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  1. After so much uncertainty, delighted you're on board and away. Especially delighted that you've the choco nuts to accompany you on your trip 😆
  2. We've mainly received caps, pens or note books. I really wanted the tote bag as they looked useful. Sadly never received until @Beamafarkindly shared 2 of hers on our Meraviglia sailing with her. Unsurprising, the official VC gift received on that trip was then the tote bag 😂
  3. We sailed from Hamburg on Orchestra a couple of years ago, we departed from Altona. Preziosa was also sailing from Hamburg at the time but was using Steinwerder. We had a few days in Hamburg post cruise, a quiet city but very pretty.
  4. Free wifi isn't really adequate compensation for being ejected from YC 🙄
  5. You'll be charged the full price of the drink ordered, not the difference between it and your $9 drink package.
  6. You have to leave the ship as it's a customs and immigration requirement for the ship to have a zero passenger count before new passengers embark. There are choices for passengers on a B2B. Leave the ship as you would in any other port, go off on an excursion or enjoy a day trip of your own, clearing customs on your return. Alternatively, passengers meet at a prearranged area on the ship, temporarily leave as a group to clear customs and immigration and return to the ship. We did the latter and whilst it takes a while is less onerous in reality than it sounds.
  7. We've sailed on ships with YC, both within YC and outside of YC and we've sailed on non YC ships. We've found the food and service to be excellent in both scenarios when not in YC. A ship having YC hasn't impacted on the service we've received when not being in YC. If you're not in YC it's irrelevant to your sailing and hasn't had any impact on our experience.
  8. The EU may be making more changes to the travel rules for US passengers according to this news report. https://tamarathiessen.com/europe-new-travel-restrictions-us-america/
  9. I'm not sure if this is officially substantiated any where else but US passengers may have the same issue if the EU prohibits travel. https://tamarathiessen.com/europe-new-travel-restrictions-us-america/
  10. Ordinarily it's every 3 years to retain your status but due to Covid an extra year has been added. So you'll have until March 2023 to cruise again without losing it. The VC section on the website should confirm if you log into it.
  11. The Aurea sundeck isn't adults only, however, all that is there are sun loungers and a whirl pool so unless your kids like to sit and sunbathe there's little attraction. Lovely for you if you do get them into the kids club though.
  12. I was trying to look this up at the weekend, I can see all of my points and status but couldn't find the expiry date - is it no longer in that same page? If our last sailing was March 2020 do we have an extension until March 2024 now instead of March 2023?
  13. Plenty of storage under the bed on every ship we've sailed. We had 3 full size suitcases and 2 cabin bags under ours on our Meraviglia sailing.
  14. Yes, it's a US Immigration requirement. Regardless of if you've a 14 night booking or two 7 night bookings you'll still need to leave and proceed through Immigration. You can either go off the ship for the day and do it on your return or in our case we met in a lounge, walked off and back in through the Immigration check point. It's a simple enough operation, although length of time depends on how quickly the disembarking passengers leave. The ship has to have a zero passenger count.
  15. Looks stunning and hopefully you'll be onboard to enjoy in October 😍
  16. Both passengers in the cabin must have the same level of package.
  17. We had fights cancelled due to weather and an airport closure, we were due to embark in dubai but embarked a day late in Abu Dhabi. We'd communicated with MSC and had no issue embarking a day late. If at all possible I'd try to plan embarking on the correct day, the journey was a very stressful one!
  18. It seems quite ridiculous to prevent the ship from docking, considering the protocols in place. On Saturday we took the ferry from Belfast to Stranraer, no tests required and proceeded to drive freely through Scotland to England. Surely that's more of a risk than confirmed negative passengers on Virtuosa, who would be on escorted trips 🤔
  19. It seems quite ridiculous to prevent you from docking, considering the protocols in place. On Saturday we took the ferry from Belfast to Stranraer, no tests required and proceeded to drive freely through Scotland to England.
  20. Our first cruise as a couple was a Costa sailing some 8 years ago, which we did enjoy and gave DH the cruising bug. However, we did find a number of things about the experience frustrating, I can't recall all in detail but the absolute chaos onboard, unorganised holiday camp feel, and we didn't ever get a sun lounger, are some that I do. We discussed the pros and cons with a friend who recommended MSC. We booked a sailing the following year, which eradicated the things we had not enjoyed and enhanced the things we did. We are well into double figures sailing with MSC now. I will caveat our Costa experience with several things though, it was a July 7 night sailing in the Mediterranean. We knew nothing about cruising, and I'd not discovered the helpful insights of CC. Timing of a cruise is key for us. We did a 14 night from Florida with MSC one July, had it not been a special trip, and we were YC, the experience would've disueded me cruising was for us. Although it was the exact same ship as our first sailing previously, a summer sailing from Miami was an unpleasant experience unless you are used to full scale busy family holidays. The passenger demographic is vastly different depending on the season. We vowed never to sail from Miami ever again but accidentally found ourselves on a 7 night Seaside sailing one November, and it was a vastly different experience. Had our first Costa cruise been out of season, we may have had a different experience and a more favourable opinion. Equally, we may not have had such a good experience with MSC if our first sailing had been the 7 night Med trip. With our Costa sailing, the places we visited were memorable, the ship, staff and onboard experience were less so. The ships, the crew and the whole experience of each MSC cruise has been.
  21. Thanks Petra, looking forward to reading more about your latest cruise adventures 😀
  22. Yes, in YC you get individual containers of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion. Coincidentally, sorting out dresser drawers today and found absolutely loads of them. Non YC cabins have 2 dispensers in the shower, body wash and shampoo.
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