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  1. Did the lobster taste like it usually does? Our lobster on MG smelled weird and was meh. Thx!
  2. That is great! I received an offer about a month ago that had rates of $25 for an interior on some ships and $80 per person interior on Mardi Gras. I jumped on it and had a great time. I have no idea why it was offered to me. Luck of the draw? Maybe that's the reason you got your offer. Have a great cruise!
  3. I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope you can another option for the time that you need it. Best of luck!!
  4. I would spend the extra on MG especially if ports don't matter. MG has a lot to offer, entertainment, food, Bolt the rollercoaster, food, a bunch of specialty bars, food. Did I mention food? Serenity is awesome on MG.
  5. Loved the movie "The Martian"! Is "Artemis" a prequel or a sequel? Having fun reading your review!
  6. I purchased the non Premium 5 bottle wine package when I got onboard my Oct 2 Mardi Gras cruise. Every bottle opened for me tasted like it was a bit past it's sell by date and the color of the white wine in my glass was more gold colored than it should have been. Not enough to make me ask for another bottle, I just switched from Sav Blanc to Pinot Grigio to Chardonnay. Same slightly old taste. We have done wine packages on Carnival before and never have encountered this. Maybe it was wine that had been stored during Covid shutdown.
  7. I flew into San Diego last April on American and didn't fill out any form. Maybe this is new?
  8. Here is a link to a current Chef's Table menu on Mardi Gras. Saint Greg has a great website that has his blogs, Carnival menus and more. https://saintgregtravel.com/mardi-gras-menus/ Cursor halfway down and you'll find Chef's Table.
  9. No worries! I want to add that the service is great and the chef come out to describe each dish. Not a huge crowd of people, like 16-ish. If someone has a short attention span, like some teenagers, they may not appreciate Chef's Table as much. Red and white wine is poured through out the meal. Our two times at Chef's Table we received a photograph of the group at the table and a copy of the Warm Chocolate Cake recipe. They say for women to wear closed toed shoes but I've always worn heels and it wasn't an issue.
  10. Are you referring to Chef's Table? From the recent reviews I have read, Chef's Table doesn't access the galley currently. DH and I have done it twice and it was a great experience, lots of food and took at least 2.5 hours, maybe 3. I think it's worth it to experience at least once.
  11. Looking forward to your review! Is Elation in the same category as Sensation? TIA!
  12. Mom and I stayed at the Days Inn Cocoa Beach at the Cocoa Beach Pier and paid for Park n Cruise, total $199. One reason I picked this location is because we like to walk down the pier to Rikki Tiki Tavern at the end of the pier. We were happy enough with our room but our A/C growled all night. Bfast was fine in the bfast room off of the lobby. The shuttle was 20 minutes late. Return shuttle took about 20 minutes to arrive at port. Our driver was nice and took extra care of me and mom. Thanks for the follow up on your great review!!
  13. Thx gtalum, I will check that site out in January👍
  14. You bought the BINAX online? I was checking and they were sold out. Hopefully that won't be the case in January....
  15. If the Proctored home tests are set to expire Dec 21, how does one buy tests with a later expiration date? I have a Jan 13 cruise and would like to have back up as well.
  16. You need to have your Cruise Planner open, then copy and paste this link in your browser. Replace ABC123 with your booking number. Press Enter: https://www.carnival.com/booked/document?BookingNumber=ABC123&IsPrintLuggageTagsSelected=true&IsPrintPassFlightSelected=false&IsPrintCruiseInfoSelected=true Your Booking Summary should appear. Cursor down to Itemized Charges and any OBC should show below the sentence "All prices quoted in USD" Hope that helps!
  17. Yes I was happy with our MDR staff, Dean, Loving and Samiatra. Very nice people who did a wonderful job!
  18. Great review! I concur about the solo guitarist, good guitar playing and singing not so much. Did you have dinner in MDR? We both thought the food was meh and we usually are happy with most of our MDR choices pre-Covid. Big Chicken was a big hit! So yummy! Looking forward to your pics and trip commentary!
  19. I've never seen a flipper toof. Thanks for posting!
  20. I have a Jan 13, 2022 cruise and I am unsure when to order at home tests. What date should I order them? TIA!
  21. I had the same experience trying to book a second round of tests at CVS. The site asked me if I wanted to cancel the previous appointments. I booked with Wal Mart and cancelled after the CVS tests came back negative. This was for a cruise beginning of Sept and we had 3 days to test, not just 2 like it is now.
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