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  1. Shocker, the 5% discount has been added to my cruise. I just found it odd that the agent couldn't add it. But I couldn't find it on the website any more. That website well is .... bad. lol
  2. I canceled and rebooked a cruise for January a couple of days ago. The agent was not able to add the 5% discount to the cruise. (???) She had to email someone to ask for it to be added. Not holding my breath that it gets done.
  3. Did MSC do away with the 5% voyagers club discount?
  4. I FINALLY got my 4 cruise next certs from my 2 cruises canceled by NCL. Next up - fcc and bonus cc and 2 cruise nexts from canceled cruise in June!
  5. I called NCL today about my 4 cruise next certs that were “promised by Tammy to be in my account on April 13”. Nope, not there. Run around from NCL. Now being told they have 90 days to give them back. 😮
  6. Still waiting for CN from March 15 and April 5. I'm ready to call tomorrow I since "Tammy" on April 11 said they would be in my account on April 13... lies, just lies.
  7. So let me get this straight, if I use my Bonus FCC ( I have both 50% and 25% from 2 separate cruises) that it just brings down the cruise fare. If NCL cancels the cruise I used the bonus FCC on, I will lose that and it won't be put back into my account because it didn't go in as a payment, just a reduction in price?
  8. Some more progress made on my account. I got my bonus FCC on my second canceled cruise today. My 15 year old has had his back for the same cruise for about 12 days or so. Would have only made sense for them to credit it at the SAME time, but noooooo.
  9. I called NCL Saturday morning and was told I would receive my 2 cruise next certs for my 2 canceled cruises by April 13. Uhmmm there’s 2 hours and 37 minutes to go!
  10. Logan - Your March 20 cruise... canceled by you or NCL? I'm still waiting on 2 sets of 2 cruise next certificates on cruises canceled by NCL March 15 and April 5 cruises. BUT... the cruise I canceled myself last week before final payment, I had my cruise next certificates back in a couple of days!
  11. Ha! I could have typed this verbatim except substitute March 15 for the date and substitute son for DH!
  12. I was told by Jeff in the Casino Department (Arizona) to look for my FCC today. Yeah, not holding my breath. My 3/15 cruise was canceled by NCL, not me, so I'm expecting 150% on the full amount paid (myvegas offer).
  13. NO! And I’m super annoyed by it. I was sitting in a hotel in Miami 2 days out from my March 15 cruise on Pearl when the cruise was canceled. I emailed the casino dept specifically about my FCC. She told me I get 125%... wrong! Then went on to say the bonus cruise credit was $42?!?! I figured out she added my admin fee and cabin upgrade together and took 25% of that to come up with $42. Ugh... my bonus should be just over $350. Forgot to mention that I’ve been told I must rebook by April 3... looks at calendar...
  14. Ugh, I was booked on the same cruise, but have received NOTHING from NCL and I WANT a FCC.
  15. https://assistivesite.ncl.com Try this link from NCL's site. Then click explore and find a cruise
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