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  1. Our mid May cruise was cancelled in mid April. Mid May we received 3 different credits totally all but $600 of our paid fare. That amount was credited mid June.
  2. Can someone send a link to the new survey?
  3. Mr Click We were on the same cruise. I cancelled the same time as you, and was credited in 3 amounts all but $600 by 5/18. Finally got that $600 back today. However, we have not received anything from cancelled tours with Iceland Guided Tours that I cancelled 3/17. Good luck with your cancellation refunds.
  4. Thanks for posting the link. I did not receive it but was able to complete for myself, DH and DD. Please continue to post links for new opportunities.
  5. This is by far the best thread on cruise critic right now. Keep it going please!!
  6. Looks like Infinity and Summit will be joining the group anchored off CoCo Cay some time today.
  7. We have used Joe Bananas twice. We did a Pompeii, Positano and Sorrento tour in 2014 and the Amalfi Coast last summer. We were very pleased both times and would recommend them highly.
  8. I am looking for advice. We will be cruising from and return to Dublin. Our plan is to have 2 days precruise in Dublin, plus we have one full day there at the end of the cruise with an overnight. My DD and I want to spend a few more days somewhere before flying back to the States. My DH is not as on board. We are considering flying to London for 2-3 days as we have never been. Our other option is to remain in Ireland and do something but no clue as to what. We will be debarking on a Thursday and need to fly home on Sunday. Any suggestions?
  9. I would look for another cabin if the cruise was available to see, but it’s not, so I can’t check availability for a 3. As I said, the cruise before and after, the cabin is showing as a 3. It is in November 2021 that it is a different deck plan.
  10. I am waiting for 1/4/21 to come back up also. We are booked in a cabin for 3, my planner now says guarantee. When I look at the availability for the following cruise, our cabin is still a 3. However, in 11/21, it is a 2, so I am somewhat concerned. I am waiting impatiently for our booked cruise to reappear before I call my TA.
  11. I do know last year there was a $25 per person deposit deal. I do not think there was more then 1 perk offered on most cruises I looked at. Hope that helps.
  12. We have prepurchased the unlimited photo package for several cruises. However, on our Reflection cruise in January, it is not available for purchase. The only options are the internet and photo or a 12 print option. Does anyone know how to purchase just the photo package? Thanks
  13. I am looking at a cruise that I could book a corner or the next one in. I was leaning toward the corner for side and back views and more breeze. Any reasons to pick one in over the corner?
  14. I am recommending Hotel Olimpia also. We stayed there in June and would definitely stay there again. If you are taking the People Mover to the ship, check how busy the port is. If there are several ships in port, I would suggest getting your vouchers for the people mover early that day. We left our luggage at the hotel and toured for a few hours in the morning. When we went over around 12:30, it was a madhouse of people with luggage trying to purchase tickets from the kiosks. Enjoy.
  15. We stayed at Hotel Olympia prior to our cruise in June. I would highly recommend it. The triple room we had was small and DD’s Murphy bed was not the most comfortable but everything else was great. The breakfast was more than adequate and the staff were pleasant and helpful. The convenience to vaporettos and the people mover was very convenient. We were a group of 5 and I reserved a private van from the airport with Sun Transfers for 55 euros. The driver was waiting for us with a sign and dropped us as close to the hotel as he could get.
  16. Interested in the Emerald mini suites also. Which side is better to avoid noise from beneath? Thanks
  17. We sailed on Infinity on 6/30. Our scheduled sail away was 5pm. Around that time, an announcement was made we would be delayed until 8pm due to marine traffic in the lagoon. The delay did not effect our arrival in Split the next day, it did make a beautiful sail away at dusk.
  18. It only says a 24 hour one day pass and nothing about the hours. As a heads up, we stayed nearby at Hotel Olympia and stored our bags that morning. We explored some more, retrieved our bags and headed to the People Mover around 12:30. If nearby, get your People Mover vouchers early in the morning. It was a zoo with hoards of people and luggage. We were there during the recent heat wave and that first day were so hot and tired by the time we got on the ship, we stayed on the rest of the day. We did go off the next morning and got both ways people mover vouchers early which made it much easier when we went back as it was very crowded again to get tickets. We were scheduled to leave port at 5, muster was 3:45. An announcement was made at 5 that due to marine traffic, we would not be leaving until 8. Other ships left starting at 6. The later hour did make for a beautiful sail away past St Marks.
  19. I checked my daily- it says they were providing tender service with a daily pass, price was $20 for the day. We skipped St Marks that night as we had been in Venice a few days and knew there was a huge concert that night we had seen the stage set up for.
  20. We did the same thing on the Infinity 2 weeks ago. Muster was the second day an hour before leaving so you should be good to tour the first day as late as you want. Enjoy Venice and I hope you have cooler weather then we did.
  21. I had asked this question as a reply to an older postnut am trying again. Does anyone have a link to current menus? We have not cruised Princess in a few years as have been on Celebrity for several cruises. We are looking at the Caribbean this winter and DH and DD are bored with Celebrity menus and requesting a change. Thanks
  22. Are these menus currently on all the ships? We have not cruised Princess since 2013 and I am looking for a post with current menus. My DH and DD are bored with Celebrity menus and want a change for our next cruise. I know these were originally posted last summer as only on Ruby.
  23. We would only need a bed for DD so maybe the single couch would work. Thanks for the picture, it does help in the decision making. We usually book a quad on the slant and she takes the upper pulldown so we don’t have the space issue.
  24. I asked 2 weeks ago on Infinity and was told $2 extra. That was in the lounge. Meant to go to Sunset or Martini Bar and ask but never did. So, it appears to vary.
  25. Can anyone tell me how the beds work in a corner family veranda M class? It shows as 2 squares and I see in photos there are 2 sofas in that area. If one is needed as a bed, which one and when made up as a bed, how accessible is the balcony?
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