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  1. I didn’t have any gift cards on my cruises this time, but I did get my credit card refunds within 2 weeks of cancellations. My son received a few gift card refunds in separate mailings of 1 card each time, then received his credit card refund the next day. Glad it didn’t take very long this time!
  2. Should have gotten my Diamond on the January cruise that was just cancelled, so disappointing. Maybe soon.
  3. My vote is for Magic! Don’t know much about Norwegian, but if I were paying for the cruise, I would most definitely take a Magic balcony room vs an interior any day. You will be hooked on balcony rooms forever. There’s plenty to do on Magic. That size is plenty big enough for me. Don’t think you would regret it.
  4. The credit won’t be given to you until you book another cruise or apply to one you already have booked. My advice is to call Carnival and have a representative do everything for you. That way you’ll know exactly what you have for on board credits and things like that. So much easier and much less worry. I see you’re in Lake Charles, sure hope things are on the road to recovery after all the storms !
  5. You are correct, anything anyone posts here is pure speculation. John Heald’s FB page or Carnival directly will let us know as they develop. Fingers crossed that we will be sailing soon.
  6. We’ve been to Bermuda twice, they sail from Port Canaveral every now and again, so not a regular cruise. Both times the ships casino opened at 9 pm.
  7. They will refund to each method of payment.
  8. Our only scheduled cruise left is March 1st on Liberty. Not looking too promising for that to happen, but sure hope so. Going with grandson and his wife for their anniversary, it’s been booked for a year. He got a fantastic rate when we booked, but I’m sure that’s going to be gone when we rebook. Haven’t rebooked the 2 January cruises we had on Breeze yet, still trying to figure out what they’re going to do about the “7 days or less” part of the CDC order. Really getting frustrated with all these cancellations. CDC probably isn’t going to be happy till they put the cruise industry ou
  9. I had 2 January cruises, both out of Port Canaveral and yes, they are cancelled. Previous cancellations had excepted Port Canaveral, Miami and Galveston I think, but this round was for all US ports. The first sentence of the notice says all US ports. Talked to my PVP last evening and all January and a few February are cancelled.
  10. If Carnival cancels the cruise, you lose any obc they’ve given you for previously cancelled cruises. The obc doesn’t carry over.
  11. What I find funny about this offer is my whole family who all have cruised with Carnival didn’t receive the offer EXCEPT our granddaughter and her husband who don’t drink at all! No rhyme or reason.
  12. From what I’m reading, they are trying to change the date from a cancelled cruise to a new one. In that case, you have to manually change the date as I described above. Even though a cruise has been cancelled, the countdown will continue until you change it. It isn’t an automatic process. Even when you are putting in a brand new cruise, not a changed one, you have to enter the date.
  13. If you’re talking about the Countdown clock on the Hub app, all you do to change it is to tap on the date and the year, month and day comes up. Just scroll thru and choose your date.
  14. See the thread “Carnival changed my check-in date”.Apparently there have been some changes to the on line check in .
  15. My DH uses a mobility scooter, and we always put it in the cabin (always have balcony). The above poster is correct, take the arms off and it will go straight in with very little room to spare. His scooter is 21-1/2” wide. Another thing you can do is remove the rear wheels if the scooter type allows this. Our bed configuration as a king allows just enough room to maneuver the scooter in the space between the lamp table and the sofa. You can also push the coffee table up against the sofa and put it there. Best advice tho, is to turn it around after you get it in the room. To the poste
  16. Your guess is as good as anybody’s at this point! My cruise is scheduled for November 2nd, so should be hearing something eithe way in a few days.
  17. I’ve been on 35 cruises with Carnival, the majority in balcony rooms. I don't remember ever having a sofa next to the balcony on any Carnival ship. The bed is always next to the window. One balcony room on the Elation didn’t even have a sofa or chair!
  18. I’ll have my bags packed and be ready to get tested for our November 2 cruise. Guess we will be the test group!
  19. I feel sorry for my PVP, she was really needing her vacation on Magic in December! They’re only allowed to take vacations at certain time of the year. Anyone who works as a planner for Carnival who wasn’t laid off has had their hands full lately. So basically we all aren’t the only ones disappointed.
  20. Lucky you! Of the 4 I have booked, they are either the same or slightly more!
  21. We have a back to back November 2nd, so would be in guinea pig cruising group! I have no problem at all with it, and sure hope it happens! if it gets cancelled, it will be my 4th one for this year to be cancelled by Carnival. I just keep on rebooking in good faith!
  22. Well, I for one would feel the same way if I called my PVP who I’ve been with many years and she was gone!
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