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  1. RP- we are currently on the Shadow & if there has been a reduction in staff, it’s minimal & not noticeable. They are as wonderful as always despite an uncertain future . Daniele is the CD.
  2. I can’t speak to the arrival at Maritima from hotels or airport but I can tell you a bit about check in. We boarded last week & went by water taxis provided by Silversea from the island hotel. I did see passengers arriving by van/car however. The procedure was to get the antigen test after giving your identification, cabin # etc, proceeding to the waiting area after the swab for the 20’ish minutes for the results, then to the usual check-in, then sitting in another waiting area for the bus transfer to Furisma. The ride was about 30 minutes through a dismal industrial area to the pier adjacent to the ferry loading pier. Then there was a quick screening by Italian customs with hand baggage run through the X-ray & finally a 5minute walk to the ship…voila. What a relief to finally be back. Happy sailing.
  3. Yes, EWB, I completed ours & needed liquid medication by the time I completed it. The arrival information & pre-selected airports, etc. were indeed confusing. It finally accepted my form & gave me a QR code. I figured if I messed it up, I would apologize & see if it can be fixed. Or, if like so many other forms, no one ever looks at them.
  4. Looks like they did just that. I hope our promised same day test on Sat. will indeed be same day https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/2021/08/31/italy-travel-country-tightens-entry-requirements-us-tourists/5667008001/
  5. Here is the website I referenced. I have no idea if it's reputable but it's worth following up for those of us who will be traveling soon. https://www.thelocal.it/20210828/explained-is-italy-likely-to-place-new-restrictions-on-travel-from-the-us-in-september/
  6. I have been unable to find any information on changes in entry requirements for Italy. It was rumored that they would require a negative test in addition to the vaccine proof. There was one reference on a website that I'm not familiar with. We've made an appt. for a same day results PCR test on Sat. morning just in case. Silversea is unable to respond to our TA's questions but hopefully they'll be back in the loop tomorrow. Challenging times for all. Has anyone received any information?
  7. There is ALWAYS something. It's going to be very interesting to see how Silversea handles this - we are apparently pawns in this: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/eu-to-reimpose-entry-ban-on-travellers-from-us-5-other-third-countries-on-monday-sources-say/
  8. If anyone is a "can't get enough" Chihuly fan, once or twice a (normal) year, you can tour the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood about 50 miles north of Seattle. https://www.pilchuck.org/history
  9. Here is the information we received from Silversea last week regarding our Med. Grand Voyage: IN-TRANSIT GUESTS: To enable our teams to complete the suite cleaning and sanitisation processes, you will be required to leave your suite at 8am. You are invited to either enjoy breakfast or venture ashore —on one of our shore excursions or independently —while waiting to re-enter your suite. Silversea will provide a COVID-19 rapid antigen test for all in-transit guests, which will be performed shore-side, before starting the new voyage. Please note that this is a compulsory requirement from the EU Healthy Gateway Protocols pertaining all cruises operating in Europe.
  10. Here's the salient information from Silversea received last week... It's Italy & Portugal (not Spain) but so much can change in the interim. IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO YOUR VOYAGE: Exploration ashore: Guests wishing to go ashore will be able to experience each port either on Silversea's shore excursions or, in select ports, independently, at their leisure - all the while respecting local health and safety requirements, if applicable. Please be aware that guests venturing ashore in ports in Italy and/or Portugal will only be able to do so on Silversea's verified shore excursions. Due to regulations set out by the respective authorities, guests will not be permitted to go ashore independently in these destinations. All shore excursions will comply with Silversea's health and safety measures. To better prepare for your journey with us, please book your shore excursions through My Silversea before your voyage. You are reminded to carry your vaccination certification with you when exploring each destination, as you may be required to present proof of vaccination to access restaurants, transportation, and local attractions
  11. Hi Lois, I may have missed something.... did the gentleman die of something other than COVID? How sad, either way.
  12. Yes, we received the same communication a couple of weeks ago. I see that several excursions include "free time" so that seems a little questionable if the point is to keep the group together? You are so right about things being changed day by day. I just read another post about Montenegro now being on the UK Red Zone list so the Kotor call will probably be canceled. We'll just call this the Magical Mystery Cruise.
  13. We've stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn close to SeaTac when we've had early flights out. The 1/2 mile or so south on International Blvd. is fairly new & has a included happy hour w/ food on week-day evenings as well as included breakfast but we've not been since COVID so I don't know how they handle either breakfast or happy hour now. There are 2 Hampton Inns also - one is much newer but both have a fair amount of airport noise. Neither those nor the Residence Inn are as close as the Radisson or Coast but all have regular shuttles to the airport. There are all sorts of major chain hotels close-by.
  14. We were on a LAN flight from LA to Santiago & the swag bag had Bulgari products. By the time we landed, the entire front section of the plane smelled so strongly of THAT scent that I never want to smell it again.. A couple of years ago there was a salesperson in Costco giving away samples of Seamed shampoo. Other than that, I've never seen it anywhere around our area. We too, take our own unscented "stuff."
  15. At silversea.com -look at "Find a cruise" & only search for Moon....there are 118.
  16. Thanks...one less item to pack. I was afraid they might be a victim of cost cutting. Enjoy your cruise, Lois.
  17. Are they still putting the make-up remover pads in the bathroom daily?
  18. Sign us up - just let us know where & when - Ste. 624.
  19. Thanks so much for the information. We've been fortunate enough to stay in Lisbon a couple of times other than cruise ship stops & have enjoyed Cascais & Sintra as well as other points of interest in Lisbon & the surrounding area. It's a very interesting city & I wasn't unhappy when Silversea air informed us of the change in return flights. As of now, the post night "Simply Hotel" post cruise night they're booking hasn't been named but I'm sure it will be just fine. I'm wishing the very best for Bob & will look forward to reading that he is 100%. Thanks again for the tips. JP, take a look at La Perouse in Nice. It's definitely not a cookie cutter hotel & it's a little quirky since it's built into a hillside. Many rooms have gorgeous views of the crescent shaped beach. It's between the main beach area & the ship harbor. If you need transfers or a tour, I highly recommend Walter @ BluRiviera.
  20. Mary Ann, thank you so much for this wonderful information. We have been advised that we'll have a Lisbon overnight at the end of the Med. Grand Voyage & had no idea about this museum. THANKS
  21. Looks like we're in Rhodes on 7 Oct. The e-mail from Silversea this morning had a bit of surprise though with no independent exploring in Italy or Portugal. Maybe they'll change the rules before we arrive in either or both. Otherwise, the "rules" don't look too onerous. 3 weeks!
  22. I'm so sorry for the passengers who booked the Black Sea segment only & hard to fathom why Silversea hasn't contacted the UK travelers. But, the thought of being stuck in one of the Black Sea ports was not appealing so I'm delighted that Greek/Italian ports have been substituted. Also, very good news on being able to sail from Venice. 3 weeks & counting !
  23. Emtbsam...I am so very sorry to hear this. I was looking forward to meeting you. I hope that the healing process will go quickly & wish you both the very best. Life can be so unkind.
  24. Lois, please let me know where you decide to go for dinner & how you like it. Since you'll be in a different time zone, your idea of staying close to the Fairmont is probably a sound one. It's going to be hot again next week with probable smoke from the horrid fires east of the mts. I'm so happy you're in a lovely and AIR CONDITIONED hotel. Will the hotel car transfer you to the Muse? I hope you will have a fabulous cruise & will keep us posted on the Silversea board. With any luck, you will have Capt. Zanello to guide you. You might want to print out a map of Puget Sound through the Strait of Juan de Fuca since there are so many interesting landmarks along the way & so much natural beauty. Safe travels, Lois & all who are sailing out.
  25. Thanks so much for the update. You're so lucky to be cruising right now. Keep us posted & have a great time.
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