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  1. Wrunkles

    Sabor on Freedom Review

    Thanks for the review. I'm sad they changed them from alacarte. We enjoyed it on allure a few years ago. What is the Guacamole making class? Price? Can anyone sign up? I can't imagine a whole class to teach you that..lol
  2. Wrunkles

    Catholic Church for Ash Wednesday

    You can go to the website masstimes.org and search by city.
  3. Thanks for your review. I've really enjoyed it. We will be boarding this weekend and can't wait. How did you find out how many kids? Do they post those stats?
  4. Thanks for the review so far! I love seeing the pictures. How many other ships were in port with you at St. Thomas?
  5. Wrunkles

    Fridge on Allure

    Thanks for all the responses!
  6. Wrunkles

    Fridge on Allure

    Nothing too exciting I'm afraid...just plastic water bottles to bring out on our excursions. They would slowly melt so later in the day we wouldn't have warm water.
  7. Does anyone know if the fridge in the cabins have a freezer section? We are staying in a boardwalk balcony stateroom. Was wondering how big it was if they do have them. I also heard that you can ask them to remove the items from the fridge for you so you can put your own items in there. Has anyone done this or have any suggestions? Thanks!