious illness for vulnerable people. That isn’t stopping people from cruising. Yet a virus on the other side of the world has people in a panic. It’s their choice to cancel and lose a great cruise plus their money, but it’s sad that they don’t do a little research, that might change their minds. So far as ships being a breeding ground for germs, so are schools, office buildings and hospitals. My DS contracted C Diff in the hospital and almost died.
  22. My now 57 year old wore one as a toddler because I was pregnant with her brother and couldn’t run. Several times strangers told me off in public for treating her like a dog. She was fast and curious about everything. Chloe was probably the same, and its heartbreaking that such a lapse of common sense by a 50 year old man took her future away from her.
  23. I wonder how many of RCI staff have any knowledge of NYC at all.
  24. At 83 and disabled, I’m very fortunate to be able to cruise. The pillows enable me to sleep, as does the sheet and blanket instead of a heavy duvet. Somehow I get the feeling you are calling me a diva. I do not have servants at home, nor would I ever consider a steward a servant. I’m sorry you think that I believe I’m entitle to extra care, but I’ll just have to live with it.
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