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  1. Thanks all! She will be relieved.
  2. So far, the numbers I posted in the Roll Call thread are holding up. About 38% occupancy so far.
  3. DW is concerned about whether or not they will allow her on the Getaway with her curling iron, based on the sentence below from the NCL Prohibited Items listing: 21. Items brought on board the vessel and not supplied by the Company containing any kind of heating element, such as but not limited to: immersion heaters, heating blankets, clothing irons, water heaters, coffee machines with heating/hot plates, etc. Has anyone else traveled with a conventional curling iron before? Any issues?
  4. Try the link below. It says it is from the Breakaway 16712, so it should be the same as the Getaway.
  5. Medication, jewelry, etc. should never be checked. I always keep it on my person.
  6. I love that they let you on earlier. More time for the money. Eat, drink and be happy!! :D:tropical-drink:
  7. The cheapest way to go is to not cruise. Leaves more room on the ships for the rest of us. :D
  8. DW and I bought ours at Wilsons Leather at our outlet center. A little pricier, but very well made and 100% real leather.
  9. When I was working with my NCL Cruise Consultant, they said our mini-suite normally had two twins, and he asked if we wanted a queen instead, which I did. I would call in advance and ask them to set it up as two beds for you.
  10. I like waffles. Some people do not. So, a breakfast coupon deal for free waflles would not be a good value for them, but it would be for me. I would still tip my waiter/waitress based on the total value of the meal, free items included.
  11. GA Dave

    Too Crowded?

    The day we dock in Cozumel, Cruise TT says there will be five ships with a total capacity of over 21,000 people in port. For anyone that has been to Cozumel, does that sound like the port/town will be really crowded? Is it really worth getting off the ship when there are this many people in port at the same time?
  12. Not sure where you live, but those prices are less than comparable food and drinks in our tourist area right here in Savannah! :')
  13. The pool is free with the traditional loungers/chairs. The cabanas are one price for your whole party, NOT per person. When reserving online, only choose it for one person in your group.
  14. Just the tip I read in a recent Getaway review about “Do NOT push the snowflake button on the A/C!!!” is worth my time in reading all the trip reports/reviews. :') Seriously, I read all I can to look for trends, important info, etc. If someone says “my steak was too raw”, that could mean to them that it had a think, pink line down the middle, whereas to me it would mean it is still mooing. Tastes, particularly with food, are too subjective. But, knowing not to push that dreaded snowflake button is technical information that will save my DW and I from sweating to death!
  15. I went with my parents to Universal when my Dad was in a chair. My Mom would push him up to the special area for handicap, but my family would wait in the regular line with everyone else. I have absolutely no issue at all with people that are disabled getting pre-board on aircraft, or first seats at theaters, or even front of the line at theme parks. BUT, I do take issue with their entourage of 15 or 20 people getting to go with them. Someone previously mentioned that it would not impact anyone’s customer service at all. BUT, if several hundred people pre-board an NCL cruise ship, what are my chances of getting Vibe tickets? Or, on an aircraft, overhead space? The OP was only talking about the true scammers. I do a lot of business travel. I have seen people get pre-board for a flight when they ask for persons with disabilities or “those needing extra time in boarding”, but then witnessed the same people sprinting through the terminals at ATL to catch a connection. Those are the people that make my blood boil.
  16. This issue is rampant at the Florida theme parks as well. It always infuriated me to see a single person get pushed to the front of the line in a wheelchair followed by their 15 or 20 family members. I have also actually witnessed people swap out who is riding in the wheelchair, with the person coming out walking just fine. Some people will abuse anything to take advantage.
  17. See below. 84 days, 21 hours. First cruise in 16 years!!!!
  18. We have a mini-suite with large balcony on deck 8 of the Getaway. I looked at our cabin number on Google images and every picture showed two loungers, two chairs, and a small table.
  19. Not so happy to hear about the bite thing. We have booked the Tabyana Beach Party there. Everything I have seen/read so far says it is a beautiful beach, but can get a bit crowded depending on the number of ships in port. Hopefully the bite thing was just a temporary problem (jelly fish?) that will be gone by September.
  20. Kind of related to this topic, does NCL not have an app yet like the airlines where you can just have it all on your phone? That would be so much more convenient. I never print boarding passes when I fly anymore, I just have them on my phone.
  21. My cruise consultant told me last night that they will be available (60) days before the cruise.
  22. Perfect! Thanks for this info. I had a severe mastoid infection when I was young, so motion sickness can hit me at times. The worst is spinning (like at the theme parks, i.e., Men In Black, etc.), but I know the ship cannot spin that fast! I have already bought the wrist bands hoping those are all I need, as I do not want to miss out on any of my UBP!! :cocktail:
  23. Last ship we were on was the Sea, about the same size as the Sun. Next cruise is on the Getaway, a substantially bigger ship. Is there anyone who has sailed on both the Sun and the Getaway? If so, do you think there is any difference in the motion of the two ships in normal seas? I have read articles that say the newer, bigger ships are more stable, but would like to hear it from someone who has actually experience it.
  24. Very interested in following your posts. My wife and I are just a bit older than you and your DW and we will be in a similar cabin on the starboard side of deck 8 (8726). Sounds great so far!! I really appreciate the tip about coffee and danish on the Waterfront. I too need to eat as soon as I wake and brush.
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