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  1. I doubt that the selected date & time will be submitted to the ship... you better confirm once on board. We booked a Cirque Du Soleil show on Meraviglia (Baltic Sea , Sept 2019) and a “auto-generated” date for the show was in the confirmation eMail. We mentioned the show reservation to the Yacht Club Concierge, he checked the date and told us that no Cirque Du Soleil show was scheduled for this night. The Concierge called the Cirque Du Soleil reservation desk and arranged a new date & time for the show. It would be convenient if passengers can select date & time but as per today I don’t trust the website/software.
  2. We book on MSC USA website and the excursions show up to different times depending on itinerary. Excursions on Med cruises are usually available very early , 6-9 months ahead of cruise. Excursions on Baltic Sea cruises were available 5 months ahead of cruise. Excursions on Grand Voyage (March 2020) are created as I type this answer... some ports of calls are showing up, some don’t. We book ahead to save the 20% discount and to secure spots. Excursions have definitely nothing to do with the date if final payment. We have booked excursions far ahead of final payment and some after final payment.
  3. Yes and No. Yes, the Cirque Du Soleil shows can only be booked with one of the two packages (‘dinner & show’ or ‘cocktail & show’). No, MSC does not assign date and time. You select date and time of the show according to the show schedule while on board.
  4. The Service Charge in the Yacht Club is not different than other Experiences. Depending on the itinerary of the cruise the Service Charge is for Adults: Caribbean - $14 per person / per night Europe - 12.50 Euro per person / per night Link to MSC USA website for detailed info https://m.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Mobile/Manage-Your-Booking/General-Information.aspx
  5. Cirque Du Soleil at Sea had two shows on MSC Meraviglia in September 2019. SONOR and VIAGGIO played on different days with one day off during the 7-night cruise. We went to a CDS show on a “sea day”.
  6. Example: MSC Meraviglia -Baltic Sea - Sept. 2019 YC Restaurant 7:00 - 9:30 YC Pool Buffet 8:00 - 10:30 Days at Sea YC Restaurant 7:30 - 10:00 YC Pool Buffet 8:00 - 10:30
  7. I have not seen Bella and Fantastica cabins with whirlpool on balcony. Aurea Suites & Duplex cabins and Yacht Club Royal Suites have whirlpool on balcony. The symbol is “3 waves” on deck plan indicating “whirlpool”. I am referring to Bellissima , Seaview and Meraviglia deck plans.
  8. I agree, 4GB shared with DW was not even enough for a 7-night cruise. Unfortunately MSC didn’t offer Unlimited Internet on their USA website for our Baltic Sea cruise. I learned later that the Unlimited Internet package is limited to 1 device but we were online quite a lot at the same time with 2 devices, especially on days at sea. I have not used FaceTime but highly doubt that the speed supports video and audio in real time.
  9. You log into the MSC hotspot (https://login.mscwifi.com/hotspotlogin.php ) using the browser on your laptop or mobile device. The usage is displayed on the log-in screen. While still connected you can go back to the log-in screen , refresh and check the usage. We used 4GB with 2 devices and purchased additional 2GB during 7-night cruise on Meraviglia.
  10. The proof is in the pudding... XL robes it is. MSC is now officially Americanized. I knew it ! 😂
  11. We had early dinner in the YC from 6:30pm to 8:15, went to a show in the Broadway Theatre from 8:45pm to 9:30pm and met our YC butler at 9:50pm in the YC lounge. He escorted us to the Carousel Lounge for entrance to the Cirque Du Soleil show at 10:00pm (show started at 10:30pm). This was on a Baltic Sea cruise on MSC Meraviglia in September 2019.
  12. I can not answer your question but recommend to have dinner in the YC restaurant and book the Cirque Du Soleil “Cocktail & Show” tickets. The seats are closer to the stage and in my opinion better seats compared to the tables in the back of the theatre. We went to two Cirque Du Soleil performances on Bellissima and to three performances on Meraviglia with “Cocktail & Show” packages and fantastic seats , after we had dinner in the YC restaurant.
  13. You schedule the date and time at the reception of Aurea Spa on deck 8 after you have received your cruise card. I always bring a copy/screenshot of the pre-paid services but they check your account using the cruise card. Easy process, takes only a minute or two. We usually book while exploring the ship and waiting for our luggage being delivered to the cabin.
  14. just my 2 cents... I would consult my physician and ask him if it is o.k. to travel after the surgery. Weather conditions , pollution and seasonal local allergies may worsen the condition. When it comes to distilled water there are alternatives, such as boiled and cooled tap water, are recommended by the FDA. Link: https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/rinsing-your-sinuses-neti-pots-safe Sterile solution (for contact lenses) can be used as well, ask your doctor for other alternatives to distilled water. I would never blame it on the airline, hotel, cruise line or rental car company. It is my health and I am responsible to be prepared while traveling. I hope your husband gets well soon and you both enjoy your cruise.
  15. Thank you for the correction of my answer. I must have read the “session” the wrong way. Why is it not called “access” or “entrance” to the Thermal Spa ? “Session” for me is like a massage or treatment. 1 hour Thermal Spa “session” is worthless in my opinion. How will they enforce the 1 hour ? Will somebody come into the Spa and pull the guest out of the sauna ? So, no napping in the relaxation room , I guess...
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