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  1. Dawntrdr are you absolutely sure that’s what he actually did? Were you asking to seat on a larger table and declined or did he just think you wanted a table for two? Last night is casual, so seems crazy if he did that. That said, I’d have thought he may have redirected the bathrobe guests to the spa..... even at breakfast, that’s not good IIMHO.... and I’m surprised that even happened. Shorts are not allowed after 6 inside... so semi naked is a bit much! lol
  2. Did they have Hawaiian Shirts in 1912?
  3. I was in Sydney on a working holiday in 1983/84 (Which i have very warm memories of and huge regrets I came home!) I think the intention was to go to the Rocks and see in the NY over looking the bridge, but we never escaped the (Filtered worked replaced!) Male Chicken and Bull pub in Bondi Junction. I do however remember managing to get on HMS Invincible on Boxing day which was berthed in Darling Harbour (I think) and there for Joint UK/Aus/US Navy exercises. Not long after the Falklands conflict! Such fond memories. (Sydney - not the War!)
  4. Cheers Stumblefoot...... Loved the Donald Duck slide! 😂 it's more advanced than expected.
  5. I don't need to. I did email my concerns in an add on to the ongoing moon change saga and I'd had a bit of a mixed reply. As was mentioned before "it was an accident" but it was also stated this promotion has always been there and existed and still running. So yes, kids are 50% off. The exception seems to be on the World cruise where it was advertised but now withdrawn.
  6. Hi and welcome to the Silversea forum. Generally, I honestly don't think there is any "stiff upper lip" and have always found other guests to be very easy going. On my first sailing I was probably apprehensive but it really was fine. Dressing up on formal nights is also easy to avoid. La Terrazza would be my preferred choice if I didn't want to dress up. I have read a couple of comments regarding smoke, but not something I've experienced. I think most people will respect the rules, but guess you'll always get some that wont. Anyway, hope you decide to book and no regrets.
  7. It was on our Wind cruise in April, but was the first time for at least 3 prior to that. I thought they may have recorded it's removal and not put it back, but clearly that's not the case. That's one SS practice I will certainly love to see the back of.
  8. Having read back through the thread and the website "error" I'm relieved to see both my Moon sailings are no longer showing the 50% off promotion. I wonder if the fares are 50% off still for kids, regardless of the removal of the promotion?
  9. Funnily enough, pretty much our only encounter on any sailing where we were unhappy with other guests, were 2 separate families on the same cruise, but travelling independently but both were friends of the owner. They were with kids, but it wasn't the kids who were the problem and you could tell staff were not happy with things but powerless to act and a little embarrassed. Every meal we saw either group, the head chief attended their tables to recommend and prepare. No one else got this special attention. I'm still waiting to hear back with finalised details for my Moon alterations and have requested clarity on the status of the new approach to encourage kids with discounted bookings. I've been fortunate to have not seen unruly kids on any sailing, but I suspect that would change if large numbers of kids roaming the ship in gangs having fun but at the detriment of others. It's a slippery slope I think. A few kids is one thing. I just hope SS are not trying to compete with Disney.
  10. No it's on the Moon. 17th November 2020
  11. I almost booked this but was put off by the thought of jet lag and travelling on NYE and elected in the end to do a FLL Mexico cruise which has morphed into a FLL to Lima.. So I shall certainly be interested in what we missed and hoping you're able to do a live report when the time comes. On the diving front, I know they want to see your log book which must have a dive within the last 12 months. (No go without) It's rare I get the chance these days and each time I do I always end up having to have a pool refresher. It's now 7 years since my 4 Sharm dives, so I'd certainly need that!
  12. LOL....... He was not happy.... As a witness on the next table! And the waitress was like... "Yes they are frozen, what's the problem"? Randyk47.... His complaint is 100% genuine and justified. I was a little surprised they would do that too.
  13. Thanks for your thoughts Perididogirl. One comment regarding WiFi - you actually get one connection per guest not per suite, so you could have used both your connections at the same time (assuming you weren't travelling solo). Doesn't help with your authentication issues... I had similar problems trying to do banking payments in Vietnam and gave up in the end. Good advice to get this done in port prior to departure like you said.
  14. Enjoy it before its an American state!!! lol Looking forward to reading about the sailing... great photos to start with. I bet it would be spectacular using a drone
  15. Well both my Moon sailings still have Kids for 1/2 price. I've still yet to sail on any SS cruise where Kids were a nuisance or misbehaving, so I'm certainly not adverse to seeing kids sailing. That said, the number of kids generally have been quite low in numbers and I'd certainly be concerned if the percentage increased to levels that larger groups of kids started running around and making the ship a playground. The day that happens and I see the continual push in that direction, then I'm afraid that will be the end for further bookings from me. I had recently been told that RCI wanted SS because they liked the brand and wouldn't be changing it. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be the case. If this is going to be the target audience, how long before water slides and OAP rooms and nappies floating in the pool?
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