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  1. Not a dumb question at all. It has a light coating of BBQ sauce. The andouie sausage and potatoes are amazing.
  2. What ports? I love the Vista, and I would take a 6 day over a 5 day unless the ports were much better on the 5 day.
  3. Unfortunately not. They are supposed to add one when the ship is in the next drydock. The spa manager said it is the most requested spa amenity peopleask for. Some people cancel their week long pass when they see how small the area is and that there is no wayer.
  4. The BBQ salmon is outstanding. One of the Emeril selections.
  5. I agree with you about the BBQ salmon. It was probably the best meal I had on the ship. James is so much fun as a CD. Sorry you missed HMC, we were lucky in January to stop there. I enjoyed your review, thank you.
  6. Absolutely. I saved over six hundred dollars paying off my last cruise with gift cards.
  7. All you have to do is ask in the restaurant for a paper menu and they will give you one.
  8. I was booked in 5208 on the Horizon and it was fantastic. Loved the square layout and I walked out of my cabin and and the outdoor area was right there. I never heard a peep from the havana bands playing. I would book it again in a minute.
  9. Loved the Havana area on the Horizon.
  10. Best steak I had on the Edge. The wings and train wreck fries were tasty too.
  11. No, I got the email and watched the webinar. I am in the US.
  12. I submitted all of my 2024 cruises in September.
  13. Unfortunately, they have changed the design. The new ones don't seem to hold as much as the old ones. Not fond of the new design.
  14. You can't make a bad choice out of those. I love the Mardi Gras for kids. So much to do and eat. We are booked in July. For a solo cruise, the Vista is my favorite followed by the Horizon. Magic is my least favorite. I am a mega ship fan.
  15. Absolutely, I buy a $500 from AARP and immediately put it towards my balance. Saved $600 so far on the family vacation.
  16. I would maybe consider the umbrella if they set it up. No way if I have to drag it down the beach and set it up myself.
  17. I feel slighted, I only got 9 emails.
  18. I did the VIP the Solstice in September. Worth every penny. Free drinks and the lunch was outstanding. We were pampered all day. They only take 14 people and we had a private guide. The soft, comfortable chairs were outstanding. We have also don the round trip and it was wonderful. The VIP is over the top, worth it.
  19. The umbrellas are not the clam shells, they are umbrellas you pick up and take to wherever you want.
  20. I booked a solo stateroom on the POA yesterday. There are solo cabin in inside, oceanview, and balcony. All have access to the solo lounge. I got a good deal and was offered the deal on airfare.
  21. I am booked on the POA in 2025. I am going onto the ship with the attitude of it being a floating hotel. No expectations. I am happy to see multiple islands. A day at sea is better than a day at work.
  22. I got some great deals on NCL and Celebrity for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. At least 45% off drink packages and excursions. I have two Carnival cruises booked next year, and I was really hoping to get some sales on those also.But there is nothing. Even the base price is higher than what I paid.
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