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  1. phoenix airport is currently offering testing on-site for $250 each...no insurance accepted....seems a little costly to me!!!
  2. We were one of the first in the cancellation que when covid started...we waited 6 months to get all of our $13k back...after 59 days we started the process to dispute the charges with Visa...it was done in 4 chunks. Cruise fare, excursions, EZAir, and deposit. Visa ended up refunding our cruise fare and EZAir, and Princess refunded our excursions and deposit. Originally we disputed everything, but in the middle of the dispute Princess refunded the excursions and deposit, so we just called Visa and they modified our claim. We gave not been banded from Princess, nor have any of our friends who followed the same credit card dispute process. FYI...credit cards disputes require documentation!
  3. The problem I see is that instead of a consistent uniform policy on how things were handled (refunds, FFC, FCD, etc) it was a hodge-podge. Depending on who you talked to on what day in what office, made quite a difference on how and when people got their money back...it still is not consistent——I speak from a personal experience just last week! Finally got it straightened out, but it took 2 calls and 3 different departments to get it done.
  4. absolutely book it-then you have the option of other places also...think of it as an excursion-worth the money!
  5. Princess has a “comfy” feel...definitely not “stuffy”...we did Alaska on HAL the summer before shut-down and it was too “stiff” for me...due to that one experience, we wont be booking them anytime soon!
  6. I had $2800 in excursion refunds and Princess refunded it in 3 days...it was my bank that didn’t put it back to my account for another week after that!
  7. We had this one on a transatlantic....you can not see around the corner to the side...the wake view is fabulous - especially when leaving port! We like to see where we are going, so prefer a side balcony...everyone likes different views, so it is a personal preference...being back in the corner - it is really quiet!
  8. Just priced out a Japan cruise with Celebrity and Princess for all inclusive rates since I lost my elite internet minutes...going with Celebrity....Princess just lost my loyalty. Price is only $125 more, but between the loss of internet and the fact that the medallion app is a nightmare, my patience with Princess is done-done-done!
  9. IMO - Princess did the same market research on changing tier level benefits as they did on the medallion app...they know that to stay relevant in today’s market change is necessary, unfortunately they have missed the mark on what aspects of cruising needs to be changed!
  10. Go to EZAir flights and check to see if the pre-filled flight info has your designated city correct, if it is not where you want to fly out of and back into, call Princess....they are the ones that have to change it. If you just change the cities yourself, that isn’t considered to be your home airport. Makes no sense, but we learned the “hard” $$$$ way!
  11. PS...if you change it, you get to pay...have your travel agent or a PVP change it for each cruise. Waiting on the phone for 15 minutes is well worth your time!
  12. FYI...make sure you get your home airport changed...otherwise if you need to use your Princess insurance ICE you will ONLY get booked back to your home airport. If you try to change, it will cost you big time...we speak from experience. Had to leave the ship due to medical emergency in Buenos Aires...that was a $2400 mistake we won’t make again because our home airport was wrong!
  13. We have been on the Crown...she is fine, but shows her age...is the Grand pretty much in the same boat?
  14. My $250 was credited to my OBC last night...way quicker than snail mail! Thx so much for the email address!
  15. you can call now and they will apply your shareholder credit to his excursion balance
  16. Does anyone have the email address to send the stockholder form to get OBC posted to my upcoming cruise? THX so much!
  17. the phone had apps that were open (thought they were closed)
  18. Yes-data can be scanned in your pocket...it happened to my husband and the exact time was verified by our CC company, as well as the location
  19. used snail mail and it was posted within a week
  20. App still crashes when I try to open it on my Iphone and Ipad...not going to spend $1500 to buy the latest version of either just so I can sail on Princess...I am ready to find a new cruise line ASAP!!!
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