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  1. We walked off early with our own bags- no problems there... we also have TSA pre check and there was also absolutely no wait... we’ve traveled enough to know that you plan for the best scenario and be ready to adjust. Enjoy your trip!
  2. We did the transatlantic on the Crown arriving back on Oct 8...there was a Coast Guard inspection going on, it was raining, the lines backed up inside before customs (even with global entry), and outside trying to get transportation to the airport-then there was construction on the freeway to the airport...long frustrating mess with several couples in our group missing their 11:30 flight. Having been through that scenario in Ft Lauderdale once before, I booked the 2 pm flight and we were back home in PHX in time to see our gorgeous sunset! Good luck if you choose to take an early flight!
  3. Does anyone know when the complete schedule of summer and fall 2021 will be released?
  4. Will fall 2021 Asia cruises be released anytime soon?
  5. just got off crown transatlantic—had a 2:30 flight out of miami....between the immigration lines, bags being unloaded in the wrong area, one hour wait on other passengers with a transfer, tsa lines, and traffic tied up because of rain and road construction, we barely made it. (we disembarked a few minutes after 8 am)....several others in our group missed their flights....decide what is best for you but don't complain like most of our group did when things didn't work out!
  6. Boticelli -aft deck 6 is the traditional dining room
  7. just got off the crown...anytime is in DaVinci and/or Michaelangelo...your choice of dining rooms...club class is a section of DaVinci on deck 6 midship
  8. This happened to us on the Majestic inaugural...another 4 day added to the beginning (at a great price BTW) , and it was a great Med itinerary, but there was nothing “special”...😜
  9. We have done both....no contest...NORWAY, NORWAY, NORWAY !
  10. Since the Crown is now a medallion ship and they have taken away the mailboxes outside the staterooms, is there anywhere near the door to leave a note for the occupants (we’re not taking our phones on the ship so communicating through medallion is not an option)....thx!
  11. small flat bottom rubber raft that holds 8 people and has a high speed motor...goes very fast through the small inlets of the fjords for a very up close experience that stops at a few tiny villages with magnificent scenery!
  12. Thanks for all the info...I just changed our dining to Anytime...fingers crossed, but sounds like the solution to the late port extensive itinerary!
  13. We have taken many Princess cruises but have always had set dining times. We are sailing on the Crown next month and find that the numerous late port departures and 5 pm dining time not to our liking. How does anytime dining actually work? How long is the wait if we don’t have a reservation? We like meeting others-can we request to be seated with several others? Can we choose different times each night by just showing up?
  14. American let me pick my EZ air economy to Europe when we chose our flights...3 months before the 45 day purchase from Princess...
  15. Can casino poker chips be charged to my on-board account? Also, how are winnings paid...cash or as on-board credit?
  16. ok-expect everything and be surprised by nothing...still mulling the seasick meds because they need to be taken BEFORE the waves get rough...unfortunately the side effects really want to make me try it without!
  17. We are going on the British Isles cruise in mid-September. Can anyone tell me how rough the seas usually are at that time of year. Starting in Dublin and going to Belfast, Invergorden, Edinburgh, Brussels, Le Havre, and South Hampton. I wanted to try cruising without seasick meds, and wondering if this is the cruise to try....or not?
  18. do you know which seated dining room is open for breakfast on port days?
  19. Can anyone tell me which dining room is open for seated breakfast on port days on the Crown? Thanks!
  20. We actually were in Berlin for 2 weeks prior to our cruise and just arranged for a Princess transfer to the ship from the airport ( it is a one hour + drive to the pier)...do it on-line yourself and enter it under the independent air arrangements...order a taxi from your hotel front desk to the airport...the Princess transfer people meet in the center section by all the shops and restaurants...its easy and straight-forward
  21. If you are so upset about people playing games on tables, maybe asking Princess to reinstate game rooms on their ships would be more beneficial than just whining about others...jusr saying ...
  22. book the rib boat- very expensive but worth every penny!!!
  23. We cancelled our Princess excursion for the Crown in September 2 days ago on line and received a full refund back to our credit card yesterday....easy...just like they stated in the cancellation policy....24 hours....thx Princess!
  24. It’s great that you found a cruise line that you like! Everyone has different tastes and that is why we tried HAL last summer - unfortunately that will be our last with them. I think they have great itineraries, but found their entertainment and ship activities to be very lacking. I, too, am a foodie, but after sending back 2 meals in 4 days (I have never done that before) we tried the buffet for dinner and found the quality to be the same. I would also agree that the quality of food on Princess has declined, but for us it was better than HAL. Food is so subjective, but the chef on the ship has more influence on taste and quality than the cruise line itself. If cruise lines gave as much attention to improving the quality (not quantity) of their food as they give to badgering their customers into upsells once they are on the ship, their passengers would be grateful!
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