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  1. https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2021/p0329-COVID-19-Vaccines.html https://www.sciencenews.org/article/coronavirus-covid-vaccine-moderna-pfizer-transmission-disease I'm not saying masks will not be helpful, however, just the vaccination has been shown to reduce transmission.
  2. the latest scientific data disputes this
  3. right now Australia and NZ airfare prices are astronomical (in premium cabins) because of supply/demand. The people that absolutely have to get there (and are permitted) will pay whatever is required. Once Australia/NZ open up for tourism, prices will return to normal.
  4. yes. it just has to be a foreign port, which it is.
  5. I am going to offer a contrarian view. HAL is great if you are an adult. Teens will have MUCH more fun on RCL. Not even close. Do them (and yourself) a favor and splurge.
  6. no one here can say with any certainty. That said, IMHO, there is NO WAY that an August 2021 cruise will go as scheduled. I personally am not booking a cruise until 2022, although we may see it open up this fall.
  7. I believe north American cruising will resume sometime in the fall, so hopefully it will not cancel.
  8. there is no question in my mind that all cruise lines will mandate vaccination for all passengers - no exceptions. No shot = no cruise.
  9. In Dublin do the prison tour and the cemetery tour - both are outstanding history lessons! Shame you are missing out on the PH but a CS will be nice - hopefully all will be back to normal by then.
  10. probably "Muelle 4" right next to the Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel
  11. (Norwegian Cruise Line) Rich Duprey, The Motley Fool Fri, December 11, 2020, 11:08 AM PST CEO Frank Del Rio told Travel Leaders Group that his company would definitely require ship crews to get the vaccine before returning to work, and said its lawyers were looking into whether it was possible to require a so-called "immunity passport" from customers, too. The policy is being discussed in many industries as the arrival of multiple effective coronavirus vaccines looks imminent. A Food and Drug Administration
  12. Expect consolidation between the 2 brands, no way the market can sustain both.
  13. Once vaccine(s) are widely available, cruise lines will mandate them for passengers. Expect this around 3Q 2021.
  14. just received refund for Nov 5, 2020 cruise which was cancelled on July 30. About 1 week ago I disputed the charge with my CC company (Chase Bank) and that seemed to be the impetus.
  15. you can do this if you book the air yourself, and you might save some (or a lot) of money. also, there is no such thing as "they will get you home no matter what." Read the fine print. Any airline ticket booked with the right credit card, or travel insurance, will offer the same "guarantees". Also you have to be careful of air booked by the cruise lines, because if it books into group or consolidator rates, you may not earn frequent flyer miles, or be able to upgrade. Do your due diligence.
  16. Doubt they will re-start cruises until vaccine is widely available. Just too risky for the limited benefit. Of course, proof of vaccination will be required for travel.
  17. There will be no resumption of large-scale cruising until a vaccine is widely available. Proof of vaccination will be mandatory.
  18. I still plan on cruising when there is a viable vaccine. Others are free to do as they choose. I just think it's important to think about the real possibility that the cruise companies are in major financial trouble, and some may not survive. Therefore, any deposits are at risk. I booked a cruise (A few months ago) for November, which subsequently cancelled. Fortunately the deposit was $100 per person, which I am still waiting to receive. I will dispute with my credit card company if I do not get it back after the promised 90 days.
  19. actually worst case is Carnival liquidates and you become just another unsecured creditor. Personally, there is no way I would give ANY cruise company any of my money right now.
  20. I wasn't saying Crystal was comparable to Viking Ocean. I was saying that Viking Ocean is better than Viking River.
  21. I am not discounting your negative experience, but my understanding (from my parent's experience) is that Viking Ocean is a MUCH better product than Viking River.
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