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  1. We were on Odyssey in December and had a great cruise. 1. As others mentioned, reserve The Book in the cruise planner when available. Line up early if you are specific about where to sit. We like near the front (as that's just us), but others suggest higher up so you can see everything going on as it's not your typical show where everything is on the main stage. 2. When you board, book iFly, North Star if you want free spots (port days). You can also book Laser Tag when you board (bring closed shoes). 3. The 270 is a great lunch place for sandwiches, salads and specialty coffee. The 270 venue is a wonderful place to sit when the windows are showing for the views. Enjoy your cruise!
  2. Mamma Mia on Allure is my favorite, but I'm biased as I've seen it 20+ times on land. It's just a fun upbeat musical where you walk out singing the songs and are smiling. Also loved We Will Rock You on Anthem. Great cast when we went and it's a fun one too. DD and I went twice. Others worth mentioning: The Aqua Show on Oasis was amazing. Flight on Symphony also really well done. And I enjoyed Hairspray on Symphony as well. Oh the flip side, I found Spectra's Cabaret enjoyable (as I like theatre and the actors were excellent), but "odd" is the best word I can use to describe it. Funny as I was on Liberty and don't remember Up in the Air mentioned by OP. Going again though in June so will watch for it.
  3. We had Ricky on Oasis last year, Odyssey in December, and funny enough, we'll be on Wonder in a few weeks and he's the CD again. He's great...very funny and runs the events well (Top Tier, belly flop, intro to shows, etc). To me, he is one that stands out (in a good way) and you remember.
  4. Following along. So special to have a mother daughter cruise. Thanks for posting. We booked a different Vision class ship in the future (where we're used to the bigger ships) so great hearing there is still lots to do and appreciate. Sounds like a great cruise.
  5. We were on Liberty Dec 2022 and had a great cruise. Sure she's not one of the newest , but didn't notice it worn down or anything (but wasn't looking for it). Enjoyed Saturday Night Fever, the ice show and others. We are on Liberty again in June and looking forward to it. Can't comment on Vision
  6. I noticed this too...Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon only goes up to end of Nov 2024 at this time. (We're watching for Dec).
  7. We were about to book Hotel Indigo in my original post, but then I noticed that there is an additional cost for breakfast, and even that cost only covered 2 and we are a party of 4. That turned me off, so crossed it off. We booked an airport hotel for now..price was "ok" (compared to general rates we are seeing) and has restaurants near by. No Publix though and not super exciting, but since we arrive mid to late afternoon, this should be fine. Will still keep my eye open.
  8. Thanks. Yeah we tend to book refundable for that reason. Cost is high but it tends to only go up as it gets closer ...which is why I like to book early.
  9. Having a hard time finding a hotel for our December cruise (but realized we should book soon as prices only go up). We are arriving in the afternoon so just need a clean place, preferably with breakfast, with dinner options near by (fast good or restaurant) and preferably a place such as Publix to grab last minute sunscreen or other. We've stayed at Hampton Inn in Brickell and enjoy it there (with great restaurants around) but the price is high around $500 CAD. Anyone stayed at Tru by Hilton Miami West Brickell? Or Hotel Indigo Miami Brickell? Cost is still up there but a bit better. Even airport hotels seem pricey (e.g. Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon) and Pullman. There are other reasonable airport hotels but they seem more isolated.. Any other suggestions?
  10. You're going to get some that love them, and some that are not fans. We have been on them twice (Symphony and Oasis) and really enjoy them. Both times we were pretty centered (deck 9 or 10 and mid way down). They are fun to go out on the balcony and people watch, gives you fresh air, you can see the water in the background. Also a bonus...We saw the Aqua show on reservation, but it let us see parts again from our balcony. (Wouldn't see it here for the one and only time). For noise we had different experiences. For the first one on Symphony, it was the movies that were more the issue as they played late and were loud. For the second one on Oasis, it was the Aqua show. Either way though, it wasn't an issue for us. I had ear plugs myself but the rest in my group didn't and they were fine. We would have no issue booking again since as you say the price is better than a regular balcony.
  11. Harry, stay safe with that storm. It's scary when it's Mother Nature with things out of your control. Hope it's not bad and you and your family are ok. We were disappointed that there was no lunch in the MDR on sea days. I wonder too if it's just Odyssey or other ships too. We are on Wonder in March so will see then as it's a bit ship as well. We love Ricky too. He's hilarious, and so much energy. On NYE, he was full on jumping for an hour, and in a suit. I was actually worried for the guy that he would pass out from dehydration. (He didn't and was fine, and just kept going). It's funny as he was the CD when we were on Oasis in March. Then we board Odyssey and find out he's the CD for that cruise. And also just found out that he's moving (or maybe moved now) to Wonder so we'll have him 3 times in a row. Not sure if we are following him, or he is following us.
  12. Was curious as the Christmas menu looks very similar to the New Year's Eve menu. I took a photo too so just compared, and it is the same except for the dessert you mentioned (and ours said Happy New Year at the top and no xmas decorations). Instead of Buche De Noel, we just had an Italian Hazelnut Chocolate Cake. Even if not true to it's form, your dessert looked pretty good.
  13. Yeah true. Same when we went on Oasis. I think there used to be a second headliner but it never came back post covid.
  14. I've heard the Aqua shows often get rescheduled due to weather but didn't know that they auto book you for the replacement. Too bad you had to miss the comedy show.
  15. This is for Wonder. Think you are mixing it up with Icon?
  16. Our entertainment may open soon for our Wonder cruise so I took a peak at the current sailing (as it is same itinerary as ours). When I look at the shows, it seems like a lot less is offered than normal, and there will be about 2 nights where there isn't a show at all. I see an ice show, Effectors, Aqua show, Voices, and one headliner, Seems to be missing a second headliner and a second production show. (I know there is an adult comedy show but not counting that as that would be a late night thing for just DH and I and not with everyone) We just got off Odyssey and there was something every night. Is this normal for Wonder? Or just this particular cruise is lacking?
  17. Some "interesting" perspectives. For us, we didn't book it because we "operate in a herd" (sorry, but really strange thought). The ship just looks pretty amazing and wanted to try it with our two kids while we can...as our older one is in university now and not sure how long both will be travelling with us. We booked right when it came out...downgraded back to all 4 of us in one stateroom (a Central Park Interior). We'll manage, but this was our compromise as balcony or 2 rooms were way too $$$. Even our single room is about 2.5K over what we typically pay but it's just the timing of our kids getting older and may not have many other opportunities. Otherwise, we wouldn't have booked it. Prices since then have skyrocketed so glad we booked when we did and can't wait. Definitely wouldn't have booked at the current rates for our cruise. (As a comparison....for the following year, we went the opposite and booked Rhapsody - more for our regular cost. It's not just the new ships where prices have gone way up, but all of them).
  18. Not the first time I'm commenting, but am really enjoying your report and hearing your experiences, knowledge of how things work and advice. Can relate. It's funny as on Odyssey, we never ended up making it to bumper cars, which seems ironic to me as to me, the main activity at the Sea Plex is bumper cars. When we went on Anthem in 2022, you had to book them, so we did so as soon as we boarded. I think on Odyssey since it was First Come First Serve, it was "oh bumper cars is on now" but our kids (14 and 18 years) never felt like lining up for who knows how long. It was lots of fun on Anthem though and I'm now missing a bumper car picture in my trip photobook (which I put together after each cruise). For the shower, I'm with you and just always bring our own shampoo and conditioner per bathroom. We also bring liquid hand soap as find it easier than soap bars for the bathroom sink. Same...we always book traditional as we like having "our:" table and with same waiters. Good to hear that they accommodate allergies so well.
  19. Not always...our kids are still not updated after 2.5 weeks. Crown and Anchor said it can take up to 30 days. Guessing this is not normal though as our updates are always within a week.
  20. Same...take photos when you open the door and everyone has to stand back. My family knows the drill. Btw...not sure if you got an email just prior to your cruise, but we did for this one and it let you specify things like if you wanted the beds separated or together, to open the connecting door, etc. It worked for us and our kids beds were separated when we entered (and connecting door open - we did this request for each room)
  21. Harry, Enjoying reading your boarding. Pretty smooth, and of course, great Windjammer experience. We too go right there, and I'll say that Odyssey's Windjammer is the first that we never had an issue with crowds. For iFly and North Star, we stepped on the ship, then right away I connected to Wifi (also don't purchase internet), moved off to a corner and grabbed free slots. For iFly it was no problem as it was just my son. But for North Star, even right away, we tried to grab the latest slots of 4pm or so on our Labadee day...couldn't get 4. Moved back a timeslot, and same thing. Then third or fourth attempt worked which gave us 2:30pm or so. So definitely these should be done ASAP, especially if you have a group to book. Glad you were able to get your timeslot no problem. P.S. - I also had the "booking" task on my spreadsheet..lol
  22. Exactly this! We are on Wonder in March and can't wait. It's a shame there is no Broadway show but we did enjoy Effectors on Odyssey so looking forward to seeing part 2. I will say though, if Tap Factory is just a bunch of people tap dancing, I think i prefer a headliner.
  23. Thanks. Yeah, I did try searching and looked at cruise deck plans and general search but couldn't find any when the extra beds are pulled out. Scenario c works for us just fine. Scenario b doesn't as our kids are too old to share.
  24. Does anyone know if on Harmony of the Seas, if the promenade rooms for 4 have: a) 2 pullman beds b) sofa bed that is a single mattress that pulls out flat for 2 people, or c) sofa bed that is more trundle style where sofa part is one mattress and another mattress pulls out next to it (e.g. Symphony has this) For c, basically two separate mattresses Similarly if anyone knows the same for the Inside Virtual Interior rooms. Thanks.
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