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  1. I agree - people should do as they feel comfortable. But if you wear a mask you may be confused for an unvaccinated person and get into trouble. This is the danger of the separation of people.
  2. But how will there be a large outbreak if 95% are vaccinated?? I am trying to understand the hysteria about the unvaccinating killing an entire ship of vaccinated people. Even if someone sneaks on and gets through all the testing the worst case is many asymptomatic people who were vaccinated never knowing they have something if we trust the science of the vaccine.
  3. If we make policy from Canada we might as well sell the ships to them on their way to the ship shredders. Also if you compare the cruises to Canada then we should not be getting on the ships! We should be home.
  4. I am not making into anything else than the danger it’s presenting. Wait until the first person get hurt from the rhetoric. I know it’s not intentional and “we could all die from these people”?? Could you just answer one question - if we can all die from the unvaccinated- why did we put the vaccine in our bodies. The logic dictates that we did it to be safe. If you don’t believe that you are safe then you there is no science to this vaccine and it will not save anyone. If we trusted the science to get a shot, trust it to keep you safe.
  5. They should do this for chair hogs, rude people and anyone we on cruise critic don’t like. I hope everyone realizes this is where society will never return to normal. Separating and identifying people who are “less desirable” make us worse not better - no matter what the circumstance is. It starts innocent and then people will get hurt.
  6. Yup the great comeback - details to follow on the next cancellations! (Not sour about my July and august cancellation - okay maybe a little).
  7. Has anyone thought that if they act “fairly” or “unfairly” people may chose to save other places and either not travel, not upgrade a certain meal or spa services or (and I know this will get peoples juices flowing) - withhold tips. All three would be bad as the cruise lines need all passengers to want to travel to keep demand and prices high, revenue maximized on sailings and tips covered. Capitalism works both ways. Socialism is the one that works one way.
  8. Yup first song - sailing to nowhere folllwed by - get your vax on and clothes off
  9. At the rate we are going ships may be scrapped before they are built!
  10. That’s about the death rate for unvaccinated children maybe even lower and people are losing their minds that they must be vaccinated - and I don’t mean to go on cruises, I mean in general. So that number may be high in the COVID world.
  11. Go back to sleep. It was a bad dream. The real issue is most kids won’t know they are sick with it. Thats on a ship, in a supermarket or in an airplane. If you are afraid of COVID my advise is stay off a ship. There are people who get COVID after vaccination. I hope people enjoy cruising with this level of fear!
  12. I met Amith on a cruise with my family in 2016 on the Sunshine. He is a fabulous and professional person. We became friendly and have communicated on many occasions - This thread made me very happy to see how much other love him as well. There was also a Maitre D Drasko who retired long ago and of my first 6 cruises on three different ships he was on the ships. We would always joke how he was following us. Also a nice guy who told the same jokes on every cruise and we always laughed.
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