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  1. UPDATE - The purchases never triggered the coupon. Made final payment - put $1000 on the Amex and the email that I used the coupon was sent to me.
  2. $25 would be my limit - also check how many ships are in port - if two ships it gets oversold and very busy.
  3. Comedy is always hit or miss - I was on allure a few weeks ago and it was great - Anthem in January - fell asleep
  4. You will see it when you pull into the port -
  5. I think if the politicians would ride the train without any security it would convince the public that they should also - This issue is far more complex than pollution which this will not solve and wont make a dent in the global carbon imprint. Its a TAX TAX TAX that they can call something else and make some money to pay for all the stuff they say they do for the average joe - When I see veterans (maybe you are one with your handle name having NAVY in it, or you just Ike the color) sleeping on the streets I know the system is broken. I hate the city and if I go to a cruise their I will pay to pollute!
  6. Never seen that happen on any cruise even out of NY
  7. So far no luck - offer still there and not used
  8. We were there in march - oversold. Practically every adult on allure and liberty was there. No seats near pool - beach is a pond. For $19-26 would go back and sit in pool. For more i would stay on ship.
  9. Mama Mia was unbelievable on the allure. I was shocked how well it was done.
  10. I looked at the details and it says this is not covered. We shall see - I believe like you this has worked in the past
  11. Just purchased cheers, internet and a massage - the charge comes up as carnival cruise Line, not fun shops. let’s see what happens.. if not final payment is 4/20 and will use the Amex then. but I have a feeling I’ll have the credit by then
  12. I think the long lines the last night are people adding tips!
  13. I just paid more for a 4 day summer cruise on carnival than a 7 day cruise on Royal out of NYC . Not sure what is so cheap? Prices are up on all of them.
  14. Maybe it’s time for a ship name change - can prob think of a few with electric charges or some that would be smoking something…
  15. Do they take the rollercoaster off #4 and $5 and try a different gimmick or are they sold on that thing?
  16. It’s their way of getting us to spend more…
  17. I'm sure NY will get one in the summer - maybe bring back a winter season for Venezia. The issue is carnival gets very little love in the winter in NYC.
  18. It going to impossible to keep up with the changes and the numbers always going up. Most people who start to cruise, go again… and if they enjoy repeat the same line. Everyday people are increasing their days/points. You don’t want to make the levels unattainable as some people like the gimmick and the small additions they get. Will take smart people to come up with a solution..
  19. I guess no more smaller ships - larger is what the people want
  20. On Curb Larry says to Jason Alexander that he was George when Jason called the character George a loser and that he was not a loser.
  21. The great George Costanza said “ it’s not a lie if you believe it”!
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