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  1. Unfortunately I do not. We were in the Haven and ate there or in the specialty restaurants.
  2. It would be awesome if CC could pin a topic to the top of each cruise line thread where people could post the latest dailies from each ship. I know I had mine from my last cruise and tried to upload them in my trip report, but it made them too hard for people to find.
  3. Screeners are virtually the same size as the ones at the airport. If it gets through the aircraft screening, you are fine.
  4. To add to Nita's post above, expectations/results are also dependent on direct comparison. If you normally cruise in a suite on RCL (i.e., Star, Sky, Sea class), but you are going to be in an OV or Balcony on NCL, that is not a fair comparison. Just as it would not be fair for me to compare my NCL Haven experience to a OV or balcony on RCL. Also, if you are really into the mega-ships on RCL, do not book a gem or dawn class (or lower) on NCL. Compare MDR's to MDR's, specialties to specialties, etc.
  5. There you go, muddying CC with the facts. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Per wikipedia: In addition to being the easternmost Category 5 Atlantic hurricane on record, Lorenzo featured the highest accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) index of any Atlantic tropical cyclone on record to the east of 45°W.[20] Additionally, Lorenzo spent more days as a major hurricane east of 45°W than any previous cyclone on record, surpassing Carrie of 1957. So, this was a once-in-a-lifetime type of weather event for that area. Even the GFS and Euro models had Lorenzo dying long before it hit the Azores, let alone Great Britain. Weather is a part of cruising, just like it is part of flying, and there is no excuse for the type of behavior shown in that video. If they pulled that on an aircraft nowadays, they would be immediately arrested on federal charges.
  7. This is the critical part of the article linked above. Carnival has probably had "boots on the ground" in Freeport to make sure the island is ready and able to make guests' visits enjoyable. Not sure if NCL has done that. “Cruise ship visits are important to the local economy,” says Thornton, “and our shore excursion team has been working closely with local tour operators and has confirmed a variety of attractive onshore excursions for our guests.”
  8. Excellent post! I am also involved in the aerospace field. My employer recently certified and put into service a brand new model of aircraft. Before being certified, we had a test program that included flying nearly 100,000 hours in our company labs and more than 3,200 flight hours on multiple test aircraft. Those test pilots put the aircraft through every type of situation imaginable, and the test labs put the aircraft through several times its normal life on pretty much every component. I am sure that Meyer Werft and NCL are doing pretty much the same type of thing with the Encore.
  9. You can see how thrilled my wife was on the Getaway when we had to wait half an hour for everyone to show up for the muster. She is a former teacher and cannot stand bad behavior.
  10. If these are current, it looks like there is still a bunch of work to be done.
  11. See videos linked in posts 9 & 13 of the thread below. Six
  12. Here is the price list for the Louis from our Getaway cruise last year.
  13. There is always this option:
  14. The biggest change you will notice first is the size of the ships! They are huge!! There are so many more amenities, restaurants, bars, activities, etc. However, there are also a lot more people! Explore the whole ship after you board, look at the dailies, and then find what makes you happiest. Have a great trip!
  15. I would not want to have to walk across this bridge. Especially at night. I would recommend an Uber or taxi.
  16. Yes. But like all other NCL pools, it is very small. It is the one with the net in it in this picture. This is the sister ship, the Getaway.
  17. The $1.39 cheeseburger I bought for lunch three days ago gave me a tummy ache today. I DEMAND A FULL REFUND ON ALL MY EXPENSES SINCE THEN!!! 🤣
  18. It sounds to me like the cruise lines really need to just stop using Venice. Based on all the mainstream media reports, plus what people are posting on CC, it is definitely apparent that both the government officials and the residents of Venice do not want the revenue generated by these ships due to the overcrowding/environmental impact. The business owners in that area probably feel differently, but I think they will lose the battle in the long run. I wonder if other cities such as Trieste, Ancona or Messina would be willing to take on some of these ships.
  19. This was the Haven waiting area in Miami (Terminals B & C) when we cruised on the Getaway. The chairs were very comfortable. We also had access to a large breakfast spread that we shared with the Platinums, CAS, etc.
  20. You can. Just bring it from the bar. See my Strawberry Guava Mojito below in our Haven CY PH Suite.
  21. Harvest Caye has kayaks, paddle boats, paddle boards, pedal boats, zip lines, parasailing, snorkeling, electric boat cruises, beach villas, pool cabanas, etc., etc. There is also a free nature trail on the island with butterfly and cockatoo houses.
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