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  1. Thanks all but ... we are doing the opposite this fall -- Vancouver to Hawaii. So far I am seeing conflicting answers. I have NO idea how to get a proctored test in Vancouver, let along in Pittsburgh where we are leaving from. All answers are appreciated.
  2. Make sure to continue to post the MDR menus.
  3. You are the kind of customer Celebrity now prizes. OK with about anything served to you. Unfortunately for the price, I do not feel that way.
  4. How does the Chef's Table differ from the Veuve Cliquot?
  5. This might sound terrible but if I walk into a ladies room with 3 stalls -- two are normal and one is handicapped and both of the regular ones are occupied full -- I do NOT stand there and wait for someone who is handicapped to maybe need the stall. I use it and move on.
  6. But it's different from the days when people were dying.
  7. It was written by a reporter for the New York Times, based on the lawsuit that was filed.
  8. Can you share the amount of the uncharge? And can you use the classic beverage card there?
  9. Fortunately, my city/county isn't on that list. But I do think we all need to be aware of dangers and that is why I shared the advisory.
  10. Hi, We are on this very cruise this September -- only on the Solstice. My question and I do know things vary from year to year but: How cold was it in Vancouver? Shorts weather? Any chance of sunbathing outside during the first few days heading to Hawaii?
  11. Just a warning: I saw a story today about four bodies being found on the sand in front of a beach resort in Cancun. The story also said: The U.S. State Department issued a travel alert last month warning travelers to "exercise increased caution," especially after dark, at Mexico's Caribbean beach resorts like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, which have been plagued by drug gang violence in the past.
  12. We are going to be in Aqua. I think it is included?
  13. So to be clear, there is a 30 minute limit to the lounger chairs if others are waiting?
  14. So, if people are waiting, what do they do -- kick out the first people to occupy one of the beds? 15 minutes does not seem to be very long to become rested??
  15. We are flying into Vancouver from Pittsburgh in September to cruise to Hawaii. Will there be any kind of COVID test issues for the airplane on either side of the flight?
  16. Can you order from the MDR menu while in Blu?
  17. Wouldn't that be kind of unfair to the next cruisers who had booked that room?
  18. Is the wifi time needed to access the Celebrity app to see each day's activities, make reservations, etc?
  19. In 2018, we were on the Reflection. Some "deal" was offered when I booked that included a concierge room. After eating at Murano early in the cruise, we wanted to book a second night there but were told that nothing was available. We figured that is where the concierge could help us. The answer: Still no room for us. So I never figured out the value of the concierge class. I do seem to remember it included footstools for the balcony.
  20. If I were you, I would look elsewhere -- like an all-inclusive that does accommodate folks in wheelchairs. Remember this: the cruise lines may be hurting financially. They (well Carnival, etc) did try to get in on the COVID funding, But they have chosen to not be based in the U.S. -- hello, to not pay our taxes -- so they were not available for relief funding. The point is: For that reason, I am not willing to accept less and pay more these days. Spend your money where you will be taken care of.
  21. If this is Day 6 of a 7 day cruise, would it not be one of the "up scale" nights?
  22. We have that 1552 cabin for a fall Solstice trip. Thanks for the noise info. I take it the little bit of window cleaning equipment was not a problem?
  23. We have the AI/Classic package. Just hoping we can swap the 2 bottles of wine each for some good NA, like Becks. For heart reasons, my husband can only drink a couple of real beers a night so he likes to mix in a couple of NAs to stretch his pleasure.
  24. I'm wondering if bringing some NA onboard is allowed. (we would prefer to bring it instead of wine). My husband really doesn't like O'Douls. He will drink Heineken but much prefers Beck's NA. Does anybody know?
  25. At least people can discuss the meatloaf on this site. I was visiting another "broader" site recently when someone complained about the meatloaf on a Celebrity posting. The poster was "reported" for negativity and chastised by others.
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