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  1. I could think of many other reasons other than the gift and Carnival selling FTTF to book somewhere else. I think those to factors would be a silly reason to look elsewhere. I personally think the product is just not as good as it once was and so my platinum perks are not enough to drawing me back to Carnival at this time. I enjoy the gift and the perks especially the platinum party - but that being said I have found the cliental to be very rough from my home port specifically on Carnival and so I have been cruising with other lines more these day and have found a better mix of passengers that represent on a more consistent basis what my values and code of conduct are like on a ship. To each their own....
  2. Cannot beat free - hope everyone on board feels lucky. Those that don’t - well they don’t have to use the FCC
  3. I don’t have the source - just like cruise critic sends emails with information at times other companies do the same thing. It was just a few days ago I saw an article that gave the median salaries as royal ~20k norwegian ~19k carnival ~ 16k They actually were just giving facts and not saying anything else. I was going to make a thread and post the link but I was too lazy and didn’t want to get into any negative reporting. The staff I have met on the ships have been over 99% positive about working for carnival. I have never asked but they have never said anything about money or their salaries. The only person I met who was very negative about Carnival was a photographer who worked on Celebrity who said the conditions were very poor for the photographers on carnival - he could not vouch for others. 20 cruises and that was the only report - that’s pretty good.
  4. This has been echoed by a few staff member I have met over time that have worked for multiple lines and have said that the atmosphere on Carnival is the best for employees. Overall its interesting because the median income for Carnival employees is 3-4K lower than on both Royal and Norwegian - I guess money isn't everything!
  5. You are very correct - Not looking to pull up old discussions either. I do agree with you that there are many bashers (which they have a right to be) I just don't think that everyone who states a negative is a basher. I took that one word from your post - (maybe unfairly). My real point was that I would sail any other ship before these ship even Fantasy class. I agree it will be interesting to see what New Yorkers have to say about the trip leaving today.
  6. Bashed is a heavy word - I think there are those who bash but most who don't like the ship have had felt that their cruise experience was not up to what they have received in the past mostly because of the new ship layout may have not been up to par and maybe wasn't thought out well in many places (again these have been discussed at length and I don't think we need to discuss again). I don't love the ship and would only do again if it was the last and only option I had - (or free). But I would go on a fantasy ship before ship if I had could.
  7. This has been talked about quite a bit - I you cannot see on the deck plans you have the wrong plans. New cabin were put in the aft of deck 5 and on the front of deck 3 where the floor of the theater once was.
  8. Not “new” - “redone”, “refurbished”, “renewed”(like a marriage). These may be a better description.
  9. Thank you for your review. Glad you had a good trip. We were on the Magic in January and loved her. The Dream class ships to me are better than vista class.
  10. Hit the nail right on the head on this post.
  11. Thanks for the review. Unfortunately with more people cruising there are also more rude and self entitled people on the ships. People don’t realize they are on a ship with other and that the staff are human also. We should all be respectful of the staff no matter what. They don’t dictate policy and if the are short handed I can guarantee it is not their fault. Take it up with upper staff in private or in the cruise survey at the end.
  12. I think they are $10.95 -$11.95. I remember last year the first day out of NY when they don’t sell cheer my wife and I had 4 drinks and it was around $55 with tip. Since this year I refused to drink the first day for the reason it’s not under cheers I don’t know. I hit the 15 drinks on day 2 - (sweet!) If you are someone posting live from a ship ask them to take a picture of the menu and it will say.
  13. Enjoy your trip. Make sure you get a raspberry Martini off of the menu from the alchemy bar - amazing as always.
  14. Thanks for the reviews. I was one on the negative reviewers but I am happy to see this trip was better.
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