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  1. We sailing on this - prices have been going up recently. Happy we got in on a low!
  2. Debatable - but it would be nice if this was their sole mission, along with the WHO and everyone else including both parties playing politics with our lives. But those that believe this - I am jealous of you and wish you well on the first round of the vaccine.
  3. Some here will say it for the better of all the people. Maybe! My gut tells me - they don’t care. The powers that be don’t care about small businesses that are going bust, why care about big businesses.
  4. They still have not cancelled January and carnival did that 2 weeks ago. In fact they still are letting me check in for my cruise in January from PR - kind of funny! Maybe they are letting us go...
  5. This statement seems like you are preparing forever -
  6. I am not smarter than Johns Hopkins but this graft is saying we have been about 5% or above since June - These numbers seem inflated -
  7. Maybe they should honor the double points if you pay in full and don't ask for a refund on your cancelled cruise - Rebook with the credits. What a gimmick that would be, but I am sure people would take it!
  8. This is not going to end well for the cruise companies - seems like all the ship gods have gone into hiding and will not be saving us.
  9. Seems like the scrappers are going to be the only ones on ships for a long time.
  10. Eight months in and we are still comparing - seems like everyone is headed down the dark road together. The Asian countries that are containing it would be great places to look for guidance but we don't get much information on them and that's probably for political reasons. New Zealand and Australia have locked down their countries for the past 8 months - At some point they will have to open and when they do one case could become thousands. They also have a strategic advantage of people only getting there by plane or boat so they can do this. But anyways - The question is, "what a
  11. I have booked a couple of cruises that have been very cheap and went up - but nothing that seems to be leaving. My next one is January from PR and I am 99% sure that will not go. I paid 50% less than what it was going for at final payment.
  12. It will be funnier when we all buy tickets to see the ancient relics of coco cays past
  13. If that is the case and I am not saying your opinion is correct or incorrect - There will be no cruising at all until there is an all clear. They are not taking people to coco Cay like its a museum showing kids what it was like to have fun before the pandemic. If and "IF" they start to cruise and they stop at Coco Cay - its because its open like it was before the pandemic started. A private island is as close to a bubble for the cruislines that they can create - and they will need them to sell their product.
  14. As with everything else - nobody knows! I’m booked in January on Freedom and have paid. I don’t believe they are going but as of today there is still a chance! (Double points and all).
  15. I am happy you saw my cynicism in “follow the science”. I personally am ready to cruise with whatever restrictions or limitations that are put in place. I see why people will not go and they shouldn’t if they feel uncomfortable or don’t want to feel limited in their experience. But nobody really know what it will look like until human eyes see it. Even with limited European cruises sailing - things will be different here.
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