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  1. We were just ahead of you on the December 2 cruise. The ship was decorated so pretty, just loved it. This was about our 4th or 5th time on Liberty, it's a great ship! This cruise we just did an OV but the Bermuda cruise in September we had a balcony on Deck 8. This cruise ended up being a back to back, our first, our friend wanted to go, but couldn't until the Friday we were supposed to get off, so we just made it a back to back. Were you in the aft dining room? Our wait staff was really good, and our hostess Rico Rose was also. The best was our Maitre d, Aaron! Never had one who made it a p
  2. We only need 11 more days to be Diamond, sure hope it doesn't change any time soon! When they changed from number of cruises (10) to number of days(79) for Platinum, I was fortunate and grandfathered in as we were about to take our tenth. I went to Diamond party with my friend who is Diamond earlier this month on Legend and some guy there was saying he had a friend who works in that department and they said they were going to base it on cost. I sure as heck don't see that happening. No way in the world that could ever be fair. Guess they'll let us know.
  3. My premier offer was supposed to be there until March 3. I was looking at my offers today and it was gone. That was early afternoon, and haven't checked since.
  4. Just remember if it's not a checked bag, you're the one who has to lift it up on to the scanner.
  5. We had it like that on Legend last week. It was good, certainly saving on butter! I agree it wasn't nearly as garlicky.
  6. Thats the exact USB port I have. Was just trying to figure out what kind of equipment I need to bring. It's gotten so I haul so much electrical stuff it's ridiculous! I keep it all in my travel bag as well, but would be nice not to have to carry so much. I have a small power strip that I use for most things including the USB charger. 2 phones and my IPad for the charger, then my clock, hearing aid charger and mobility scooter battery charger take a lot of outlets, lol. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. I've been searching for the answer to my question, but haven't found an answer yet. Does the Breeze have USB ports in the cabins? I've been on her twice, but for the life of me, cannot remember! Thanks for your help.
  8. I've been playing every day and haven't won anything either.
  9. The steakhouse is $38 per person including gratuity. If yo go on the first night, you get the free bottle of wine. This is on all Carnival ships.
  10. Just off the Legend Sunday, February 9th. Our first elegant night was Monday, first sea day. The second was Thursday.
  11. We always get both. When we meet our steward/stewardess, I ask for both, show them my little cooler and ask that it be filled with ice every day. Never had a problem, especially after they happily take the $20 I give!
  12. I'm getting old, lol. The correct name is the Ocean Plaza and it is on Deck 5. It's a very popular area. On our cruise, that's where the various trivia games and things like that were held. The Build A Bear workshop was held there, and usually a band of some kind in the evenings.
  13. We were on Sunshine for a family cruise November, 2018, had a wonderful time! First thing to do now before you leave is download the Carnival Hub app. Once you're on board, then you sign in with your folio number. It will give you all the information about what's going on where, the opening times of all the food areas for breakfast and lunch. You can see the dinner menus, keep up with your account, etc. One poster said they didn't care for the layout, but we loved it! The Ocean Galley area is really enjoyable, they also serve a light breakfast in the mornings.
  14. In 31 cruises my pvp has never called me to ask if I was ready to book! I am usually looking every day or so, and have never been called by anyone after looking.
  15. Sailed on Miracle twice last year and loved it! Will be on Legend February 2 for 7 day western Caribbean. Really looking forward to it, love this size ship, hate the big ones!
  16. I had the same issue, tried the different browsers and wouldn't work. I had to call to get the surprise added to my son's cruise.
  17. We are Platinum also. Most of the time when we do checked luggage, we're off the ship no later than 9:00 so your 9:30 shuttle should be fine.
  18. Where is port of Marland? I've had wheelchair assist in Port Canaveral and Tampa. In both ports after you clear security, there's a line for special needs, or ask one of the workers and they will point the way. You tell them you need wheel chair assistance and someone will come get you. Depending on how many wheel chairs are available, it could be a short wait or long. Never waited long in Canaveral, but once last year in Tampa was a long time! Their explantion was they only had 3 chairs available because there were 2 ships in port and all the chairs were at the other ship! After that, since w
  19. If you are Diamond or Platinum, you will be first off the ship if you do self assist. There's no line at Customs then. If you check your luggage, you are called by zone (after the Diamond and Platinums) and the line can get long. It is faster if you have a porter since they have a separate line for customs.
  20. Liberty has it. We don't particularly care for it. The old menu was better.
  21. Im with you Shaded Lady! I think the new brunch is awful! Who wants spaghetti for breakfast, and no blueberry pancakes! We were talking with the Hotel Director on Liberty in December and he had no idea there were none. He said he would bring it up at their next meeting. We did try the skillet cake, it was sort of like a pancake. It's just all weird to me. But that's my opinion.
  22. We stayed in Kingsland October 28 and 29 for the birth of one of our great granddaughters. We stayed at the baymont inn, the rate on line with AARP Discount was $54 per night plus tax. The hotel was clean, the breakfast was good and the staff was really nice. It's located right by I95 and right behind a Cracker Barrel. The hotel staff told me next time I should call them directly instead of booking on line, might be cheaper! I was extremely satisfied. I do believe it's a bit more than 15 minutes to the port, probably closer to 30 minutes, but very easy drive except for all the construction aro
  23. Believe me, there definitely have been a lot of changes in the airport area since you lived here! The River City Marketplace has probably doubled in size, a lot of ongoing construction on 95/295 highways in the area. I would suggest one of the hotels with a park and ride shuttle. As to the particular hotels, just read the reviews on Trip Advisor or one of those sites, I've found them most helpful when looking. There are a lot of events in Jacksonville. You could check by going on the City of Jacksonville's website, coj.net and look under the events section. We lived in that area years ago and
  24. I personally would take the upgrade. Have been on Valor, but was a balcony so can't speak specifically to the interior rooms. Have been on her sister ship Liberty 7 times. The Ocean view rooms are much nicer and roomier as well. Just from sitting on the sofas, I don't think the sofa bed would be very comfortable to sleep on. We had rooms on deck 1 and 2, not a lot of difference, but guessing you might have a bit more vibration in the aft section. Whichever you choose, enjoy your cruise!
  25. I was trying to gift cruise cash to my son for his upcoming cruise. I was able to select the amount and get to the cart. It had the wrong amount in the cart, but I couldn't delete it. When I tried to go thru the motions of check out, I kept getting the message my cart was empty! I tried all the things OP did, and finally had to call Carnival. Although I got the gift done, my cart still has the items in it and I can't empty it!
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