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  1. I love that poem and have since childhood. Given its size, nowhere in the UK is too far from the sea - we’re about 20 miles away - but I’m off to do some research on St Andrews by the sea right now because we are due another visit to Canada 🤞. We have friends in Orillia and Ottawa and combine our visits with other places in Canada. Still enjoying the thread!
  2. I'm happy to have my money back from P&O (£3000+ after a 60 day wait, weeks ago) because I think my future cruising life is in some doubt, even though I have 2 (moveable Celebrity) cruises booked for the second half of next year. The ITV programme on Thursday night about cruise ships and Covid-19 just reinforced my doubts. So many posters on here have now been refunded, but what a battle! I'm still waiting for a refund of £150 deposit from Princess but I'm not foaming at the mouth about it because a) the amount involved and b) I got an immediate acknowledgement of my choice o
  3. Funnily enough I’d recorded it and just watched half of it before seeing your reply. It’s a lovely programme so I’m going to save it ..... the sail into Kotor, walking around Split, the ship itself, even Jane’s cheesy (but good imho) version of ‘It’s now or never’ whilst on a gondola in Venice ....... sigh! I’ll watch the second part with Santorini tomorrow 😊.
  4. I agree that Guernsey is a lovely island - it's a bit like stepping back in time if you are from the mainland. I'm really enjoying this thread but the posters who have nowhere at home on their list were a surprise. We have travelled extensively throughout the USA - also Canada - on independent road trips and have loved every one. There is just so much to enjoy. Granted for history Europe wins hands down, but for vastness and spectacular scenery - well, just wow!! As I use a screen name, I hope no one will consider this to be a 'humble brag' but we have made travel a
  5. Nice thread! For me, the country that we have visited twice for holidays since sailing into Split and Dubrovnik is Croatia. We had never considered it previously but loved our land based stays in different parts of Croatia. Also on the ‘still to visit properly’ list is Slovenia after a cruise visit to Koper and hiring a car for the day. We always spend at least 3 short (a week or less) land vacations in Europe each year and just this morning booked 5 nights in Germany in early December with fingers crossed - cancellable hotel accommodation only though for the moment. Flights are available
  6. Oh dear! Working my way through this thread and what a difference a few weeks makes in the dreadful saga of this pandemic. I was just looking for info on the Connie as we are booked on her at the end of August but I’ll be amazed if it goes ahead. Pretty sure we’ll be home for the rest of the year at least.
  7. ‘Tis a good thing that you do - you deserve your refund pronto! Good luck 👍
  8. We have cancelled our January 21 cruise on Connie. Just too soon for us, and as another poster indicated, wearing a mask for 2 hours is doable, but don’t care for the idea for a 9 hour flight from the U.K. with mask. And that’s even before we get to considering insurance for overseas travel. Hoping to do European cruises August and October next year and keeping fingers crossed for January 2022 and the Caribbean.
  9. ‘Uptown Funk’ was sung in the theatre 3 times during a (shortish) cruise by different entertainers - ship’s cast and guests - this was on Celebrity. Luckily I quite like the song, not so DH 😂.
  10. Getting concerned now ..... received my refunds (2 different cc) on 12th and 13th May ..... in full, for my direct booking. Today I have received an apology for the delay and telling me that my refund (correct amount and booking reference) has been processed! I hope I am not going to be the next one to be refunded twice 😵!
  11. Most of my cruises are with Celebrity and so I keep an eye on their board too. There are just the same issues being reported there - people waiting excessive amounts of time on early cancelled cruises and others receiving refunds quickly on more recently cancelled cruises with no rhyme nor reason to it. I haven't had to cancel a Celebrity cruise - but I have moved two to late next year (and only small deposits on both) - so I don't know if their acknowledgements have been any better. P&O's lack of communication was just dire, and the odd explanatory email would have helped e
  12. I suspect that you have just been very unlucky - I know, I bet you're shouting 'You think ......?'. After following this entire thread, it does appear that there is little rhyme nor reason to the way the refunds are coming through - one thing on which I think we can all agree is that it has been badly handled. I'm sure we'll be celebrating with you any day now 🤞🥂
  13. I'm only giving up on this thread when you get your refund Andy, and I hope it comes through very soon 🤞
  14. I don't know if you meant me, but I don't think that writing in at 45 days, reminding of what they said, would count as 'kicking up'. I was very polite if direct 😉. I only didn't bother ringing because it was obvious from the many different things people were being told that it was likely a pointless exercise. I have no illusions that Paul Ludlow would not see my letter, and in fact, have no way of knowing that it isn't still sitting in a pile somewhere! I think it's particularly hard on the younger ones on here. But then again, there's been at least one person reported as wanti
  15. You were in my mind when I wrote my piece about many of us waiting for refunds - not so easy when you are younger with uncertainty about future employment. I think you will have been a few days behind me in claiming though (I cancelled by being 70!) so you never know, yours could be in the system right now. Fingers crossed for you.
  16. Happy to report that my refund is now complete too! Turns out the beardy one didn't get my balance to fund Necker Island after all it is now showing on my Virgin credit card, and like yesterday's BA refund, it also shows the transaction having taken place on 12th May - just like the lady said when I made my (only) phone call on 13th. Just for the record: Cruise was Ventura Canaries on 4th April Claimed refund on 16th March - screen showed refund 'within 45 days' At 45 days wrote (snail mail) to Paul Ludlow reminding him of this - unsurprisingly, no response w
  17. Yes, but as was pointed out earlier, if that person (or travelling companion) was 70 or over, they could have cancelled mid-March. Do you know this wasn’t the case?
  18. I didn't get an email either - just told when I rang yesterday that it had been authorised the previous day. So who is getting emails I wonder? Maybe people who paid with credit card such as Scriv and me were not down to receive emails.
  19. Oh no, not the vuvuzela 📣😄. I was hoping for a Zoom celebratory blow-along sometime soon! Seriously, it is very, very frustrating and there does not appear to be a logical system with the refunds. You do wonder if it is luck as to who processed it. The young woman I spoke to was very quick and efficient (slight eastern European accent I think) and gave me the final digits of my credit card numbers they were refunding to, immediately she had taken me through security - unprompted. I am taking comfort in the fact that my Virgin Mastercard is underwritten by MBNA and so
  20. Ha ha ha, and I thought I was a cynic. I am one of the ones who was told (convincingly IMO) yesterday that my refund was processed on 12th May (to 2 credit cards; deposit and balance on different cards) ........ well, today the deposit is now back in my BA Amex account and it does show that it was processed on 12th 📣, but the much larger balance is not (yet) showing on the other. Mind you, the other card is a Virgin one ......! I'm sure it will be in very soon though . So almost there!
  21. That would be me too, but the smaller ships (been on 2 out of Venice, 1 of which was Splendour of the Seas mentioned by Graham and now with TUI) were lovely and did not have the long street nor whistles and bells. I've only been on 1 RC ship with the Central Park long street and that was out of Southampton, and had it been my first RC cruise, or even first cruise out of Southampton (shall we just say that many of the clientele on that ship were definitely out to get their value out of the drinks package!) then it might have been my last. My favourite thing about P&O has to be
  22. Well I may be opening the vuvuzela drawer any day now 📣📣!! I just phoned (my first call) and got a very efficient young lady who very quickly, once we had gone through the security procedures, told me that my refunds (deposit and balance on different credit cards) was processed yesterday. Without any prompting she gave me the last 4 digits of each account and the amounts to each one. These amounts were not back on my cards today, so I shall remain optimistic about tomorrow, which will be day 60 - but I was early to cancel and was told 'within 45 days'. I hope I am not
  23. This must be a new development. I cancelled 4 days ago with Princess (9th May) and they were giving 60 days. Ever hopeful - although it is only a deposit I am awaiting.
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