Infinity Schedule Changed For 2005

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Morganton, NC
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Hi everyone,

As Yogi Berra once said, "It's deja vu all over again". This is exactly what we were hearing. One caller would be told "revenue has it for repricing", another one would be told "We don't have anything definite except the cruise is still on".

For about a month, there were many conflicting pieces of non-information and nothing on the web except that 3 cruises (10/24 t/a and 11/7 and 11/14 Caribbean) weren't showing up,

As I said, I quickly booked a trip that I would be very happy with and put the deposit on it. When they finally announced what they were doing, we got a $200 cabin credit and the option of the 10/24 Med cruise (added to the schedule for some reason), the 11/7 (new date) transatlantic or ability to pick another cruise at prevailing prices and take our booking credit plus the $200. We simply transferred everything to the Galaxy, had our TA get the nice sky suite we had picked, got our deposit back on the back-up reservation and moved on. The prices have gone up about $300 per person since on the SS, so we are feeling pretty good about it all. The secret was to book what we wanted, but not cancel.

Wonder why this is happening so much? It seems that some of the C-class ships are involved and they don't have pods, do they?

valencia calif usa
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I am very glad I started his thread! Let's hope we can keep the pressure on Celebrity to let us know what the changes will be and very soon. In the mean time I will probably hang in there but book another trip and see what Celebrity comes up with.

cruiser dan
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Re: the question "why" ... someone noted in a thread some weeks back that Princess is reportedly basing one of its big new ships out of SF sometime soon, so perhaps Celebrity is trying to keep up with the Joneses by bringing in the M-class for some cameo appearances to augment the Mercury schedule ...
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Just to add to the mess -- Constellation transatlantic 9/7/04 is Red flagged -- Sold out? and there were many cabins on web the day before. (but no cc or suites)

91 days at sea w/4 lines in 6 years. Celebrity is the best for us!
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Denver, CO
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Ray, I hadn't seen that yet for our 9/7 sailing. Perhaps I need to check with our friend and see if she knows anything.


Grand Princess - Western Caribbean - April 25, 2004

Constellation Transatlantic 9/7/04

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We got bumped last February trying to make the same trip because the trip was cancelled. I hope they let us know soon. If anybody hears anything, please post it as soon as possible.
I'm sure we all check this sight daily.
Miami, Florida USA
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Hiya Flourtown..I read on another thread that you're booked on the Infinity 4/17/05 sailing. Come on over and join our sailing thread at: Infinity 4/17/05 Transcanal Thread.

You can keep up with the daily happenings of this "red flagged" business along with the rest of us. You'll also get to meet an already pretty cool group of folks that you'll be sailing with (we hope!).

Hope that you'll come join us!


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Columbus, OH
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Our TA booked us today on the May 16th twelve day to Alaska. There are four of us, and we were lucky enough to get the highly sought 6135 and 6136 cabins. According to our TA, these are concierege class cabins. I'm sorry for those of you who had your plans disrupted, and I want to thank you for the thread or I won't have known about this itinerary.
Columbus, OH
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Oh,you've got a nice big balcony, too. My email address is in my profile as our website address (which we don't have one of). I am so excited about this already, and it's more than a year away. I love the planning part, so I have lots of time to obsess. We do have a cruise scheduled in the meantime. We are trying HAL for the first time this summer, going to Canada/New England out of Boston.

Montreal, Canada
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Hi all,
We were scheduled for the Hawaii to Vancouver cruise on May 25th 2005 aboard Infinity. Apparently this is not to be.
Has anybody seen anything official about this schedule change because our TA has not been able to get some straight answers from Celebrity. It appears that some people (on this thread even) have now obtained reservations on Infinity for an Alaska cruise for the same period as our Hawaii cruise.
If this is true, why is Celebrity keeping it undercover? I am not very happy about the switch but I'll recover. However I would have appreciated some kind of official announcement from them.
Staten Island, NY, USA
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I'm supposed to be on the same cruise as MaBell and Otima and believe me, I am majorly bummed about this change! Not that I wouldn't mind sailing to Alaska, after all it's cheaper, easier air fare and and an extra night, but it's this uncertainty I dislike.

I called Celebrity earlier tonight. The guy I spoke to said that they might not know until as late as July!!!!! He did see that all of the cruises you were supposed to be on were marked as "redeployment" So far, our CS is still very open on the 5/28/05 cruise and I asked him to have it noted in our record that we want that same suite for the 5/28/05 sailing.

Our major glitch is that we were going to surprise our friends on this cruise!!!!! And they have no idea yet about this change!!!!! I'm going to talk to them tomorrow and break it to them gently about this change. I know that they will be extremely upset since they were looking forward to going to Hawaii! Of course, I'm going to say I saw it here on Cruise Critic!

I'm going to be calling Celebrity once a week until either they make up their minds or our friends decide to cancel their cruise.


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Hi Anita and Otima,
I spoke to my travel agent today and she was told that it's possible another ship may sail our cruise. None of the other ships are scheduled for May 95 yet. Our cabins are still blocked so they aren't selling the cabins we had reserved. It's possible Summit could sail this itinerary. It may take until June before we find out for sure. You can always book another and cancel before final payment if you don't want to wait, but don't give up completely yet.
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Just a thought, I think I read somewhere that Summit was due for a dry-dock around May next year.

That would make sense if the switched the Infinity's Hawaii cruises, the way the did with Millenniun and Infinity in early April, after the propulsion problems with Infinity.

Hope you guys get some satisfaction from Celebrity and they don't leave you hanging too long!

valencia calif usa
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Lucky Jim, thanks. I sure hope they come up with something soon It has been over a week since I was first notified so now It is just a wait and see plan.

cruiser dan
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I decided to make another call to Celebrity in regard to my Hawaii 05/15/2005 sailing on the Infinity. I was informed that it was sailing to Hawaii on the 15th and also sailing to Alaska on the 16th. Ha! Ha! Really not funny at all. They connected me with customer service and informed me my travel agent would be the first to know. I informed them my travel agent was not the first to know about this change and that is why I was calling. They did say there is a chance that they may still be sailing but on another ship. I will keep my fingers crossed and still dream of my FV aft room....whatever ship it Hawaii.
valencia calif usa
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I called Celebrity today and spoke to Customer Service They said that the May 1st 2005 Panama 14 day cruise is Red Flagged and it could be because of an inquiry for a charter. A charter? So there are a lot of different stories going on but nothing firm. So for those of us booked on these trips and affected by the red flagging, it is a wait and see what happens or keep em hanging theory. I sure hope they can make up their minds soon.

cruiser dan
Montreal, Canada
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My TA phoned me today to say that she also contacted Celebrity (did not mention which service) and was told not to call again...they would contact her when a decision is made , in our case the Infinity Hawaii to Vancouver cruise on May 25th 2005. Well now, things are heating up, so I imagine the pressure is getting to them.
I just want to know if I'm going to Hawaii on those dates because Alaska is not on my priority list. Our question therefore remains.: "what's up?"
Queens, NY, USA
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Time wll tell...
I was so looking forward to that Hawaii cruise next year. The itinerary and dates were perfect for our group. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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