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  1. Katiebeth, Was your sailing supposed to be on the Scenic Jade? If so, it has been out of service for going on a month due to engine issues reported here by passengers onboard. Scenic has been using the Pearl instead on its itineraries, but perhaps the passenger load is now getting to high to consolidate sailings? Glad you were able to find a cruise that works with your travel dates and hope you have a great trip with Tauck. Please let us know how it goes. Many thanks,
  2. Well, the Pearl is showing docked at Nuremberg (next to Scenic Jasper) and nothing in Cochem. I wonder what arrangements Scenic made for @BellsRUsand @TravelerGir1?
  3. Thanks to all for weighing in. Very helpful. As to incentive, the cruise on the Vista is much more expensive. That would make a difference in terms of commission for an outside TA, but not sure about those employed directly by Oceania.
  4. Are you traveling on the Pearl tomorrow? Curious to know the outcome.
  5. Thanks, notamermaid! I figured you would be able to work it out. So, looks like another itinerary to be cancelled. Or, at a minimum, modified. I wish Scenic were more transparent on these changes with their customers. Maybe it is not possible to know more than a week or two out when they will not be able to make a sailing, but it does make it difficult for clients to change their plans. I would imagine even more so for passengers traveling from Scenic's home country of Australia. (Having had flights cancelled over the past two years without a single word of communication from the airline, Scenic is not the only company guilty of this lack of communication. But they do need to do better.) Many thanks,
  6. The Scenic Jade is back alongside the dock in Cologne. Lucky I caught it out sailing about. Anyone have any idea if it could make it to Nuremberg in two days?
  7. Sorry to hear about your camera. I hope it turns up. Wondering if this means Scenic uses hired buses, not its own? And on the good news front--for me, at least--the Scenic Jade is on the move! It is traveling south on engines on the Rhine toward Cologne after sitting in Cologne for almost two weeks. Hoping this is a trial run to determine if repairs have been successful. The ship is due to sail a 7-night itinerary from Nuremberg to Amsterdam on the 11th and then start Rhine itineraries between Amsterdam and Basel on the 18th. Hoping they can make it a go!
  8. Apologies in advance if this question has already been addressed. I looked back through threads in 2022 and did not find it. We booked our first cruise with Oceania this week--a Caribbean itinerary on Sirena in December 2024. The Oceania agent spent some time trying to convince us to shift to an itinerary on Vista instead, saying he feared we would not like Sirena due to lack of specialty restaurants. (We ultimately decided on the Sirena cruise because the itinerary on Vista is virtually identical to the one we had on Regent Explorer in December 2021.) I do understand the smaller number of specialty restaurants on Sirena. And we've sailed on the old Pacific Princess, so have experienced--and really liked--an R-class ship. So those aspects are fine with us. My question, therefore, is whether there is a significant difference in food quality between the larger and small ships on Oceania? Or just the usual variation found on any line based on who is running the kitchen? We're looking at this booking on Sirena as literally a "tasting" to see if Oceania is a candidate to become our new preferred cruise line. Many thanks,
  9. There were snorkeling opportunities most days. There might have been one or two where we did not have a chance to snorkel. One thing to remember--the Galapagos Islands are surrounded by ocean currents that originate in or near Antarctica. At least in December, the water was COLD--lower 60s. We brought our own dive skins that we wore in addition to the shortie, 3mm wetsuits provided by Lindblad and it was still difficult to take. At least for us, who are used to Florida water temperatures. Some had no problem with it, however. Depends on your individual tolerances.
  10. @Host Jazzbeau Looking forward to hearing your read-out on the Scenic Gem! And whether you were able to gather any information on the problems Scenic has faced recently and projections going forward. Hope you had a great trip!
  11. Yep, have already contacted Stefanie about doing a tour. Looking forward to it--although visiting Hamburg in December will be a shock to the system for us Florida residents!
  12. Hamburg, a city on the Elbe? We're planning on starting our Viking Christmas Markets on the Elbe journey in Hamburg. DH and I are big fans of The Beatles, so want to visit some of the sites in the city where they polished their style.
  13. Thanks for the update, Patti. I wonder why the delay in notification, which is not in keeping with a company that advertises "being cared for to the Nth Degree." Perhaps they thought they would be able to repair the problem during the long stay in Duisburg, maybe they needed a part, or they needed to consolidate sailings due to staffing or supply chain issues as others have reported. The Pearl and the Jade are very similar--but not exact copies. I hope your suite is comparable to the one you were to have on the Jade and your trip is fabulous. We're hoping to board the Jade in late June after a land package with Scenic for the Passion Play in Oberammergau, so interesting to see the fate of the ship.
  14. Patti, I wonder if they would bus passengers gathered in Cochem to join the Pearl somewhere along the Rhine instead of cancelling the full "Vineyards and Vistas of the Rhine" itinerary? Scenic and Emerald seem to be consolidating sailings, so wonder if joining your cruise becomes an option? I hope @Host Jazzbeau has been following the Scenic threads while he was on Gem and took the opportunity to ask the personnel on that ship on events.
  15. Thanks again, Mike, for keeping us updated on enhancements to the website. So if we don't see this "Enrichment Series" icon listed under our cruise, it means no lecturers or other special activities? Is there a timeline by which we'd expect to see lecturers assigned to a cruise--one month? three? six? more? Thanks,
  16. Thanks for that information, Cisterna. If you have a chance, could you take a photo of the laundry price list? Or let us know the prices for a pair of trousers and a tee-shirt?
  17. In the United States, a “dinner jacket” equates to a white jacket with satin lapels. Is this the reference? Or are you referring to what we in the States would call a tuxedo, I.e., a black jacket with satin lapels and detailing? I think the comment made earlier could also apply. Whether the cruise is departing from Southampton for a European itinerary (lots of British passengers) or a round-trip, circle the British Isles itinerary (with a higher proportion of U.S. passengers).
  18. I hope you find a positive resolution, DougK. Thanks for the update.
  19. Thanks so much, Jazzbeau, for your responses! And description of what appears to be a wonderful start to your cruise. The language on the letter for over 70s used to be in 13.3.C in the T&C in Scenic's river cruise brochure. I just looked based on Canal archive's comment and it no longer appears. It seems it has been dropped--yay!
  20. Thanks for the update, Jazzbeau! Another thing listed in the fine print on the Scenic website is a requirement for passengers over 70 to bring a letter from his/her doctor "confirming you are fit and healthy enough to take part in the specified tour including reference to the itinerary, destinations, and tour departure date." If you have time, could you ask Reception if this is a real requirement for a river cruise? (For something more-adventurous, I could see it.) Also, not sure if you saw or not but someone asked about whether you needed to provide results of a negative COVID-19 test to board or if Scenic was testing before boarding. Many thanks and hope your first dinner on the Gem was fabulous!
  21. Again, have a great cruise Host Jazzbeau! If you have a chance, please update on how Scenic is handling laundry. How strict are they on their printed limitations of one bag, no more than 1 kilo, per cabin at a day of Scenic's choosing? Ideally, we'd like to hand them a bag of laundry as soon as we unpack on board given our land journey with Scenic preceding. Happy sailing!
  22. I've had the same baggage question. For a cruise, we'd normally travel with one checked bag apiece plus a garment bag plus our roller boards (carry-ons). They have all always fit under the beds and we can strap the garment bag onto one of the roller bags so we can handle all the pieces by ourselves. Is that going to be TOO much for Scenic? We have a 15-day trip with them, half of which is a land tour and then seven nights on the Jade. Trying to figure out how to pack for that in just one checked bag each would be a challenge--and neither of us are clothes horses. Just need to figure out how to have enough clean clothing to last--since we'll have been on the road (or in the air) for nine days before we reach the ship.
  23. The Scenic cruise brochure (link below) lists the partner hotel in Budapest as the Marriott and in Amsterdam the Double Tree by Hilton Centraal Station. https://issuu.com/scenicus/docs/21_sc1301_erc_main_2022_digital_001-200_final?fr=sOTViYTIxNTE5NDg (Our TA was able to reach Scenic a few months ago--before the hack on their IT system when it was easier--and obtain the hotel information for our itinerary.) And from Scenic's FAQs (link below): "Each Scenic river cruise ship is fitted with 220v European electricity outlets, but you will need a suitable European plug adaptor to use electrical items such as mobile phone chargers." https://www.scenicusa.com/why-scenic/faqs/accommodation-questions I also read somewhere that each cabin also has an Australian outlet. I haven't seen anything about USB outlets. If your device can run on 110 or 220v, you'll only need the adapter--U.S. female end and European male end. Most cell phones, camera chargers, laptops, and similar are dual voltage now. Hair dryers or curling irons are not--and need a special converter due to the power they draw. Hope this helps! We're scheduled to sail on Jade in June, so anxious to hear about her upcoming voyages. As of today, the ship is still docked in Duisburg, Germany.
  24. Testing MIGHT, however, be required to board your flight or to enter wherever you are first landing in Europe. Pays to triple check these days!
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