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  1. Thanks, LilBlackDress. The cruise is on Dec. 16-20. It leaves from Tampa, has just one port stop (Cozumel), with one sea day each way. The whole reason to book this particular cruise is for our DGD to get to see Mayan ruins, so hoping to find some info on that before I lock down the reservations this afternoon. Between college classes and a job, her cruising schedule is pretty limited.
  2. Can someone fill me in on why Brilliance of the Seas is not Cruising till mid December? Is the first cruise after the pandemic a positive (no COVID germs from preceding cruisers) or negative (are the “kinks” out? Is the crew well trained?) Is there a possibility the cruise would be cancelled? Or the ports changed? Thanks for any insight you can give. Also, please tell me how to find the ship’s excursions for a particular cruise? Every time I think I’ve found it, only private tours and private companies pop up. Our cabin is held only till later today, and I can’t seem to find what excursions are available. Hopefully there is one to the Mayan ruins.
  3. The River Road trip sounds wonderful. I'd love to do that. As for tips on the cruise--- We loved everything! We knew going in that it would not be like an ocean cruise so we did not miss all the 'bells and whistles' that some cruisers expect. We found AQSC to be professional efficient, and friendly, from the entire crew on board to the staff at the hotel to the HOHO bus drivers. We took advantage of all the free HOHO excursions and found them to be interesting and informative. I especially enjoyed touring the house and grounds of Nottaway Plantation, but every home that we had time to tour was great. The Flood Museum in Greenville and the River Museum with Tugboat tour in Vicksburg were great. At every stop we met warm, wonderful folks who were proud of their towns and happy to have us there. On board, be sure to do the Chef's tour of the galley. You will be amazed at all they do in such limited space. The Riverlorian's talks were interesting, as was the Csptain's talk. We enjoyed exploring the boat and imagining ourselves on the boat in Victorian times. The decor is beautiful, but we are happy for "modern updates"! Not sure if they still have the "snack area" post Covid, but it was a favorite with everyone. Self serve warm homemade cookies and other snacks as well as specialty coffees and teas available 24/7 ! What a treat! if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. I'll help if I can, or someone here will know the answers.
  4. Thank you JP and Chris for taking us along on this wonderful cruise! I've enjoyed every post and loved all the pictures. Would love to see one of the main dining room with you two in it--all dressed up for a night out! Do you possibly have a link to your amazing review of your river cruise when you visited Budapest? If I remember correctly you were on the Uniworld Beatrice? Thanks!
  5. Remember that American Cruise Line and American Queen Steamboat Company are two completely separate lines.
  6. I hope I did not mislead anyone! You are correct about AQ's dress code on line now. Our cruise was 4 or 5 years ago, and I may be remembering codes from that time. I'm sure jeans would be fine; everyone was dressed for comfort.
  7. Wow!! I feel like I’ve discovered hidden treasure! I just found this blog and I’m thrilled to be following your adventures again. It’s been too long since we’ve been able to experience (in spirit!) all the wonderful ports you visit, but also the great excursions and hikes you two undertake! I see that your cruise ends tomorrow. 🙁. Hope you have another one planned for us to follow along with. Love all all the pictures! Barb
  8. Praying for you and all the medical staff there. May they quickly find the cause and solutions.
  9. Thanks for both reviews. Very informative!
  10. Just discovered this thread and have enjoyed reading it from start to finish! Looking forward to even more of your journey.
  11. We are also interested in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. We are booked on the American Queen Countess in June from Pittsburg (the start of their expedition where their riverboat was built and picked up by Clark—-and where many of their crew was recruited) ending in Louisville. We hope to do the Louisville to St Louis leg next, after which we will book the Empress for the Clarksville to Vancouver part of their journey.
  12. The Estherea is amazing!! It was the perfect ending to a great cruise. I wish I could go back to Amsterdam just to stay there again!
  13. Our posts crossed in cyberspace! So prayers for all on our care lists, and shout outs for all who are celebrating!
  14. Good morning! I am surely remembering all of those who died on 9/11 and their families, as well as those who died in the 20 years of aftermath. It does seem that lately “no news really IS good news”! I’ve never been to Rhodes, Greece, so I’m really looking forward to pictures. Thanks for our Daily Report!
  15. Thank you for the excellent video review. We are looking forward to our June cruise on the Countess. We were originally scheduled for the Duchess, but COVID changed all that. Your video makes me excited to experience the Countess!
  16. Kazu, I just love your sense of humor!!! Have a great day everyone.
  17. Good morning, all! Thanks for the Daily. Love the “Days”! I think all of us could think of someone whose heart we could touch today. 💖. What a great idea!
  18. Thank you, CrusinCadie. You are right---The 1927 Flood Museum is in Greenville, MS. It is one of the stops on the HOHO bus tour. A quick story about our experience there---As we arrived at the museum, we saw several people leaving the museum, not in a very good mood! We heard them talking about "that dark and dingy place, who would want to spend 2 minutes there?" They had walked in, turned around, and walked out again!!! But we decided to stay and see what we could see. WOW! The museum is housed in a very old building---one of the oldest remaining in the town. It may have seemed dim (thanks to the constant streaming of an excellent short video---one of the most informative videos I've ever seen. Very few people know of the history of this area on the Mississippi.) The exhibits were also wonderful, and highlighted a life and a time that most of us away from this area know very little about. I think the people we encountered on their way out of the museum must have been looking for the glitz and glamour of the casinos. As for us, this is one of the most memorable stops we have ever visited. One recommendation while you are in Memphis is to eat at the historic Blues City Cafe. We loved the food (ribs and all the trimmings) and the fun atmosphere. Enjoy your cruises!! Barb
  19. i grew up midway between Houston and San Antonio, so we are like another state from you! My DH's college roommate was from Amarillo, and he never could get used to all the trees in central and south TX!
  20. This was on one of the stops from Memphis to NO. I'll dig out my info from that cruise and post it here as soon as I find it.
  21. Another non Facebook cruiser! Thanks for posting here on CC. Ill be following, wishing I were on board!
  22. I have loved following along as you have reviewed your week. Happy Anniversary to you both!! Have a safe trip home.
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