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  1. Since the Caribbean itineraries put into Miami on a routine basis, these shortages are mystifying. Unless Oceania is trying to figure out how little they can order of things as a cost-cutting measure. And no escargots in Jacques?? Mon dieu, c'est horrible!
  2. I'm looking forward to trying a crema.
  3. Who is the captain on Riviera currently, please?
  4. A quick question as I contemplate how much to pack, please. How long is laundry taking to come back? If you give it to the cabin steward at the morning deadline (0800 hours? 0900?) is it back same day? Next day? More? Many thanks,
  5. Is there a card or game room on the Riviera? Is the Board Room on deck 14 used for that purpose? Wondering if there are any times where one can drop in for games--specifically interested in Mexican Train. For anyone joining on the 20th or continuing B2B, I'm considering bringing my domino set to play Mexican Train if there is any interest. Please let me know on our Roll Call. Looking forward to our first sailing with Oceania and on the Riviera! Many thanks,
  6. Why is the NCLH shareholder benefit not combinable with ALL cruise fares? We have given you our money as a show of faith in the company--even through the hard times of COVID--and it seems a small gesture of appreciation that the company should return.
  7. Oh, so many choices! Will need to try that next week.
  8. Sorry to hear about the poor internet quality, @toolworker. DH and I have the luxury of not having to have internet to work from onboard and CC.com is the only social media I do, so our internet needs are pretty simple. We DO, however, have older dogs at home and need to have connectivity to our pet sitter. Cruise lines really do need to invest in internet today. Hoping it will be a bit better in the Western Caribbean when we board on Monday.
  9. Realize you were kidding, but I can add factually that in two of the specialty restaurants on at least the Regent Splendor and Explorer the windows ARE dark. Both the steakhouse and the French restaurant are on the aft and have the tilted windows. The windows have a film on them to reduce the heat in the seating area under them. It is a strange experience to sit at one of those tables at sunset as it is appreciably darker there than looking out to the front of the restaurant. And, yes, after it is fully dark outside you have the same reflections of the dining room as the OP reported.
  10. Also on the Viking Homelands itinerary and interested in whether Viking will have special foods reflecting the different ports--and which ones experienced VO cruisers recommend. This will be our first time with VO, but we enjoyed the different regional selections on our Viking River cruise--especially German night--and wondering if VO has something similar.
  11. @What A Market-- Who is the CD on your cruise? Realize that you are an experienced O traveler, but did you notice in the Currents if there is a reception for those new to Oceania? (We've had those with other lines, just curious if O also does them.)
  12. What time did it start and when was it finished, please?
  13. @zentand @toolworkerare also scheduled to be on your sailing as part of a B2B prior to the start of our cruise on 20 February. @LakeRooseveltBrews--did you decide to do a B2B as well? Would love to hear a few more details on the resumed muster drill. And activities on board--especially trivia. Most of all, we hope everyone enjoys their cruise and we look forward to seeing Riviera ourselves in 9 days!
  14. Not sure if this is a usual thing with Oceania (we're going on our first in 10 days) or something new, but just received this.
  15. We'll be boarding Riviera for the first time (both ship and Oceania) as you finish your cruise. Have a wonderful time and looking forward to hearing your experiences on board!
  16. Does the internet system on Oceania give you a warning if you try to log on simultaneously? I would hope you would not incur the $24.99 charge without some sort of acknowledgement that you are doing so.
  17. Ah, the infamous "bra purse"! Yep, been there, done that. I was just out looking this week for a casual dress for our upcoming cruise. Not a single one I could find with pockets! I voted with my pocketbook and did not buy.
  18. We experienced the same thing with our Viking River cruise in December 2022. (I realize this is the VO board, but the current discussion is on hotels, so perhaps the same policy.) We were originally scheduled at the Hilton in Berlin (which would have been right next to the main Christmas market) and it was changed to the Grand Hyatt. In Prague, we ended up at the Marriott. In Venice, the Hilton Molino Stucky is currently being used by Regent as its pre-cruise hotel. Maybe they outbid Viking?
  19. When manufacturers stop making women's clothing without POCKETS, I'll stop using a lanyard for my key card! Seriously, I have bought a couple of small cell phone purses to carry my key card and phone since so many cruise lines now have daily schedules, specialty restaurant reservations, etc. on their ap so you need to carry your phone around the ship. So, I'm also interested in the answer to the question about the sensitivity of the key card. Many thanks,
  20. loriva

    MUST I?

    Surprised no one has posted this: https://thepointsguy.com/news/cruise-ship-muster-drill-changes-reasons/
  21. Sorry to go off topic for the OP. A woman in Copenhagen does genealogical research and then leads personalized tours. Just search for "Danish Heritage" plus the word "tours"--all together.
  22. Også mig! My sister and I are following our Viking Homelands cruise with a Danish Heritage tour to see where our Mormor was born (Vejle) and where her family lived (Grenaa). Despite solidly Danish surnames--both ending in -sen--we've learned part of the family came from Sweden in the early 1800s. And then ended up just south of you--in Winona--when the family immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s.
  23. Not on the question of buses, but in our experience if you book a SG that includes a meal, tea, or pub stop you will be there at the same time as the normal excursion group. So your SG may expand to a normal group.
  24. You might want to post this as a new thread on the main board to get more views and responses,, @BenLynn. Regent did provide us with a transfer to their hotel in London from Southampton although our flight home was not for three days--BUT we were bumped from our flight home due to a hurricane in Florida, so our case may be unusual.
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