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  1. Looks like Hardee’s has finally outdid themselves! (Probably regional humor)
  2. I’ve seen hilarious spellings, including Wishyoursister sauce
  3. I enjoy the little conversations on this thread right along with the memes and shaggy dog stories. It all brightens my day!
  4. My Publix includes honey and peanut butter with the jams and jellies.
  5. I can’t believe I put everything out in the luggage last night. Thank goodness my steward was able to put together an outfit for me from lost and found!
  6. During WWII, grape jelly was what was available. We got sick of it, so my mother learned to make strawberry jam. sugar was rationed, so we had to do without to have enough for the jam. I haven’t eaten either one since I was a kid. I love orange marmalade made with Seville oranges. And most jams, like apricot, blackberry and raspberry. Don’t like jelly, though. Too hard to spread and it jumps right out of a sandwich.
  7. Ha! I sat behind the steering wheel and Pop was under the hood. He yelled to let the clutch out, so I took my foot off of it. Are boys born knowing let the clutch out means press it to the floor? ’Cause girls sure aren’t!
  8. I swear I remember exactly what mud pies taste like...cold, damp, and musty.
  9. One if my granddaughters is a Special Ed teacher, and has six students in her classroom Kindergarten through second grade, and two more doing distance learning. She has to trot across the school several times a day for the distance learning. After seven years, she’s used to lesson planning for each class, and the assorted situations she faces, but said the only things on her Christmas list this year will be a spare brain to give her original one a rest, four extra hands and an electric scooter! I’ll remind her she’s not grading a large pile of essays.
  10. It happened to my DH on a business trip in Atlanta. He said his first thought as he crawled out the windshield to lie on the grass was “Hertz isn’t going to like this”. His knee and neck haven’t been the same since.
  11. These looked slightly familiar, but my brain isn’t functioning all that well today.
  12. He attached himself to me in the ticket line and I still can’t shake him loose!
  13. For all you cat lovers. Dogs won’t try to kill you, they’ll just eat whatever you wrapped it in and spit the pill out!
  14. It been so long since this thread started, I can’t remember what’s been posted. So here’s one we may have seen!
  15. We’re still hosting. Don’t know if we’ll be the world’s largest cocktail party if they socially distance the RVs. It’s been a fun place to be, like the world’s largest family reunion, full of friendly cousins. They stopped alcohol in the stadium a few years ago, after some of the students didn’t make it home. Ever.
  16. I’m posting this because it’s funny to me. I don’t always pay enough attention to my cooking. Especially when I’m tired. Back when I was still working, I came home late and exhausted, rushed into the kitchen, made a batter, coated and fried a couple of pounds of shrimp. Not till we sat down to eat did I realize I had not peeled the shrimp! Oddly, the shrimp was good, after we peeled them, batter and shell!
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