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  1. A lot of people love it because it’s a smaller ship. We have only been on her once and that was enough for me (and the rest of our usual cruising group). Being a bit older than your picture looks like you are, we always book balcony rooms for comfort because we tend to spend a good bit of time in the room. When they first added the additional balcony rooms a year or so ago, we all booked the 5 day Bahamas from Jacksonville. The ship was nice, crew was nice, food was good, casino was friendly. However, the balcony room was a total disappointment! We had 5 cabins together, not the first one had
  2. If I see a deal like that, I’ll usually put the room on hold for 24 hours if I’m afraid the room I want will be taken. I can also text my pvp and give her the option of calling me back. I only do that for a new booking, not for making changes.
  3. Sure would be nice! DH and I are 19 days away from Diamond. Had all my cruises booked so that we’d make it in January 2021. Our 7 day Breeze for March 21 was cancelled, rebooked for May 12 same ship/itinerary and it was cancelled. Now booked for July 4 same ship/itinerary. That will likely be cancelled too. I’ll just keep on booking, but I’d love to get the days credited.
  4. We’ve been on Liberty 7 times, the last being January 2020. She’s a great ship, good size, very clean. The crew, including officers are some of the best ever. The cruise director MarQ is really fun, makes sure everyone is having fun, too. We have a back to back scheduled for November so hoping that will happen. Also have one for March 1, 2021. Liberty would be a good choice.
  5. We’ve been on the Breeze a couple of times recently. To my knowledge the largest tables sit 12 people, those are the large round tables in the middle of the DR. They also have tables by the windows that can seat 8 to 10 people. We’ve had our large groups put at these tables before. As long as your bookings are linked, they will do their best to accommodate your party. When everyone is on board, check to see where everyone is assigned then go to the dining room to see where the tables are located.
  6. I’m assuming you’re asking why the Glory is in Miami with people on it? I’m guessing she’s on a trip to take crew members back to their homes. Probably getting supplies. Several Carnival ships are making trips to take their crew members to various countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.
  7. She can use it only if the promotion is for you and COMPANION.
  8. I personally chose port on this itinerary for July. Biggest reason is the morning sunrise will be pretty and afternoon sun will not be directly on your balcony most of the time.
  9. Mine showed up about a week after I received my cabin confirmation. I called my pvp to rebook And she told me it might take a few days until it was right.
  10. UPDATE 4/7: Received my new cabin confirmation email today. When I rebooked, the early saver rate was a little more, bur received $100 obc instead of $50. They showed I now have $700 obc. Funny, seems every cancel/rebook has been just a few dollars more, the exact same itinerary, just different dates. Guess it’s because of the seasonal differences in the rates. Sure hope we don’t get cancelled again. Praying things are so much better by July!
  11. Free drinks in the casino while playing. No qualifying. My hubby got one, but we didn’t book it.
  12. My husband gets at least one a week, I get nothing! Only ones I get are the ones for cabin confirmations, and what to do for fun type things as the cruise gets closer. I think it’s because I’m the one who does all the bookings!
  13. There are so many, it’s hard to pick just one. My favorites are the maitre ‘d Aaron and the dining hostess Rico Rose on the Liberty in January. Aaron is fairly new at his position, but he’s doing a wonderful job, so friendly and full of energy! He even dances on the table with his wait staff, he says he won’t ask them to do something he won’t do! He and Rose would stop by our table every night to talk with us. Hope to see them again if they’re still there in November!
  14. No, unfortunately. The original $600 keeps transferring. Wish I was getting it again!
  15. My March 21 cruise was cancelled, rebooked for May 9, got the fcc and 600 obc. May 9 cancelled and have rebooked for July 4 last Monday. Everything is supposed to be transferred again to new booking. They’re still working on the transfer.
  16. We didn’t, but I understand you can. Guest services should be able to help you. Also look under the frequently asked questions about back to backs, that’s where I found most of the information.
  17. Did our first b2b in January, it worked really well. The night before debark, we got a letter from guest services explaining the process. We were to leave our luggage in the room (we had different rooms too), tell your steward where to move you, and meet in the lobby by 8:30. We had breakfast then went down to the lobby. Soon as we sat down, someone from guest services came and checked us in and any others who were b2b. Told us we had to wait till the ship was cleared. Was fun watching all those people getting off! Finally got the ship cleared then the guest services guy got us all (there were
  18. Had trouble looking at mine a couple of hours ago, but finally got into my details. I’m sure they are going crazy at the headquarters.
  19. That’s what I was wondering, jimbo5544. All I’ve seen is they are delayed in their construction/refit due to corona virus shutting down the shipyards.
  20. I got 12 emails, all the same. My cruise was May 9th. Guess I’ll rebook something.
  21. My March 21 cruise was cancelled by carnival. In the next couple of days I had received an email from them explaining the options to either cancel for full refund to original form of payment or rebook and receive $600 OBC. I chose to reschedule. Unfortunately I rebooked for May 12! Waiting now to see what's going to happen with this go round of cancellations.
  22. My post #4 was response to your question. Accidentally left out your message, then posted twice! Sorry all.
  23. I guess I'm fortunate I can email my PVP. I am one of those people who only contact her when I'm ready to book. I always tell her to call me when she's got time to help me. When she calls, I've done my research and give her the information so she can advise me if she agrees with what I chose or if better options are available, then go from there. I guess I'm not quite understanding your question. My way has worked pretty well for me over the years, not unnecessarily tieing up her time nor mine.
  24. I wouldn't expect mine to contact me. You probably got the email where you select the option to either cancel for refund or accept the on board credit, don't remember what it said exactly. Once that's been submitted, and if you chose to rebook, then either call or email your PVP.
  25. We should be getting some information today on what they are planning to do. I'm also supposed to be cruising on May 9 on Breeze. Was originally on the March 21 sailing, got cancelled, so soon as I got the notice from Carnival, submitted my form for the OBC and emailed my PVP. She called when she could, we got another booked for May 9, got the fares straightened out and the $600 OBC. So waiting now to see what happens with this one.
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