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  1. Well said. The wife and I REALLY want to go on a cruise right now but we feel this way and will hold off until after the holidays.
  2. I'm sorry but why are you risking a 27 person cruise on your grandkids? I am consistently flabbergasted by posts on here of people planning family vacations with kids, grandparents, large groups, only to be surprised when the process on XYZ cruise line is perhaps not user friendly, not clearly laid out, or just flat out dumb. As I said above, who wants to go on a cruise when kids clubs are closed. Geez, just wait a few months or find a line that is open (Thankfully they figured out RCL could accommodate them) I dunno, while it's not common, I am weekly reading posts from someone who has such and such problem with testing, booking, itineraries, the cruise itself. The wife and I are just not cruising right now because that doesn't sound like fun to us. Sure, cruises have been going fine, but I'd rather wait it out. I work in IT and I never use new software right out of the gate. You let the early adopters work out the problems. I feel the same for cruising right now. I can wait. It sucks, but I can wait.
  3. Yeah, the kids clubs being closed would be a deal breaker for me. Why even go on a cruise with kids then? Granted some of the ships have water areas etc but in four weeks it's going to be even colder. Sorry this happened OP but perhaps a Disney cruise?
  4. We sailed out of Barcelona. It was a great cruise. Your time frame should be good. The earlier the better. A great number of European families travel in August. You will have a great time. Just be ready to answer to your daughter why the female children do not wear tops when in the pool. It's very common and she may ask about it. But yeah, there should be tons of kids on the ship. I think Americans were the #2 nationality on my cruise behind folks from the UK. Just watch out for pick-pockets in the ports at both Barcelona and many European cities. The gypsies can be very aggressive.
  5. Was at the waterfront yesterday eating at Miguels and had a great view of the three ships in port. Disney, Holland America and Princess. Odd that Holland was not at the dock and just doing slow circles all day. I had never seen that before. A lady who sat next to us in full Disney regalia was hoping to get a last minute cancellation booking. Lots of people on the waterfront yesterday with temps approaching 90.
  6. wow, hundreds! I think the most I've ever seen was 75 or 80's maybe.
  7. We're on the west coast (San Diego) and were regularly taking the three and four day Carnival cruises from Long Beach to the point we were going once a month. Decided to buy CCL stock when all the cruise stocks plummeted. Carnival was supposed to have a ship in San Diego for a year "trial" but the pandemic nixed that. There is an NCL ship in San Pedro but we loved the easy convenience of the Carnival three and four day cruises.
  8. Yeah, not sure how I feel about Carnival right now. They're like that hot girlfriend you want to spend time with but when you do, you're let down because she wasn't all that great. I dunno, perhaps it's the poopy pants Covid tiresomeness coming out in me. I was bummed when they retired Inspiration and Imagination from LB and San Diego was supposed to get a ship for a couple years. Sure sure, covid probably spurred lots of changes. I am just tired of it all and cruising was one thing my wife and I could always look forward to. Now, its masks and testing and blah blah blah. Just bummed.
  9. I miss the Indian buffet that was at the rear of the ship (some ships). Always great tasting. The seafood shack has been a disappointment for me.
  10. I sailed Pano pre-pandemic and even then, I didn't think the buffet was all that great. Admittedly, I usually eat Guys for lunch and the wife enjoys the mongolian wok. Funny, I commented a few weeks ago that the buffet on RCLs Anthem of the Seas looked amazing. Someone on here stated that they thought Carnival had the best lunch options of all the lines. Hilarious. The Anthem buffet can be seen here at the 3:53 mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc7PkTueIRo&t=319s&ab_channel=CruiseWithBenandDavid
  11. We haven't been there (LB terminal) since Pano's inaugural. At the time, the parking guys said the expansion of the parking lot was to happen any time now. Guess that has not happened.
  12. While this post is over a week old, I was thinking about this the other day. I was watching the cruise vloggers video from the other day where they stated that they would not be cruising CCL for the foreseeable future. They maintained that they did not think Carnival was taking suitable precautions on the Mardi Gras in order to ensure passengers health and wellbeing. I agree with those here and these bloggers that I would wish CCL would work to lower passenger count. But they are a for-profit and as a stock holder, i can see the other side. We will just choose to not cruise until things settle down. Jelly to those who do cruise though. We miss it!
  13. Probably more a guilty pleasure for most people. We rarely buy it when at home.
  14. With the exception of a couple options on the Pano, Carnivals food is a joke. The Pano buffet was barely anything to write home about. Okay, what...a burger place, some bad mexican food. Same MDR menu for ages. I wasn't hard to see Royals options on Anthem blows away anything Carnival offers. Oh wait, you can get a tired lobster roll for $20+ as well on Carnival. I am sure Emril's tired cajun cuisine and Shaqs chicken will both be hits with the fat masses.
  15. I don't know if the Panorama would be considered a "big" ship. Was on it and it felt the opposite...cramped. We've never had that issue with other ships, Carnival or otherwise. I did see Ben and David's video on the Anthem of the Seas and just the buffet alone looks amazing.
  16. CA resident and San Diego native. Nope, there will be no more lockdowns. The state governor is facing a recall and he will not dare do that again. He's said as much. Right now there are throwing thousands of dollars at getting people vaxd. Litterally throwing money at them. I heard yesterday that shop owners could give out coupons for getting vax'd. They get $200 and the vax'd person gets $50.
  17. In this video of the Oasis of the Seas, you can see what looks to be a single Concept2 rower. It comes into frame at around :29 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC6XUtqSMi4 In this video of Anthem, you can see a Concept2 rower at the 2:42 mark but it looks like an older model... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc1B0omI-A0 Regarding linking to your performance monitor...like a Strava unit? Not sure if the models on board, if they are older, would support it.
  18. The parking "woes" have increased since the addition of the Panorama. Previously it was just two smaller class Fantasy ships and parking was never a problem. Granted those two ships are gone but now the larger Miracle will be there in addition to the Pano. If the lot is full, the attendants will direct you to an offsite parking lot in downtown LB and there a shuttle will bring you back and forth. But yeah, good question about the parking expansion. It was supposed to happen years ago.
  19. Yes! The wife and I enjoyed taking the Inspiration and Imagination from Long Beach every month or so for their 3 or 4 day cruises. These were older Fantasy class ships and you're right, after dinner the casino bar on those ships were always packed. They generally had the house band playing right there as well.
  20. Yeah, the removal of the bar seems to be universally panned. I can't believe a bar did worse money making-wise than a few slot machines.
  21. "Passengers told Insider that they cruise to disconnect and get off of their phones. For some, it was frustrating to have to rely on an app for their vacation." This is what bums me the most. I am COMPLETELY absent minded and would probably lose my head if it weren't attached to my body. Add in Cheers and I can fully anticipate leaving my phone on the pool deck, at the buffet, at the gym. I dunno, maybe I would do better with a small tablet or something. I am in IT and I cruise to get AWAY from technology! But not a bad article. You really don't see positive cruising articles from the mainstream media.
  22. Right. My wife and I enjoy latte's with vodka or rum in them.
  23. I guess there are still things to do for the kiddos but I saw a youtube review of a recent sailing and they stated the kids club is closed. Not sure if that is still the case but I would want that open before I take my kids on a cruise.
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