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  1. I have docked in Crown Bay in both Princess and Royal for so long I don’t remember what shops were at Havensight, except The English Shop. I don’t like Crown Bay, but I’m not going to switch from my two cruise lines. ☹️
  2. Oddly, cruises can end long standing friendships. Little quirks that are unnoticeable for years are magnified Ion cruises. Try it and see!
  3. My NASA engineer brother in law used to say “That’s what you get when you go with the lowest bidder”, I hope that now space exploration is privatized, they go with the highest quality bidder.
  4. My DS is hosting our family Christmas Eve feast and carol singing. His IL are joining us this year....five of them. He commented that it’s impossible to stop their political discussions (arguments) so to be prepared. I will not let them ruin our always wonderful Christmas Eve if I have to claim my matriarchal privilege and tell them to smile and shut up. I’m glad we’re not cruising with them. Why do people have to make themselves and everyone else miserable? Cruises, out of all vacations choices, should be loaded with people who are happy to be there.
  5. Thank you. His cruise reviews are hilarious, but the Egyptian one is the best!
  6. I would like to be able to read Sailor Jack’s older posts, especially his descriptions of their day in Egypt. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life and start up again when telling anyone about it. I wish I had printed it.
  7. For the OP, Bush’s Blackeyed Peas are ok cold. Just put them in a ziplock bag and keep in the fridge till New Years Day. Bacon is pork, so save some from breakfast and like another poster said, the galley can cook some greens, especially if you ask during the previous dinner. Probably some pork, for that matter! That leaves rice and that’s easy. May your Hoppin’ John bring you a great year!
  8. Thanks! i’m so often blown away by the tremendous help given willingly by Cruise Critic members over the years.
  9. Thank you. Hope we can get in for it. If I want to do lunch at CK, I’ll have to sneak in through the kitchen. We’re in a Junior Suite!
  10. Mama2, can you tell me in what night was the filet mignon in Coastal Kitchen? That might be the best night for my DH.
  11. My App said today March 22 sailing is available. Every week availability is moved forward a week (or two, I can’t remember). I expect my March 29 to show up next.
  12. I called my TA a few months ago to ask if I could get a lower price. She came back and said I could get our cruise lowered $200 per person. I ok’ed it and asked for a confirmation, which I do every single time I make any change. I checked it over when it came, and saw my deposit was now non-refundable. Because I asked for and received a confirmation, I would have been able to reverse the change since it had only been 15 minutes or so. Saving $400 was great, and I was willing to take the risk of losing my deposit. Always, always get a written confirmation of any ch
  13. My granddaughter went out on the swing in Queenstown and hung by her knees. In the photos you can see the mountains and huge drop below her. She wore a harness buckled to the swing. I asked why she wasn’t scared, and her answer was that she was, but she really wanted to do it. I imagine all of the risk takers are of the same mindset. At 18, she did the canyon jump in Switzerland. I believe she would have gone to White Island. Luckily for us, we don’t know about her adventures till she’s home again
  14. My grandmother spent the last 10 years of her life worrying about outliving her money. She turned down so many opportunities because of it. She not only didn’t outlive her money, she could have probably lived to 120 on it. YOLO!
  15. Since sometimes the TA asks for final payment a week or 10 days early. This can save last minute problems, and it doesn’t affect the ability to lower rates or cancel until the cruise lines’s final payment date. If that’s the case, a TA might prefer not to send the Royal invoice. If the cruiser tells them they realize the final payment dates are different, and is ok with it, the TA will usually send the cruise line’s guest confirmation. I much prefer any of the cruise lines’ confirmations as to me they contain more information.
  16. That’s exactly what happens. Many time a change is made the cruiser should read over the confirmation with a magnifying glass.
  17. Good! that will keep me in cruise mode for a while.
  18. John does wonderful reviews, and, thank goodness, they cruise a lot. I get to cruise a lot vicariously!
  19. That’s perfect! i’ll order It today. Thank you and thanks to Cruise Critic for making possible so much good info all these years.
  20. Am I missing a review? What going on here? not even a Bella photo?
  21. Does it run all night? Like at least 8 hours? does two D batteries last for a 7 day cruise? The answer was”no” to both questions re the fan I’m ready to toss. I’m hoping your answer is a resounding yes!!
  22. My cousin was a nurse on duty on 9/11 at the hospital that received so many victims. She saw a therapist for several years but says that day and those after it still haunt her.
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