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  1. As of now, the schedule only shows a single BA+ ships in port at GSC in Jan. 2021 on any one day.
  2. Actually, based on the process they use, there is no added chlorine in the water on ships. There is probably more chlorine and chlorides in most city waters than there is on cruise ships.
  3. Here is a good chart to explain your point about Disney.
  4. Here is an example of one. The Haven prices are the light green line.
  5. If they ever tried to steal from our checked bag at the end of a trip, all they would get would be a bunch of dirty clothes in a compression bag! 🤣
  6. The water on the ship is as good if not better than any bottled water you can find. Just bring a bottle as mentioned above. There are plenty of places to fill it up.
  7. I am not disagreeing that they need to do something about the smoke in the casinos. I quit the habit over 30 years ago and the smell now gets me a little sick. I am just commenting how so many people seem surprised by the smoking in the casino. In my experience, all of the casinos I have ever been to allowed smoking. I would love to find some that do not allow it.
  8. I have a permanently damaged middle ear due to a massive infection and surgery when I was young. My first cruise, many years ago, I started to get sick as soon as we passed Seagate in Brooklyn. I went to the gift shop on the ship and asked if they had anything, as Dramamine had made me sicker in the past. They suggested Bonine, which I took and felt fine the rest of the trip. Now, whenever I know I am going on a boat/ship, I start taking a Bonine every (12) hours, starting (24) hours in advance, and I have absolutely no issues. Hope you have a smooth journey.
  9. I find all the comments about the smoke smell in the casino interesting. My wife and I have been to a bunch of casinos in the great plains area (i.e., KS, OK), and there is not a single casino I can remember that is smoke free. Do they even exist? We have not been to Las Vegas, so maybe there, but, I would think that everyone would know that casinos = smoke.
  10. The food still looks better than the airlines.
  11. This is what our disembarkation tags looked like from the Haven.
  12. Not anything negative about your post, as I know you just copied the info from NCL. BUT, on the facial and shave, what do they do if they finish in 15 minutes? Do it again until the time is up? And what could you possibly do to someone's face that would take 50 minutes? Other than plastic surgery. 🤣
  13. If it's okay for tailgating, it must be okay for a cruise.
  14. Our pool cabana on Harvest Caye was definitely worth the money. The service was excellent, had a nice picnic table to eat lunch at, was steps from the outer bar and restrooms, etc. Definitely better than sitting with the masses!
  15. As long as they do not run out of booze, you should be good. 🤣
  16. Stainless steel straws. Work great. Straws
  17. Yes, it is not looking too nice for the Meraviglia right now.
  18. And now the cruises along the Gulf and the southeast coast will scream for refunds too. TC 16
  19. She has company too. Based on the seas report, I would not want to be on either ship right now.
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