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  1. Icelanders have labelled this (safe) eruption as a tourist volcano. So much vulcanic activity world wide at the moment. Never seen an eruption and is certainly a bucket list item. Would love to be there now. Iceland is one of my fav places to visit.... Though not so keen on the rotten egg showers! lol
  2. See you on board.... Fingers crossed. Kamchatka (amongst several other places it seems) has current volcanic activity. My several visits to Sicily (with the exception of a bit of smoke) has missed seeing Etna erupt. And now I can't get there, it's almost been constantly erupting for 3 months!
  3. Hehe..... Yes, I'm of similar mind... If I had to self isolate (at home), then that obstacle isn't so bad. Having worked from home for a year, it's a small price to pay. I had genuinely thought one if not two of the SS ships will have had a major shake up by now with several months of UK only cruises. If crews are available (and that logistic is a huge barrier), then I'm sure income is ready and waiting. My only caveat is relating to trying to recover loses by huge price hikes. I've looked at a few CL prices for cruises resuming in June and I do think they are counting on large num
  4. I expect there would have been 1.2M less but for the Brexit lesson being taught!
  5. I was told that when I made the rebooking a week ago, that was the case and that there will be UK only cruises this Summer. If only the Wind was included and Tower Bridge.
  6. When my Copenhagen / Norway / Tower Bridge was cancelled, the 10 June Spirit I did consider, but plumped with a May Venice cruise already gone. I would think with the road map, there certainly is a good reason to be optimistic iyour September cruise could sail. (If Crewe is sorted of course.) Will you be able to get flights ok without needing to quarantine do you think? I’ve taken a probably unrealistic punt on a Southampton Norway on MSC in September as we now had nothing left in 21. My next SS is FLL to Lima in Jan 22. I can’t see that going purely because
  7. My first thoughts were that this wont affect my May 22 cruise from Tokyo to Seward, but of course it does, because without a stop in Canada, there cruise program going forward (Seward to Vancouver and back) can't happen. When I originally booked, I was more thinking Japan might have been the sticking point. Hopefully the round trip will be allowed mentioned above and all is good and it can happen. It's still a long way off - but not so long really.
  8. Cheers JP .....And makes complete sense. I'm sure you didn't think I'd suggested if you got no reaction it hadn't worked. My reference was to those who did get a reaction was that it was a good sign..... But was posted in the hope you would respond and did right on cue you did and is great reassurance for everyone.
  9. Though no comfort to know, (and please someone clarify if this is wrong), but a reaction with AZ is meant to be a good sign that your antibodies are kicking in to fight the vaccine virus?
  10. Had both now (Pfizer) and zero reaction. Well BOTH arms ached last weekend, but I put that down to the work down in the garden and being unfit! Son had his yesterday (AZ) and he's had to take the day off due to sleepless night, fever, aches and pains and tiredness.
  11. Unfortunately my tentative bookings dropped off this morning, so my future entries are now all just showing a calendar giving a confirmed booking status. But prior to that, those tentative's were showing as a ? - meaning its an unconfirmed reservation being held for me. I'm assuming these bookings are pre-existing and not just placed? As Silver Spectre said, definitely one to ask SS if its not a new booking as that sounds not encouraging at all.
  12. I was looking through some youtube clips and found something online and was actually onboard Silver Wind at the time and posted my own video of the event...... In St Barts - And the Bucket Regatta which I know I've mentioned a few times - and just had no idea how much of a treat it was. You can see Silver Wind in the distance in the first clip taken with a drone by the event organisers And this is my effort on that fantastic Saturday.......
  13. You will have no idea how much I will stalk Silver Cloud as it sails up and down the Thames on this journey if it happens. I doubt it will as technically embarkation is effectively your international exit. We can hope. I'm not optimistic with the logistics of all the crew being vaccinated by then, so all wishful thinking. But the thoughts if could happen are awesome!
  14. Just had an interesting conversation with my Rep at SS in respect of my soon to me cancelled May cruise and potential replacement. Whilst he is not someone in the know, he passed on that no decision has been made (on vaccine and test requirements) apart from crew members being vaccinated and the logistical nightmare that brings. Governments around the world are clambering for anything and everything that's available, so not sure how even wealthy cruise lines will achieve that. I expect this will be a world wide requirement to go into ports (particularly with the cruise Covid history.)
  15. Rules out the EU then probably! Apparently International travel is allowed to continue from the UK from 17 May ....... 5 days too late for my Venice 25th Aniversary cruise. That'll be 5 cruises cancelled since my last boarding. Not sure how SS will be handling the cancellation this time round
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