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  1. The behind the scenes tours have been postponed, I just made Platinum, and was looking forward to participating. I was on the Breakaway 9/26 and had bacon every morning. There were taxes charged on the drinks while in NYC. Possibly a bit irritating, but the small amount of money is a drop in the bucket compared to the overall cost.
  2. Nothing on the Breakaway out of NYC on 9/26. I went to the buffet the first day just in case, but No.
  3. I asked Alvin the cruise director, he said 1815 passengers. During the Captains Q and A he said a little over 1800. The Captain said they were 40 persons short of a full crew. That is a lot of crew for less than 50% occupancy. Walking through the Garden Cafe last Sunday, lots of servers and chefs just waiting to say hi and welcome aboard. Many people cleaning and saying "washy washy". Crew members happy to be back to work.
  4. Breakaway had 1815 passengers for the initial sailing.
  5. NO credit was issued.. Many people did not follow the guidance about Bermuda TA. Many said they did not receive the e-mails, phone calls, or the e-mails went to junk mail Not making any judgments). NCL made the decision to delay departure to help the folks out. Many had to pay a high price to go get a rapid PCR test. I assume if they did not want to do this they just walked away. Those of us who had the proper paperwork, were on board eating/drinking/swimming etc. We were not really inconvenienced, just got to see the city all lit up. Only issue was for those of us who like to be on the forward top deck under the bridge it was after 10 PM and pretty chilly. I had no expectation of OBC.
  6. We are on the 9/26 cruise. Went to Well Now this morning at 8 am first tests of the day. They said it will be 24-36 hours. But the tech told me the last time she tested she had it that evening. We showed our health insurance card, and did not pay. If we get a bill in the future we will pay it. Now we wait, and wonder!
  7. I enjoy spending time in the hot tubs during my cruise. Have there been any changes or protocols instituted regarding hot tub occupancy, stay times?
  8. Jamie, If we only need a rapid, that will makes things easier. Thanks Hope to meet you on board.
  9. Carnival is changing testing protocols, to 48 hours. If NCL follows, that makes it very tight and will make many people pretty nervous (me included). Jamie is there a number to call if you don't get your results when needed? Our TA is supplying a bus to NYC from the Albany area, I Can't imagine getting on the bus, and hoping the results show up before the ship sails, especially since the bus will be dropping us off and heading back north .
  10. We did a Canada Cruise on the Splendor a few years ago, We did enjoy it, and would consider a NCL cruise heading north. We sailed out of Boston to Bermuda on the Dawn a few years ago, and the embarkation process was the smoothest ever.
  11. We have been sailing since 2021. Have only done 12 cruises so far with one booked for September. So I don't have as much experience as some of you. We have done one on CCC Splendor, One on the RCL Allure, the rest have been on NCL. My experience, I liked them all. We decided to prioritize NCL for loyalty rewards, since we will never do enough cruises to have status on multiple lines. We enjoy the free at sea Specialty dining and beverage packages. Our September cruise will be the first as Platinum members, so looking forward to the extra specialty dinners.Now that we have retired, we would like to do a few more. We live in upstate NY, so we would need to fly to Florida, and we wanted to avoid that for awhile longer. Our TA provides bus transport to NYC, so we are going to Bermuda again. Hoping NCL has a smooth restart in the USA.
  12. Hopefully nothing changes and we can all enjoy Bermuda in 79 days.
  13. I tried to book the reservations online. Got a pop up there was a problem. I called the Customer service number and spoke with a women named Stephanie. She made reservations for all 4 nights, including my Platinum meals, at anytime I wanted. No issues. She was so helpful and pleasant to deal with. I checked my vacation summary and the reservations are there. Thanks to everyone for the advice. JerseyGem, I will write the room number on the voucher, Thanks
  14. Bird Travels and Cleveland Cruisin Thank you for your replies. I have asked my TA to make the dining reservations, she said she will do so when final payment is due 7/26. BK
  15. Jamie, which NCL ship? We are on the Breakaway 9/26 did not know there were other NCL ships available.
  16. NCL Breakaway will be leaving NYC Sundays 9/26 through 10/31/21 in Bermuda Wednesday am through Fridays at 3 PM
  17. Thanks Keith, I knew there was a system, but since we are new to Platinum, had not used it yet. I appreciate the super quick answer! BK
  18. I tried searching for any previous threads, but did not find what I needed. My wife and I finally made it to Platinum level. We just booked our first Post pandemic cruise. We are going to Bermuda from NYC on Sept 26. My TA did my booking and I am seeing the free at sea 2 nights specialty dining perk. What do I have to do to get the 2 free nights of dining from my Platinum status? How do I go about taking advantage of that perk? Thanks in advance for some advice.
  19. It is good to be the king. Sounds like he won't have to use the food pantry.
  20. Assuming that vaccines are required, assuming there are 3000 people (guests and crew) aboard, assuming the vaccine is 95% effective, that would mean 150 people could get very sick. Doing the pre-cruise testing should make it better, but the tests are not perfect.I think some of the restrictions( 50% capacity, masks, social distancing, reduced social interactions) may remain if effect for awhile. No cruise line wants to have a bunch of people get sick and close down the industry once it finally opens again. I think we all need to decide which restrictions we will tolerate.Some will cruise regardless of restrictions. Others may wish to wait and see if restrictions eventually go away. I just hope we get to make that choice soon.
  21. Brookie848, I like your strategy of scanning the weeks menus to determine which night to do a specialty dining . I did not know you get a preview of the weeks MDR menus, who do you ask? I have often wished to know in advance what they are serving, to determine which nights to do our Spec dining reservations.
  22. Hi Captain, I remember getting 3 nights of FAS specialty dining on my last few cruises. When did they back it down to two? I can't find it on the website. Disappointing, I have always enjoyed the MDR, but it seems they have cut back there as well. Having 3 nights of FAS specialty dining was a welcome break. We finally made platinum when we got of our last cruise March first, hopefully I get to use that benefit, do they still give 2 more free Specialty meals with that ?
  23. I am wondering if a universal card has been developed for those people who get the shots, as a form of proof? If employers, airlines and entertainment will someday require a vaccine to participate, it seems there should be a universal form of proof and database. I would think there would be an effort to make it difficult to counterfeit the document? Has anyone heard how this will be accomplished?
  24. We cruised the last week of February, returned just as this was all ramping up. We hope to go up to Maine after Labor Day when I retire. I checked and no restrictions (quarantine) as a NY resident. Just want to walk the beach and east some Lobster. Not making reservations until the end of August in case things change. Hoping to cruise in 2021.
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