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  1. That was one of my best meals I've had on a NCL ship... La Cucina on Star. The steak with gorgonzola was amazing.
  2. Maybe, but Ketchikan is a great place to get coats cheap!
  3. I am taking a stab in the dark and guessing it's probably not transferable? I suggest she calls NCL.
  4. I booked El San Geronimo for 2 nights before my January 16, 2020 cruise. Just be aware they charge for one night's stay, but it is refundable up to 3 days before your stay.
  5. Similar thing happened to my son on the Epic. I specifically told him not to go out on the balcony because we were about to go to dinner. What does he do? Goes out on the balcony and the child lock (inside the room) broke. So, now he's STUCK on the balcony. Someone had to go through the room next door to get him off the balcony. Moral of the story --- I NEVER close the balcony door all the way when I go out there.
  6. There's no cover charge. You are paying a la carte at Cagney's and Le Bistro.
  7. Who knew the 51st state is Bermuda! !?!
  8. If you haven't seen the ruins, do that before anything else. Beach day - go to Yaya Beach Club. Not as on top of each other as Tropicante, and water is cleaner than at Maya Chan.
  9. The drink card will only be good at the casino bar and it is not open all the time. Watch your bill like a hawk. I had a hell of a time getting a water and some other drink I did not buy removed from my bill. The casino bartender was careless and charged someone else's purchases to my account.
  10. Yes you can book the inside room now, and upgrade later. Your points will not hit your card until your statement closes for the month. I have seen people on here say that you must book the highest category inside to get the lowest level balcony available. However, from my personal experience that has not been the case. You could search this thread for my previous posts on about what category I booked and what category I wound up with.
  11. Bermuda is definitely out. I wonder if a Bahamas cruise would count as a Caribbean cruise? I would call about that. I was given the choice of one perk (chose the drink package) with our inside cabin when I cashed in my points for a free cruise spring break of 2018.
  12. $19.99 bag of laundry approximately in the middle of cruise.
  13. I've only seen that today with a travel agency.
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