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Libby Libby Libby semi-live from the Family Pres Suite

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Pics are right side up for me, link to video didnt work for me though


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Now I'm having trouble uploading to my Youtube Channel also. These problems will just have to be worked out.


Then my DH was supposed to make a video of the interior of the cabin and we can't find the video. So.....guess its a bust.


I will upload all I can in meantime....sorry


The opinion part of the review. I can understand why the suite is so beloved by all who have booked this cabin. The space is the key, living with 3 other couples in that space had its particular stresses, but in all, it was so nice I have to love it. The at your service provided by MJ was what made it really worth while. He was just there for us all the time. I might not book it again though, I enjoy having just the two of us together and aloof. I don't feel for us, the bev. pkg was worth it...I just don't drink like that and it made it really tough to try to make it pay. The good thing about it is of course the quality of beverage. If you like your labels the package is the way to go, as the suite lounge is free but quality of liquor and wine is sub par for most. For us, its just a lot of money for booz.


I would not purchase the Voom package again. Maybe I'm just too challenged, but it just was too frustrating.


We won't be eating at Chops again for a long time...our go to will be Giovanni's and hope that its consistent across the fleet.

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At Nachi Cocom was the water calm or was it rough with waves? We are headed there in a couple weeks!


The water has always been very calm and lappy, never rough and wavy. This time it was crystal clear and bath water warm. Pool also.


VView My Video


Weather in all ports was gorgeous. It rained several nights but the days were glorious. We only went ashore for Nachi at Cozumel. We've all been there done that at Belize and Roatan, so we enjoyed the ship. Loved not having to get up and run at every port. It was a really laid back cruise.

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Me neither! We are at the stage where we both wonder around the house picking up little things we think we've forgotten or may need...really pathetic PCS Pre Cruise Syndrome! LOL


Uttering things like, "Where did you put my...?" and "Did you move the....!" Hair cut coming Friday morning, Todd's cigars and the wine bottles are waiting on the pantry counter at the door! We are a hoot:')


Made sure the mail is being held and DD is coming on next Wednesday to check our animules. I can think of nothing left undone....so far.


My personal tradition on boarding day is a Mojito.


We have to go to the pool bar for that since Bolero's will probably be closed on Boarding day until we sail...and just to be safe, I go out and cut a few sprigs of mint in my garden and throw them in a baggie. I've had them declare they couldn't make my Mojito cuz they didn't have mint, so I take care of that! I also have a baggie of powdered sugar for my french toast...I had a hard time getting the idea of powdered sugar over on the Windjammer and MDR staff...they call it all sorts of things except powdered sugar. Bakers sugar, confectioners sugar. And they kept bringing me plain sugar so I just carry it with me now. That's how my Mama made it for me as a kid and that's what I like...bleh....bleh;p


Hate syrup on it. OK that's all the drivel I can think of this morning...............


Too late now but try asking for icing sugar next time, that’s what it’s called in England.

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To tell you the truth, I've never understood why people are so concerned with the Compass as it changes daily and from Cruise to Cruise. Things are rescheduled and put in other time slots as the cruise goes on. But there you have them, except for Day 6...now let me see, where are you...............................................................

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Too late now but try asking for icing sugar next time, that’s what it’s called in England.


The ships crew said Bakers Sugar. Anyways I had my baggie and used the last of it yesterday. And nobody ever questioned "What is that white powder you have?":halo:

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To BecciBoo

I am seeing your pictures vertically-just fine on my iPad.

Just curious- no reflection on you or your hubby- but, I understand that you travelled with several couples in that large suite.

My question is- are you still talking with each other ?

Did traveling so closely put a bit of a strain on your friendships?

The reason I ask is that my DH and I travelled with another couple- separate cabins. But there were some hiccups during the cruise. Mostly about planning activities and dinners.

Now, things between us don’t seem as friendly as before.

My DH and I usually vacation by ourselves.

I am not keen on joining anyone else again.

Just wanted to know how you managed with your friends.

Thank you for taking the time and effort with this thread.

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Managed well with a couple hiccups, but I've found the way to salve those is to apologize immediately if you have offended. Then all is well. Especially with the stress of stuff going on like with our cruise.


I didn't mention that DH and I both came home with the crud, upper respiratory, although I pride myself on washing hands and the goo application, we both started to cough around Wednesday and by the last 2 days were barely sleeping. On the mend now.


We cruise with buds or family on almost every cruise (treasure the ones alone) and if everyone agrees to allow all concerned to do as they please and not expect constant attendance, it goes along very well. We 4 couples headed in different directions most of the day, meeting for cocktails and dinner.


If you sense trouble, bake cookies and take them with a note card, hug and makeup. That's the cruiser way...:halo::evilsmile:

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You are right, BecciBoo.

We will be having dinner together in a few weeks with our friends. I think there may have been too many expectations on both parts that didn’t happen on the cruise. Lesson learned. Sorry that you and hubby caught some bug- not good to feel sick on vacation .

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Cant seem to upload the phone photos right side up. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR




Please be patient as we get all these downloaded from the camera etc.




The main problem with the Voom onboard was that they were upgrading all the access points for the routers. One day we had no less than 3 guys working our problem and they never got it going. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I started a photo upload in the morning one day and when we returned after lunch, it was still uploading! So I finally gave up doing the live review.




I have the compasses and will scan them and upload them here asap.




The signin is all together different this week not any better lots of sad people.



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