Is Carnival Gay Friendly

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My only experience with Carnival was business related so I have no idea what to expect. All the other ships I have been on have certainly not felt homophobic and I have had a great time. Only 1 held an FOD party, but for the most part I have always felt part of the cruise. I would be interested to hear what people's experiences on Carnival have been.

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When are you going on the Miracle Joey? We have several groups going on the Feb. 13th sailing and our group is definately gay friendly! We'd love to have you join us.

Kristi -

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I've sailed on Carnival 9 or 10 times, and all the other cruise lines as well. I've never had a problem, not even a minor one. Carnival is just as gay friendly as the next line, although they don't always seem to have as many gay passengers as say Celebrity or Cunard, which I think attract the majority with Princess in third.

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Thanks everybody going this Saturday but I sure appreciate your kindness in including me in February. Hope you have a great cruise and I will report back on my mine in a couple of weeks.

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We travelled on the Carnival Pride in March after we got married in Portland. The cruise director told gay jokes every night until I finally confronted him and told him he was being offensive (which is completely out of character for me). He denied everything and told me nobody had every complained before. We will never travel on Carnival again.
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Although my Carnival sailing was many, many years ago on the old broken down Holiday, it did not endear either my ex or myself to the line and we never sailed it again. It definitely had a straight-bar, meat market feel about it.

I always jokingly question why straight people go to gay bars...I never go to theirs. That's sort of how I felt on that Carnival ship - uncomfortable. There was no indication of gay friendliness anywhere on board.

As I say, this was many years ago, and the line has changed since then...but that's my experience.
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Well, I can only relate my experience.

My huzband and I travelled on Carnival just once, Holiday on a 3 day cruise out of Los Angeles. (We got a great deal on the airfare because of a two hour seat sale by Delta and American - U$99 return from Montreal!)

We didn't have a problem, other than with our table mates. Carnival put us at a table with six other very rowdy women and one couple. The couple never came back to the table, other than the first day. And one of the women, was drunk on the last night and hit me.

We've never been back on Carnival since then. But then again, we aren't party animals. We've been together for 15 years and well, we've become domesticated.
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We've been on quite a few Carnival Cruises....both alone or with family and friends. We've always had a great time.
We dance together in the disco, etc..........
Of course you have to use common sense, I would not make out in the middle of the dance floor either.

We usually meet a few other's onboard (GayDar)
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I have sailed many times on Carnival and have always had a blast.

I tend to meet more married "playfull" men on Carnival then on other cruise line. I also tend to be approached alot on the ships by people whlo ask if I am in the Military or am a State Tropper.

I am very straight acting and usually those men who ask about my workout routine in the gym or comment about my build end up asking where I hang out at night with my friends and join in on the fun.

Even if nothing happens for me on a cruise, iots still the best vacation to take.
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This thread interests me. My partner and I have booked a cruise on the Triumph in February since his sister and her husband are going. (We are going to show up and surprise them!) (Oh, dont worry they have been begging us for months to go - we keep saying "no")

Not that I am worried or really care what others think... I would be interested to hear if there are any specific incidents with crew or other passengers.

I have a gay co-worker that swears by Carnival and refuses to try any other line.... Hmmmm.

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Carnival attracts a very mainstream, middle America crowd... not that there's anything wrong with that... but definitely a more "traditional values" crowd and I think more opportunity for potential unpleasantness. But on one of the megaships doing a 7 day or more itinerary, you are going to get a more diverse crowd these days.

But I would absolutely avoid any 3 or 4 day party cruise on any ship, as the Monarch incident from last year indicated.
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Like the previous poster, I'm very str8 acting, looking, etc (ex pro athlete). Hard to take a chance on a cruise. Normally I travel with family or friends, but am taking the Carnival Conquest this August on my own. I'm not sure how it will work out. Sure would love to find a great guy .. but have no clue how or where to look. Was hoping someone else online was going but it doesnt look good. I've been on over 40 cruises and cant really say I've seen any gay friendly programs. Maybe it will be different in the future. I'm sure they want out spending money.
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My girlfriend and I took a Carnival cruise on the Sensation several months ago. We found it to be very gay-unfriendly. We are both very straight-looking, lipstick lesbians. The first thing we did when boarding the ship was to go to the dining room and request a table for two or to be seated with another gay couple. The dining room attendant snickered and acted as though he didn't speak English. He ended up seating us with a table of 8 retired ladies from Florida, vacationing without their husbands, which ended up being okay. On another occasion I asked the Cruise Director if there were any FOD cocktail parties or meetings and he said he didn't know what I was talking about. This was my second Carnival cruise and I've come to the decision that you get what you pay for. Our cruise was inexpensive and full of foul mouthed breeders. We are spending quite a bit more to cruise in November on Celebrity and I sure hope we have better luck.
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The best all round cruises I've been on were Celebrity ships. They really do it well. I don't recall any FOD parties though. I'm getting second thoughts about doing Carnival alone in August though. So much for the Love Boat!
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We went on the Conquest last Feb - met lots of gay couples and singles...

It was a great time - the Disco is a great hang out to meet others as well as some of the crew members too!

We highly recommed you going - its a blast!

E & B
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My first Cruise Director was a bit questionable, but my husband and I have never had a problem on Carnival. In fact, somehow or another have always ended up with gay cabin stewards. Have had no problems with our dinner companions at any point. We'll stay with Carnival. We've never had a problem, and we like the line. Plus, since it isn't quite as expensive, we can do 2 cruises a year.

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