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  1. Can anyone confirm if this policy ends Oct 31 or Dec 31? I could have sworn just two days ago, Royal's FAQ stated Dec 31, but now it says Oct 31. I also found the link posted above by molly361 that states Dec 31.
  2. Sorry you didn't feel safe. Sounds discouraging. We are hoping to go on Anthem during our xmas break (out of the US) so definitely will be kids.
  3. 1 min only for iFly? Even paying extra for a whole 2 min doesn't seem very much
  4. Royal actually flies you home if you test positive in a private plane and takes care of any charges, refunds any cruise time missed, etc. I was just going to post their link and unfortunately it looks like their policy has already changed from two days ago. I am 95% sure that it said for cruises up to Dec 31st and now it says up to Oct 31st. So...maybe we'll be better driving if borders open. Refundable bookings are definitely the way to go now (thankfully we did so we can decide closer)
  5. Great. Thanks for getting back to me. Guess they also needed to confirm the first dose to be sure they were the same type as per current policy.
  6. Did Royal's policy just change for the above where they refund you if you test positive and cover any quarantine or getting you home? I could have sworn when the poster put the link up the other day it said Dec 31. Now it says Oct 31. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/if-i-test-positive-for-sars-cov-2-what-is-your-refund-policy-and-costs-covered
  7. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think they would let you on the plane if you tested positive. And tbh, I would hope not...as that would mean that anyone sitting next to us could be known covid positive.
  8. I always find it challenging....once bookings open up...figuring out how to book the shows so that you can see them all, and with times that work. Typically I have a spreadsheet and can then look at the options. So seems challenging to have to figure this all out when you board on the spot. Thanks for posting to give us an idea.
  9. Thanks so much for reporting back. Makes sense about the shows. Pre-covid, I would have tried standby second time around but I understand them not having this now with covid...just to make sure everyone gets to see it once with reduced seating. Good about bumper cars as my kids will definitely want to go on that multiple times.
  10. Great hearing your experience. I saw your posts too on the Royal board (stress with the vaccines). So glad it worked out...and must have been amazing to try Odyssey with no crowds. Our next cruise is December and hoping to make that one. One question that may be silly...for vaccine proof, you had no problem showing them the pdf print outs? We don't quite have vaccine cards as you hear in the US. Smart idea to print one version with dose1 and dose2 and then another version just with dose 2
  11. Totally understand. Sounds like a safer and less stressful vacation. I know others too who are planning the same...to get away from our cold winter, enjoy the beach and ocean but will still pretty much stay to themselves. Today...we are leaning toward the cruise (as per post above) and ended up booking refundable flights. If things change, then we can cancel. My biggest worry with an AI is testing positive on the PCR test we get done to return and then we can't return for 2 weeks.
  12. We have Anthem booked for both Dec 2021 and March 2022. There are a a few Port Canaveral excursions listed for our Dec cruise but nothing for March. No WDW or Universal transfers (which we did have for our March 2020 cruise) Pre-covid we would have done the KSC, but will probably be staying on the ship now anyways to play it safe .
  13. Thank you for the review. We have Anthem booked in December (out of NJ) so it's great to hear of the procedures and what is open, etc. Sounds like you had a great cruise. Will be interesting to see if they open up more by Dec . Sounds like the pool situation may get a bit frustrating (we're travelling right at xmas time so guessing many kids including ours)...so we'll just put on our patience hat. Just can't wait to get on a cruise again.
  14. This thread has been very helpful and so nice to see Anthem sailing and hearing other's experiences. One thing I'm wondering...since it seems like most things have to be reserved now, can you book things more than once (one booking at a time, but book again after you've gone if available)? I'm specifically wondering about things like bumper cars, see We Will Rock You again (if leftover seats), iFly?
  15. Lol...I noticed the same for Dec 24. Still has things not available but at least can go in and view.
  16. That's horrible and really disappointing with the hotel's handling....and then a second test showed she was negative after all. Very good advice to get tested again. We keep changing our minds...at present moment, we are leaning towards the cruise vs AI....mostly due to the fact that the cruise line handles issues if you test positive and are vaccinated (e.g. fly you home). Almost even booked flights.... I actually felt the relaxation and "ahhhhh" feeling when you mentioned hearing the ocean and walking on the beach. Who knew a few years ago how hard it would be to be able to take these kind of vacations.
  17. Thanks for the live review. Am excited for you. It's so nice seeing cruises sail again and living through others. I remember you as I think we were in the same roll call for Symphony Marcy 2019. Such an amazing ship. Have a great cruise!
  18. Same...never stayed at end but as this poster, half way down on deck 10 on Symphony. We loved the room. It's a fun room to people watch and look out. You still get fresh air. From our view, you could still see the ocean in the background so it was pretty. It was also fun to watch the show (wouldn't see it for the first time from there but to catch parts second time around or them rehearsing) or catch part of a movie. My advice is to bring ear plugs in case you want to go to bed when things are still running. Easy solution. We have booked a Boardwalk room again on Oasis for a future cruise.
  19. On the AI side, anyone nervous of testing positive and then having to stay there (quarantined) for another 10-14 days? That certainly eats into vacation days (or missed school days for kids) never mind about additional cost if not covered by insurance or AI includes stay. This is one of the main risks/downsides of AI over cruise.
  20. We're in the same boat as OP (no pun intended). We're trying to decide whether to keep our December cruise out of NJ or wait for next year to cruise and go to an AI in December. Pros and cons of each. I took a look at the policy above. Does that mean in the chance that someone in our party tests positive, that Royal will fly us to our home city, which includes Canada (Toronto for us)? Or is it to US location only? If we keep our cruise and borders open, then figuring out if driving or flying is better. If they fly you home, then better to fly as our car would be stuck in New Jersey if that were to happen.
  21. Everything is so up in the air...border opens (so driving an option) or not, purchase flights or wait (latter risks high flight prices, but don't know if we'll have option to drive or not), to drive and then they still fly you back if test positive), and if Royal is still flying you home or not (if they do, then better to fly, if not then better to drive). We just don't know what to do.
  22. For sure. I wouldn't trust their system. Plus ours is complicated as we have multiple FCCs (and one that I think is "lost" and in never never land, but want them to at least try and find it)
  23. Thanks so much for the reply. Good to hear (at least for questions 1 and 2).
  24. Trying to decide what to do about our upcoming cruise and looking at our FCCs. Question #1 Can FCC be combined across guests? e.g. If we have the following FCCs: person 1 has $100, person 2 has $100, person 3 has $50, person 4 has $50 Can a total of $300 be applied to our total cruise fare as long as it's the booking is for same four people ? Or do we need to look at the FCC amount each person has and apply it only to the corresponding person's cost? (since guest 1, 2, 3 and 4 often have different total amounts) Question #2 FCCs can now be bundled across cruises right? e.g. If we have $300 from one cruise and $200 from another cruise, then we can apply $500 to our upcoming cruise? Question #3 And last, FCC cannot be used to pay taxes/fees right?
  25. Agree. This will most likely go on for a few years, You said it very well. Aside from one trip an hour up north for two days last summer, we've pretty much stayed in our house since March 2020. We're very cautious...no get togethers, restaurants, or really going anywhere. We're getting to a point where we just want to live our lives (but still stay safe). Also, my older one is in second last year of high school and then these family trips may end ...so hate losing these years and family opportunities together. So really trying to figure out a vacation away that can be done safely. I'm still not even sure if the cruise is safer (as they have such strict protocols to get on) or an AI where it is outside and easier to get to.
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