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  1. I guess I missed the 2 weeks part. When was that announcement made again?
  2. Hi all - So I know the FCC have been extended to book by 12/31/2021. Shouldn’t this date be reflected on my FCC in my NCL account? They are still showing 6/30/2021 as book by date.
  3. You can’t. Messaging is turned off in cruise critic.
  4. I preferred the real 15% off for latitudes members. Bring that one back.
  5. I rarely use my Carnival credit card. I suspect that's why they offered me the bonus points.
  6. I keep getting emails about it. The link in the emails was never right. It’s under offers when you sign into your account.
  7. Fine print says “All additional FunPoints earned will appear on your statement 6-8 weeks after the end of the promotion.”
  8. You need to call the world points department and run this past them. When you call, ASK to make sure that you are talking to someone from the world points department. I'm not convinced you can take 2 different cruises even though back to back and use 60,000 points to do a double meta cross upgrade to BOTH cruises.
  9. Unfortunately, you are comparing apples and oranges since the January cruises with MyVegas are with Royal Caribbean. So, nothing that NCL did in the past will indicate what Royal will do. I redeemed points for a 3 day cruise in January with MyVegas, and I added a 4 day cruise before it. I fully expect Royal to cancel the cruises. Looking at responses about how NCL handled the canceled cruise, you have to remember that NCL clearly says once a FCC, always a FCC (unless you plan to fight it out with your bank... just take the refund to begin with). I took the FCC on my NCL
  10. My husband got the offer, but I did not. Figures because I have a solo cruise already booked with Carnival.
  11. Since no one answered... here's what happened. I called world points directly and explained the situation. She canceled the cruise. Then she refunded the 60k world points while I was still on the phone. I got my cruise next certs back on my account today. Everything was easier than I imagined.
  12. I have to cancel my August 2021 cruise because the school system is starting school a week earlier than what they normally do. Ugh. So I need to get my 60k points back from using them on a double meta upgrade. Do I contact world points first?
  13. That's how it works. You have to add the offer to your card first.
  14. I have an Amex Blue account where I'm primary and hubby is a card holder. He has the offer. I do not. Go figure!
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