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  1. @Bo1953 Great idea! I definitely will. We take pictures of everyone's name tags and have a few cards or people who helped us. Is there a specific email that I should write to?
  2. We were onboard also and I totally agree. I was expecting a survey to let them know but never received one. It was my first time on Celebrity and had such a great time. I'm very glad they decided to turn around.
  3. You only have to get the same package if it's the Deluxe Beverage with the alcohol. The soda and refreshment package doesn't have to be purchased for everyone in the room.
  4. If you look at the fine print, the expedited arrival is only available to "select" guests.
  5. I scanned my passport but didn't get the expedited. ☹️ Too bad
  6. Does that show up on your pass as soon as check in is completed?
  7. What would you tip at a specialty restaurant that did not include a service charge when you booked? Is 20% the standard?
  8. I was able to book mine right away too. It was 11 months before sail date.
  9. Has anyone visited this resort recently? http://www.bluewaters.net/ If so can you share any thoughts or how your experience was?
  10. Do you know how long of a taxi ride/cost it would be to get to Catherine's?
  11. I'm not sure if you can stay past the time frame for the excursion. If you can't you might want to consider buying your own pass. We bought ours through bahamasdaypass.com. You will have to arrange for your own transportation though. We had no problems getting a taxi back and forth.
  12. Looking forward to your review. I have 10 weeks till we sail. You said you were using the mobile app to text. Is that for keeping in touch with people on the ship? If so does that cost anything extra?
  13. Has anyone done this excursion recently through celebrity?
  14. Keep checking on the prices. On my cruise planner for next May, it just went down to 55
  15. I was looking at the surf package also. When I called to book with the discount, he said that is was only for the unlimited stream. In the terms it say "on the first package purchased" Were you able to get the discount when booking it?
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