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  1. We are booked in an S5 suite on Regal Princess in a few weeks from Galveston. I believe there is a separate part of the MDR for dinner for suite guests. Do I need to book a reservation time for that or is it just walk in? We are green lane now, but does this suite qualify for the pre-boarding hospitality area? This is our first Princess experience and I'm interest to see this suite comparison to other lines we have sailed.
  2. There is only upside for Princess. Even if sold out, they are protected in the event there is a cancellation. If a suite cancels, that creates an upward domino effect for four or five other cabins at $100 or so a pop and worst case they end up with a vacant indside cabin on the lower decks.
  3. Probably said before, and I can speak to the $238, as a hotel accountant - the $238 "Refer to Corporate Finance" is zeroing out your onboard account and transferring the remaining credit balance to the guest refund processing system. That's how our hotel accounting systems work. The Wi-Fi charges - don't know - I would question those.
  4. If they get too many winnners, they turn it off. That's a "cooling off" period I guess.
  5. Oh boy! I'm going to open that door every chance I get!
  6. So, what is Princess Prizes that is part of the Premium Plus package?
  7. We went on a Tahiti to Hawaii 12-day on another line in 2022 We enjoyed it immensely. Bora Bora is more beautiful in person than any pictures you've seen. The people are wonderful. I highly recommend that itinerary.
  8. Thank you, guess we'll just get Room Service each morning.
  9. We are booked in a Penthouse Suite on Regal Princess and I can't determine if there are coffee makers in the suites. Anyone know? Thanks!
  10. On my last cruise, (non-SS) a passenger had a "service dog". Service dog was like a toy poodle mix. No value judgements, but it seemed terribly out of place and just in the way on tendering, disembarkation (no pun intended) and in other crowded areas.
  11. We sailed on Millie last August, as well in a Celebrity Suite and we echo your comments. Umesh (Umesa?) is indeed a gem and made the Luminae experience wonderful. As I remember, we were in 6128 - I may be wrong, it was on deck six, starboard, forward half of the bump out. We enjoyed the entire staff on Millie and the Hotel Director, Andrea, I think, seemed to be everywhere all the time. We would indeed sail again on Millie in a heartbeat.
  12. You should be able to find the flights on the Celebrity itinerary and then on the airline sites.
  13. Invictas are made to be big and gawdy, not quality, I'd save up and spend $350 for a good Citizen or Seiko that will last.
  14. For a Vancouver Alaska departure in August, no one checked or asked us. We had an 11:30 am time and went about 10:30am and pretty much got through and on the boat.
  15. I was on Spirit in November for Tahiti to Hawaii. We were in a cabin forward on 10, but it seemed to me that there was a lot of traffic back and forth past those rooms
  16. I did in the Pacific last year, before Starlink and it seemed to work fine.
  17. 12-day Tahiti to Honolulu on Spirit last November. 4 days around Tahiti, Moorea and Boa Bora, 4 days at sea and 4 days around Hawaii. Beauty beyond description.
  18. Yeah, me too and my wife is OK with it. Not so much in Alaska, though.
  19. All depends on the grade of meat. Is it "Select", "Choice" or "Prime"? I'm not sure even Luminae would be "prime" any more. With a Filet, "Choice" grade cut is still very ternder. But with a ribeye or strip, you'll notice the difference. As for the comment about flank steak - in my grocery store, flank steak is running $10.99US a pound! Unheard of five years ago. A nicely grilled flank steak, sliced on the bias, a little bearnaise, is quite good - secret is don't go more than rare as it will toughen quickly.
  20. Unfortunately, there are classless boors in the world who have neither manners nor the ability to keep their mouth shut.
  21. Oh....you wanted TWO pieces of bread. Mayo plus $1.00, cheese plus $1.00.
  22. We did the Millie northbound in early August and thoroughly enjoyed it. Gabriel was great as were the aerialists. In my opinion, the other shows were so-so. Food was excellent. We enjoyed Le Petit Chef very much. Buffet was great. We were able to eat in Luminae which was excellent. Staff was very good. We did the helicopter glacier tour in Ketchikan and whale watching in Juneau. Excellent cruise for us.
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