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  1. Looks like they aren't changing every sailing. We are on the May 18th sailing and it's all still the same.
  2. When would the thrill waterpark passes show up on your planner for purchase? I have a trip booked for next May. I've been watching my cruise planner for a few months now and it is not an option to purchase on there. There is a cabana I can purchase and several other excursions but nothing for the waterpark.
  3. Here are a few. It was such a beautiful place. You are hiking along a stream with several smaller waterfalls until you get to the big one. It was hard to get a good picture because of how tall it was and the sun. Once you got up to the waterfall we were able to spend as much time just sitting or swimming. There were even local dogs that hiked along with us. You can find him on Instagram, jerrysadventures. There are a lot of pictures on there.
  4. It's funny they don't downgrade you since it's cheaper. Are there items you can get on the Premium Non Alcoholic that you can't with the classic alcoholic?
  5. I've had the same experience as the PPs. Taxi & the entrance fee we paid in cash. You can use credit at the bar/restaurant. I would get there early to get your pick of loungers. We were there by 9:30 and there were only a few people. It really filled up as the morning went on. Later one of the ship's excursion came. They had a section off to the side that was reserved for them. Our cab ride was 30 each way for 3 of us. We paid 8 to get in. The cocktails were $9. I can't remember what the food prices were. We did order some nachos but had brought snacks from the ship. I would arrange for the same taxi to come back and get you. Either give them a time or take their card. There were no taxis just hanging out there waiting when we were there.
  6. We went to Blue Bay Beach. It was $8 per person to get in and that came with a lounger and umbrella. There were plenty of trees around for shade. They had food/drink that you can purchase there, free wifi, bathrooms and outside showers. The water was a little rocky so I would recommend water shoes for the little ones. I did not do any snorkeling but saw others out by a rocky area. If you do a search in this forum you will find other reviews.
  7. We used Jerry's Adventures and highly recommend. We didn't do his EL Yunque tour though. We went on the hidden waterfall hike that was in a national forest about 40 minutes outside of San Juan. You hike in the mountains to this breathtaking waterfall. The pictures don't do it justice. You go to lunch at a local restaurant and sample different foods. It was a small group and had really personal interaction. He's a local guy that grew up in the area so it's not a touristy tour. You can check him out on trip advisor.
  8. It looks like an Oasis ship but it's an optical illusion. It's probably central park there in the middle. .
  9. Thank you for the review! Glad you had such a good time. We asked for peanut butter with our molten cake too on the Freedom of the Seas. They really looked at us funny. We weren't able to get it that night but each night after they brought us a plate of peanut butter in little cups for the table...lol. The last night they surprised us with a special peanut butter/chocolate dessert the chef made especially for us. They were so sweet and really made the extra effort.
  10. I think when we researched the cabs were $16 each way. We ended up booking transportation through Liz Pereira of Pereira tours. We paid $15/each for round trip transportation to Carambola and we stopped at Timothy Hill on the way for as long as we wanted. Once at the resort the driver asked what time to come back and he was there 30 minutes before waiting. A cab would have saved us some money but it was nice to have someone waiting for us right off the boat to pick us up and not have to deal with finding a cab at the end. There was no fee at Timothy Hill. It was just an overlook. At the resort they charged $10 for chairs and $10 for an umbrella. They did have free wifi on the beach. They had a bar/restaurant that we ended up not using. We did walk down to the shipwreck bar and get some drinks there though.
  11. On Freedom they had different salads, some grilled marinated vegetables and some antipasto items like salami. They also had a small selection of desserts. I really liked the asparagus.
  12. Where did you end up going? I hope you had a good time We are doing some research for our trip in March. I'm interested in hearing of your experience. How many vendors are there with chairs to rent? What prices were they? .
  13. Can you just order a milkshake at JR without eating? I've read some ships allow that.
  14. Is there a way to see in advance if a cruise is chartered out?
  15. Thanks for the review! If you make it up by the spa, can you let me know if they have showers you can use? (without having a class or appointment booked)
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