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  1. Yes, both of us are receiving them. We’re in the US and use Gmail. Erik
  2. We were in a classic aquamarine on Serenity in December, and did not see anything that was worn or in need or replacement, and I looked carefully too - the sofa, chair, drapes and carpet all were in like-new condition. I had similar concerns based on the reports from the drydock. Perhaps the soft goods have been quietly upgraded since your last sailing, or perhaps we just got lucky. But I'm inclined to believe they're in very good shape now, given our experience and the overall condition of the ship.
  3. We were in a Classic Aquamarine on Serenity in December, and was a bit worried beforehand too - the pics on the website don't look all that great and made it seem quite dated. But am very happy to report that we loved it. It was absolutely felt much more elegant and refined than it appears on the website. Surprisingly so, and I don't know why the website photos don't capture how nice it actually felt. I always expect that the reality will fall short of photos online. But in this case, it's the opposite. The bathroom photos did feel accurate to me, and exactly as expected. And yes, we would have preferred the updated aquamarine bathroom, but it didn't change how much we enjoyed the cabin.
  4. We just checked on Serenity’s position and thinking about what the seas must be like tonight. The slightly southern track made us think it might be rough. We’re up in the Bay Area too and it’s the strongest sustained storm in the last few years - and it’s coming from the south. Hoping for calmer seas tomorrow.
  5. It’s super casual and please don’t worry at all. It’s yours to use - experience not required. As for your questions: - nope, you don’t have to check in. - I’d be shocked if all the bikes were in use at once. Is it possible? Sure. Likely? No. - most wear some sort of athletic gear, but nobody is keeping score. Wear whatever you want. - seats are easy to adjust. But, you don’t need to guess or try to figure it out - I’d recommend asking for a bit of a tour and to familiarize yourself with the bikes. I wish we’d be able to join you on the WC and hope you have an incredible adventure. Let us know how things go - and don’t worry about a thing.
  6. I think this hits on a key differentiator for Crystal that is so hard to describe, and can't really be captured in marketing materials, video reviews, menus, the amount of free caviar, laundry services, the specific brand of Champaign, etc. The key thing to understand about Crystal is the overall vibe on board - which is because of the amazing crew and other guests. But honestly, it all starts with the crew. Of course, they bend over backwards to make people happy as we'd expect - it's so much more than a subservient relationship between passengers and crew. The Crystal crew is engaging. They are funny. Interesting and intelligent. And overwhelmingly kind, hospitable and generous. Oh, and so very welcoming. The loyalty program is called Crystal Society *Family* - because the ship feels like a welcoming, generous, familiar extended family who welcomes those of us who sail with open hearts and arms. And most of the passengers who sail Crystal are equally interesting, kind and hospitable - which makes for an incredibly warm environment onboard. That's the real magic of Crystal. And of course, Crystal has all of those elegant and over-the-top touches and experiences. But I think it's hard to describe the differences between the lines in terms of just amenities, perks and even the service. Because the real magic on Crystal start and ends with the crew. So if that's your thing, Crystal might be a good fit.
  7. We thought the desserts in Waterside were all so refined and elegant. They definitely felt more European than American in style - smaller, composed dishes, not super sugary - just how we like it. I certainly wouldn't describe them as underwhelming for us. I can understand that others would want more 'traditional' choices, but they were perfect for us.
  8. We just disembarked a spectacular week on Serenity, and were wondering about the new builds too. The most important thing is the crew, other passengers and the wonderfully kind and caring service. That's priority 1,2 and 3. On the physical structure, our ideas are: - A retractable roof on the pool, that would be great for days when it was too cold or in bad weather. So much of the ship vibe is with the amazing crew on the Lido. And having the Trident and a bar at the pool would be a nice upgrade as well. - Full promenade - Need to keep paddle tennis / pickleball courts. That's a wonderful differentiator. - Avenue Saloon. It's good on Symphony, and OK on Serenity. Keep the vibe, but expand it a little, just as long as it stays intimate and cozy. - Would love much more shaded outdoor dining for Marketplace. - Would also like some aft locations - maybe a casual restaurant or a smaller pool and bar. Aft views are always lovely. I'm sure whatever they do will be incredible, and those just my thoughts.
  9. I’m writing this on the Serenity now, and the food this week has been nothing short of spectacular. Truly exceptional. And we just booked two more weeks as a result. The one point I’d like to emphasize is how incredible Waterside is, and sometimes overlooked given the quality of the other restaurants. First, Waterside is beautiful, elegant and comfortable. And of course, so welcoming. But even more importantly, the menus and execution are stunning. The menus change nightly, with enough choice to accommodate anyone, but small enough so that the quality is incredibly high. I actually think if it were a land-based restaurant, they’d compete for a Michelin star. Certainly the service is at that level. There’s some legit talent in that kitchen - enough so that I think it’s on par quality wise with Umi Uma and D’Davido, both of which are incredible as well. I’d also note that Crystal service makes the dining experience even that much better. The genuine warmth, kindness and welcoming nature of the entire crew is just an unbeatable combination.
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