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  1. It will be sailing full of Americans unable to enter Europe and Europeans unable to enter the US. What could possibly go wrong! Meanwhile Heathrow just cancelled my car park booking.
  2. Randyk47, the screenshot was of the link that was posted... And was pointing out it was an old article. Why it was confusing given the reply. (And why Id said have i got the wrong end of the stick!) Thanks for clarifying .... I took a read of the link you'd posted. I think it sounded like it was just worded badly. Silver Wind is due to dry dock... Its next plan now is dry dock. I agree you should have made it clear the dates if there is a change which we are still non the wiser.
  3. Thats what i was refering to dated Jul 31 2018.. Im guessing i must be looking at the wrong thing?
  4. That article appears to be 2 years old so definitely not current. You're correct in what you've said... In fact rather sadly, i should be on the final sailing out of Copenhagen in exactly 14 days time virtually to the minute for a 12 night cruise ending at Tower Bridge.
  5. Luckily from my Wind cancellation I've rebooked within that timeframe. What about future cancellations? Do I need to get in quick for my Nov 23 Moon cruise which is obviously going to get the chop! Would be good to know as its the only reason for keeping it going with approx 10 days until the 120 day breach....... With 3 paid up cruises left, I really do despair at the lack of transparency, moved goal posts and wonder if I should just cancel the lot and leave my finances in my bank rather than theirs.
  6. Maybe I'll get my Copenhagen to Tower Bridge via Norway back afterall!
  7. Just spotted in another post..... Has construction of the Moon continued in Genoa and not Ancona? Marine traffic shows its travelling at 19 knots even though its still apparently still in Ancona! Hopefully Barbara Muckermann gets to the correct shipbuilder location! lol
  8. Oh you bad guys! lol I must admit I did originally think it was a reference to meet and greet, but I don't now think it was. I know when I've made enquiries direct with SS to find out how full the ship was (ie how many cabins booked). I was always told, so I'd suggest that is probably the best way to get this info.
  9. Even if the US had reopened its borders by then, for that cruise to sail, it would effectively need all the preceding South American cruises to also sail. All cruiselines I would think, will be looking at the best options to start up and continue and I dont see South America being the best they could pick! So..... assuming the Moon is completed and the US opens, I suspect the start date / ports of call will be very different. Luckily on a TA, there are not many of those to worry about! (Which maybe why the outwards could happen - but the very next is FLL to Lima.... and there is no way (much to my sorrow) is ever happening. Plus the logistics here. US citizens coming to Europe face a 14 day quarantine. Europeans can't even come to the US so who would be the passengers?
  10. No. I do still need to email GS though to clarify a few things in the event of cancellations on how exactly they treat the booking. For my Wind cancellation, they only took the cash part for the FCC (leaving the video credit off completely!).... The replacement, I've had to cough up just over £1000 extra each .... and on the invoice, thats the only cash reference which is a little worrying given what they just did. I want to know that the gross value I've paid would be the value if they or I cancelled again. It has implications.... The Moon cruise was also a cancellation and on that, I have a low cash value. If they try to say that value will be the only factor for a FCC, then the 3 live bookings will all be cancelled and it'll be cheerio SS. At the time my Wind cruise was cancelled, its value was higher than the new booking and a gamble for the 4 years that SS will have these funds for. Good and exciting memories from my visit to Ancona last October! Not sure why a visit is needed (Haven't they heard of Zoom! lol).... "Will it be ready?".... "yes" / "No". Sorted. Silver Moon to the right and R7S Splendor to the left.
  11. And the one after on the 23 Nov..... 13 days to decide! If it weren't for the fact it destroys the best deal we've ever had, I'd cut my losses and cancel as I dodnt think there is a cat in hells chance it will sail... and even if it does, I cant currently enter the US and expect that wont change. What I am clinging onto the slimmest of slim chances they might reschedule this voyage making this attempt number 3, but I'm not hopeful, just kidding myself really.
  12. Absolutely. I love Venice and it's only the crowds (and some of the rip-off merchants) that put me off.
  13. Looked more like fat mammal syndrome! lol - Just teasing On Florida, our friends who emigrated to the US approx 20 years ago (to Jupiter near West Palm Beach) sent me a text yesterday saying the recorded infections in Florida was 15300 yesterday for one day (so assume that's for the previous day.) That is a very scary statistic if it is true. (Seems to be verified online too - see image) Having seen video clips sent to me from a court in a Palm Beach Commission meeting via WhatsApp where dozens of "protesters" were stating that wearing masks were killing them were against God and that they were not obeying these communist laws. I don't necessarily take these little snippets to represent the collective, but from Stumbles observations and our friends comments previously, there seem to be a rather large contingency who are refusing because "it's against their constitutional rights". It's almost like they have been coerced by someone irresponsible to put their lives and others lives needlessly at risk. Our friends have got so worried (they have medical cover, but she is a type 1 diabetic), they are seriously thinking about "coming home" because they are so worried for the future. If I'd not seen these rants and people in supermarkets throwing tantrums (as well as products) for being asked to wear a mask in the store, I'd think I was having my leg pulled. If it didn't affect others who are doing the right thing, I'd say, let them get on with it, if their lives and health are so unimportant, but these actions affect all and signal a never ending supply for the virus to be replicated. I can now say with nigh certainty, my 23 Nov 2020 and 15 March 21 cruises out of Fort Lauderdale have zero chance of sailing without a serious downturn or vaccine.
  14. On the bright side, that painting might be removed!
  15. When my August Wind cruise was cancelled my SS contact did suggest things were being looked at, including a British Isles bubble set of cruises, but when i spoke a week or so ago, that idea hadnt gathered pace. I did speak with SS yesterday regarding clarification on a future rebooking and it does sound like they are gearing up to restart for September. (Rightly or wrongly) as staff that have been furloughed are starting back. So thats a good sign, but with spikes and second waves, the reality will likely not match the hopes.
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