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  1. I didn’t notice anyone complaining that their luggage wasn’t inside their cabin. I certainly don’t expect it. I’m used to the old days when we’d come back from what we used to call the lifeboat drill hoping our luggage would be in the hall by our door. I think deep down was the fear of sailing away while it sat behind a door in the terminal. It’s still a relief for me to see my luggage safe, sound, and dry.
  2. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you helpful friends🎄🎄🎄
  3. Thanks, guys. I know it’s maybe not what my DH will want, but I’d like to eat there one night, at least. Preferably the filet night.
  4. Can you go to make CK reservations as soon as you board? like 11am?
  5. I presume there’s a good reason for two doors? I’ve never seen an AT suite. I’d be the one locked out, though. Slow reflexes!
  6. I swear that in almost 60 cruises on various lines I don’t remember having luggage delivered inside our cabin. Except when we had a QM2 suite.
  7. It’s nice California wines are celebrated. Are they at their usual prices?
  8. A early Merry Christmas for you! I hope a Merry Christmas for everyone involved in getting your rings back to you.
  9. The Key does not include any checked baggage benefit. If you drop off your carry on it will be placed inside your cabin, but that’s it, so far as baggage.
  10. If you buy a battery operated one, test it at home. The first one I bought stopped after 6 hours which, of course, woke me right up. I tried it again, as we were cruising, and it never lasted more than 6 hours.
  11. 😮 Am I reading this wrong? Royal Caribbean is responsible for the eruption of an active volcano?
  12. After years of walking into cabins the first day, on various cruise lines, I have decided the beds are left the way the previous occupants left them. That way the steward has a good chance of changing them just once or not at all.
  13. Even when a cruise line allows a bed configuration request, I’ve always had to ask the steward the first day to separate them. I don’t think special requests filter down to the stewards. Everything is always the way we want it when we come back from dinner.
  14. My friends did book, but they were already talking to a TA. The husband was a little reluctant so the TA mentioned the chance to experience a little of the ship and the result was enthusiasm on his part and relief on his wife's. They’re still cruising on Princess.
  15. They used to be standard. That way you could eat a couple and then a sunflower seed roll.
  16. I get double meat and horseradish sauce and sit on the balcony and am in heaven.
  17. Earplugs would help you get a good night’s sleep. I’d also call just in case there’s a quieter option.
  18. And I’d love to know why. South Florida people I know took advantage of it and enjoyed everything except having to disembark. Since the hope was future bookings, maybe that didn’t happen often enough.
  19. That happened to me. I started wanting to put them in my purse to toss later. I love the regular rolls, too, and couldn’t do both.
  20. Go back and read the posts and you will see the menu.
  21. Southampton White Taxis was great for us. I began dealing with Dave’s partner, Lance Bradley but sadly he became very ill and Dave had to handle everything. Both men were super efficient and friendly at the same time. Our vehicle was a large and luxurious van, and Dave is a calm, excellent driver. I would recommend the company to anyone.
  22. Thank you for keeping us in cruise mode with your review. By the time March rolls around I’ll have done multiple cruises with all of you lovely posters!
  23. We don’t have streaming at home. I was hoping that by buying surf and stream on Harmony I could see some of the actors that now appear on streaming shows so I never see them any more. At the same time, I was pretty sure I’d have to subscribe at home to be able to see them on the ship, as one poster said. Thanks for the clarification, and I’ll just stick to playing on my iPhone with my usual round of CC, Facebook, news and emails.
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