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  1. That's how it works. You have to add the offer to your card first.
  2. I have an Amex Blue account where I'm primary and hubby is a card holder. He has the offer. I do not. Go figure!
  3. That's not an announcement. Just cruises that haven't been canceled.
  4. After 2 phone calls and talking to five different people, I was finally able to get a straight answer about getting my points back if I cancel before final payment. She did tell me a couple of situations where I would lose the points before final payment, but they won’t be an issue with me. So, I was able to go from IA to BA (angled balcony).
  5. Would have been a nice gesture to those who took the FCC. Maybe they will change their minds. Who knows.
  6. Ok I could have sworn I have read here and other places that you get your points back if you cancel before final payment. I called world points to do a double meta upgrade from inside to balcony (60,000 points) because I wanted to grab an angled balcony while they were still available. So, the NCL said that once I spend the points they are gone for good. Huh? Is this correct or another poorly informed agent?
  7. Anyone have any ideas/input on getting incorrectly calculated FCC/Bonus FCC/2 cruise next certificates FIXED other than wait? I keep getting the run around when I've called NCL through the regular phone number. I was told it would be fixed in 7 to 10 business days. Called the 11th business day. NCL consultant swore it would be fixed within 3 business days. I called again on the 4th business day. Continued run around. She was horrified when I asked to speak to a supervisor. This supervisor said he would get a specific supervisor to call me back today. It's 7:30 pm and no call. No I didn't book through a travel agent nor do I have a NCL PCC.
  8. Yep, got my son's FCC back today. I'm still thinking about our FCC that must be used in March (on a cruise by end of 2022). Wondering if NCL is going to change those dates down the line or I'll be booking something at the end of 2022. I would hate to lose FCC for various reasons.
  9. My 2 cruise next and FCC that were MIA from August 16 cruise were posted this afternoon.
  10. Can anyone answer my original question?
  11. Still missing 2 cruise nexts (mine) and the FCC that should be on my kid's account for August 16 cruise. Plus still dealing with NCL calculating canceled June 14 incorrectly. Told to wait 7 to 10 business days. Called back, told to wait 72 more business hours. I've had 4 cruises canceled. Plus didn't get to use the 20% off on 2 cruises because they took so long to issue the FCC. By the time it was on my husband's account, the 20% percent off was no longer available.
  12. Scroll down to see the amount you can be refunded after final payment, but before the cruise was supposed to sail.
  13. Q for those who used FCC on a cruise that was canceled. When the FCC was reinstated to your account, did the expiration date of your FCC change?
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