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  1. The whole private out island idea started with Great Stirrup Cay. Bruce Nierenberg was with the old NCL and came up with the idea. That was certainly the start of something big!
  2. Murfturf, you might want to start a new thread, rather than replying to s three year old one.
  3. I’m so glad to read that Coco Cay had good weather today. Allure’s passengers ran into bad weather and had to evacuate the island. Timing is everything! My DD, her DH and 8 friends are on board with y’all. Hope this will be a perfect cruise.
  4. I research thoroughly any cruise I book and always have. In fact, it could be called an obsession. First cruise was in 1984, and the cruise line (Premier) hadn’t had its first sailing and didn’t even have a brochure yet! So I bought a book on cruising and inhaled that. We didn’t know our cabin had bunk beds and exposed pipes in the bathroom. We did know it had a dining room that we assumed would be the equivalent of a nice restaurant at home. That was a lucky assumption, because we were dressed the way we would to go out to eat, so we fit right in. Formal nights we
  5. Read Cruise Confidential by Brian David Bruns. When he wrote it, he was the only American waiter to work his full contract on Carnival. It’s a very interesting eye-opener!
  6. Renee, you made it very real for us. Great photos and communication. It felt like I was there, wet and nervous! my DD sails today on Harmony. Hope the weather is 100% better for them.
  7. I need your live reviews to keep me going till March 29. I sure hope you have some planned. Experiencing Pinnacle life vicariously through your review is as close as I’ll get to it, so thank you for sharing.
  8. Enjoying reviews helps get through the dry spells between cruises. I just pretend I’m right there.
  9. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures of the Gala Buffet. I have fond memories of the old Midnight Buffets and the 30 minute opportunity for photos before the hordes fell on them. The food was never as good as it looked, but they were a feast for the eyes. I thought this photo of Laura was wonderful.
  10. Preordering is available in the Cruise Planner. I won’t pay what RCI charges. I don't mind carrying it on. I was trying to find out if it’s true that it’s 12 bottles per cabin, not per person.
  11. Unfortunately it’s a duffel bag. No way to make it smaller because of the hard frame.
  12. I don’t cheat ever. Why would you say that?
  13. So one more inch might be OK. I’ll pass it on. I think the idea of a big bulge in the mattress was scary. It sounds like it shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks!
  14. I’ve been posting on Cruise Critic for 19 years, so I’m pretty impervious to criticism. Most posters who criticize have either not read the original post, didn’t comprehend what they read, or the OP wasn’t clear. As far as the poster who mentioned cheating, Bob has seen it all and was uttering a word of caution. If you get flamed at some point, just move on. You will learn a lot about cruising and about the individual cruise lines. If you join your roll call, and it’s an active one, you can put private excursions together, get involved in private shipboard activit
  15. The Princess water is fine. In April it was Niagara. Whatever label it had before was fine, too. I may be the only one who doesn’t care for Evian. I do wish Royal would go to a lower price brand and charge less.
  16. True. I think of it a one per person but only the first two get to bring one. I never think about solos getting to bring two.
  17. I can’t remember if it’s a deluxe balcony or standard, but I think it’s the balcony size that makes the difference. Standing it up at the end of the sofa might work. I think a nice 26” spinner would last her a long time and would squeeze under the bed.
  18. I haven’t seen it, but a hard frame duffel that’s 14” lying flat sounds awfully bulky!
  19. Thanks. That is what I was trying to find on my iPhone. It kept saying too many redirects!! We’ll just have to make do with 12 bottles. It’s shame RCI charges such a ridiculous price. I do order my water in Princess....higher than at home but reasonable.
  20. Not trying to cheat. Trying to find out what happens. I have been trying to check faqs on the website to be sure that it’s 12 bottles per cabin. That’s not even one per day per person. I can’t find anything using my iPhone. I thought it was per person like wine. I was just wondering how in the world they would know if each person took 12 bottles of water. I would not try to take 2 bottles of wine each.
  21. They’re in a balcony. I’ll offer that as a solution. I would just take two smaller pieces of luggage and nest them under the bed. Princess has very large closets so she’s never had a problem before.
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