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  1. Looks like some rust on her down below. Must be some budget cuts. So sad to see her so far away!
  2. If you watch these boards between this and the victory being scrapped - that a whole bunch of used metal. Not sure I am buying this statement. I see what you are saying but time will tell. I don’t see them unloading ships to the scrapper at the accelerated rate we are speculating. I am a realist and covid has changed everything...this may be something else that changes what we thought was not possible.
  3. you must add whats being off 40% - "between friends"
  4. Summer 2021 at this point. Maybe January if they start up again and we can fly from NY.
  5. I think this will be a legitimate question but I am sure a disagreeable one - It’s possible if they raise gratuities people will could take them off. In truth we all know when they post gratuities the lines to the front desk are the longest. You may not agree but there has to be is a relationship to the level gratuities are to the number of people who remove them?? They can raise them to whatever they like but they have to know some and maybe even a higher percentage may remove them.
  6. Have you been watching them trying to get their staff home?? I hope these gratuities help them better than that.
  7. Funny how times have changed - and a travel ban on Americans in Europe being considered. I think a Vaccine might help us.
  8. But nurses who refuse the shot need to wear a surgical mask at work from the onset of the flu to the conclusion of the flu season.
  9. Liability and proving a person who has no symptoms but spreading a disease will take too much. They wont find these people - I've seen many sick people on ships, the first case of diarrhea starts somewhere... But in reality if 70% of people get the vaccine and the staff gets it - then you will achieve herd immunity. I will take a vaccine but I fully understand people who wont. I also don't think a business doing business in this country will be able to discriminate against those who don't - but things are changing pretty quickly in all our cities so maybe it might just happen.
  10. I don't think anyone here really knows if/when and how effective a vaccine will be - I will leave that for the experts. Lets say there is one and they make it mandatory - which I am not a legal scholar to know if this is possible or not. But they make it mandatory and I lie to get on the ship - what will happen? People lie about many things to get on a ship so will it make a difference?
  11. I think this is correct. Prob any ship on the planet can be purchased for the right price - The real question is who is buying at a time like this? The real victims her may be the new builds that have not been started yet -
  12. I think it safe to say that the whole world including the CDC and the cruise lines are in uncharted water! The safe way may not be the smartest way or the most profitable way. We are learning as we go through it and it changes everyday. This has been a humbling and crushing experience.
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