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  1. It was getting later before the shutdown as well. We were on the last Oasis sailing in March 2020 and MTD didn't start until 6:30 or 6:45 if I recall correctly. I think all Oasis class ships were starting to move MTD to a later start then, not sure of the others.
  2. Sea Dog, meet Royal IT. Royal IT...Sea Dog...nuff said!!🙂🤣 Not on Explorer until Dec. 2022, but happy to see it getting back into service for everyone in Nov.
  3. Explorer is showing in the app for me now! Version 1.29.1
  4. Thanks Jessy. I enjoyed following along. Can you comment please on the PCR testing by Royal on board for your return back to Canada? You are home, so assumed it went smoothly. Thanks.
  5. Didn't realize check in wasn't opened yet...thought it was just the time that was missing. 👍
  6. I am on Anthem in Dec and check in just opened today...90 days out. I was able to check in no problem as well as pick a time. I used the app.
  7. There's our Mr. Positive!!! Not so difficult😉🙂
  8. Looks like they are done working on the fun? Our Dec. 12 cruise now opens in the app and no longer says “working on the fun”. I hope that is a good sign.
  9. Thanks for taking us along Jessy. It shows ($) for both iFly and Northstar in the Compass. Sorry if I missed this elsewhere, but how much are they charging for this? We are on Anthem in December, so I am assuming they will now be doing this on her too?
  10. We are on the Dec. 12 Anthem sailing and it says same as you with working on the fun. Not sure which one you are on, but I was wondering if ours isn't showing as is 12 nights and maybe that gets chopped or something if CSO gets extended? Our March Symphony cruise shows up with everything. Technically, I have completed the e-muster and just need to visit the assembly station.😜
  11. Maybe they pilfered the screen off Empress before selling her...times are tough?🤣 ...Did Empress have a screen?
  12. We did not want AZ as well even though it was plentiful in the beginning. Got Pfizer as 1st dose and waited to get Pfizer for 2nd as there started to be rumblings of issues of mixed doses and travelling. In addition, I personally just wanted the same for both doses, so would have waited regardless. We are in Ontario too and did just that…walked out of 3 spots until we could secure Pfizer.
  13. Am I missing something…if they are to follow CDC, the link @dswallow posted states this: ”However, individuals who receive the second dose up to 4 days before or at any time after the recommended date can be considered fully vaccinated.” So I read this as if you received your second dose ANY TIME after 21 days (Pfizer) & 28 days (Moderna), then you are good to go…at least if both doses are same vaccine.
  14. Our March 12 SY is showing too. Can't wait! Thought I was doing good with 3 cruises booked....got some catching up to do to 23.
  15. We just booked Explorer for Dec. 2022 and can book stuff now on the cruise planner.
  16. Anthem shows for me in both Nov. & Dec. Didn’t look at Oct.
  17. We were on the last Oasis cruise in March 2020 and he was on then. I think he was on there since it came back to the US after being amplified.
  18. Not sure if this was touched on in one of the other threads, but any mention of the bracelets for contact tracing on the Bahamas cruises?
  19. I agree. No different than “NO shoes, NO shirt, NO service”
  20. I agree it is a bold statement. If it is not news on the restart plan, then there will be no cruising in 2021. I can’t believe any other news from the cruise lines would be more exciting than the restart of cruises.
  21. Anthem to PC for the winter. No sailings from NJ at all this year. Load up ships in FL.
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