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  1. I can’t remember if it’s a deluxe balcony or standard, but I think it’s the balcony size that makes the difference. Standing it up at the end of the sofa might work. I think a nice 26” spinner would last her a long time and would squeeze under the bed.
  2. I haven’t seen it, but a hard frame duffel that’s 14” lying flat sounds awfully bulky!
  3. Thanks. That is what I was trying to find on my iPhone. It kept saying too many redirects!! We’ll just have to make do with 12 bottles. It’s shame RCI charges such a ridiculous price. I do order my water in Princess....higher than at home but reasonable.
  4. Not trying to cheat. Trying to find out what happens. I have been trying to check faqs on the website to be sure that it’s 12 bottles per cabin. That’s not even one per day per person. I can’t find anything using my iPhone. I thought it was per person like wine. I was just wondering how in the world they would know if each person took 12 bottles of water. I would not try to take 2 bottles of wine each.
  5. They’re in a balcony. I’ll offer that as a solution. I would just take two smaller pieces of luggage and nest them under the bed. Princess has very large closets so she’s never had a problem before.
  6. Thank you. I think she needs to buy some luggage!
  7. My question is, if I have 12 bottles of water, and my husband has 12 bottles of water, how do they know we’re 12 bottles over the maximum per cabin? If they’re relying on the scanner and not looking at luggage tags
  8. Per cabin? I didn’t realize that. Do they look at xrays to count? I’m curious how if two people are each carrying 12 bottles they know they’re in the same cabin. Do they check Sail Passes? i was hoping we could each carry 12
  9. If you just happen to have a measuring tape, and have the time, would you measure the clearance under the bed? DD’s friend has a duffel with a hard frame that measures 14”. I asked on the RCI board, but you’re actually in the right place to check. If you can’t measure it, that’s fine. Don’t want to interfere with your lovely cruise. Mimi
  10. My DD’s friend has a hard sided duffle that measures 14” when lying flat. She needs to know if it will fit under a bed on Harmony. We’ve had to lift the frame on various cruise ships in order to slide my 26’ that measures 12” under the bed. The friend is concerned that if she lifts the frame and slides the duffle bag under, that the hard frame will create a large bulge or be crushed. Anybody know the clearance?
  11. And water tastes fine. The first time I ordered it I hoped it wouldn’t be a generic with an aftertaste. It tasted like the brands I buy. I think it was Niagara. I’m carrying on water on our next RCI cruise because I won’t pay their price.
  12. Are you talking about Coastal Kitchen? i think I get it now. We do Club Class minisuites on Princess, but this is our first time doing Jr Suites on Royal. I’ve read what the benefits are, but I still get confused sometimes. After our March 29 Harmony cruise I’d better have it down pat!
  13. You not only are keeping up with things, you’re keeping a good attitude! you might want to create a folder in the computer (smart phone) and move every single piece of info on your cruise into it. That way you have instant reference and proof. It’s a good idea to take printed copies showing what you are entitled to, and keep them with your proof of citizenship you’re taking with you. Keep them all in a safe place, but don’t forget where the safe place is.
  14. The problem in the south when it snows...the roads get icy quickly. Cities don’t have sand trucks for something that seldom happens, so bridges have to be closed, and there are a lot of fender benders. If the people who live with snow every winter only had snow once a decade, believe me, they’d notice it. We have to drive 8 hours to enjoy snow.
  15. We love Princess but also enjoy RCI. They each offer something the other doesn’t, so we alternate them. Best of both worlds. Once you reach Platinum on Princess you receive Free internet minutes. Between that savings, Future Credit OBC, and the military discount given to any active service person or former service person with an honorable discharge, Princess is quite affordable. You will feel like you’re on a ship, not a floating amusement park!
  16. Thanks, Sea Dog, for all the tips. Seems like the Key is still somewhat disorganized or lacking in signage. I hope it’s more clear in March. I’m looking forward to your next cruise.
  17. Exactly! I was looking forward to dining at 6, the one choice evidently we won’t have!
  18. So Harmony MyTime starts at 6:30 and no earlier, but Symphony you can go at 6? I just switched from MyTime back to early traditional on Harmony because 6:30 is too late. I’m getting befused!!
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