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  1. When we were there in 2022, we brought some AUD from a prior trip. And we came home with the same AUD as credit cards were accepted everywhere, including at the small vendors like you're talking about.
  2. Looking forward to hearing about that. We once did what was billed as a walk in St. Kitt's rainforest. What they didn't say was that the walk was up half of the mountain. I was expecting a leisurely stroll and ended up having to use ropes in some places to climb to the next level.
  3. Thanks for the information. We will be in room 701 in December. Did you take any pictures of the room that you can share?
  4. There’s a switch to make to glass go from clear to opaque.
  5. We always book Signature suites on Reflection (and have 2 upcoming). We’ve never heard a bit of sound coming from the lounge in our room. Can’t even recall hearing any in the private hallway either.
  6. The only time it’s ever showed to us is when we’ve been in a Signature suite on Reflection and the inhabitants of the Reflection suite have been extremely high maintenance. Our butler would call for reinforcements and we’d see the other one every now and then.
  7. I’d be interested to hear other people’s experience. Ours experience while sailing in Penthouses is that, while they are dedicated to your suite, they are also dedicated to other suites as well. It’s not a 1:1 ratio.
  8. That seems to be a very old description that came up. Gotta love Celebrity IT.
  9. I have never felt the need to tip at the beginning of a cruise and have always received excellent service. I’m sure you’ll hear from others who say it’s critical to get excellent service, but it’s never been my case. I think it’s a bit tacky as well in that you’re automatically making an assumption that they won’t do their job and the only way they will do it is to tip upfront.
  10. We just got off a 9 night on Constellation. There was live music in the Retreat Lounge at least 2 of the nights. Unfortunately, it was only one set right before dinner time. The Suite Manager also arranged to have the magician from one of the main theater shows do a set one evening before dinner. There wasn’t an empty seat in the Retreat Lounge. Sure wish they would do that sort of thing consistently across the fleet.
  11. Not sure what you’re trying to say that’s new. What you said has been how Luminae has worked for years. It’s never open on port days (other than embarkation day).
  12. We were just on Connie last week and I asked for Macallan in the Retreat Lounge. They told me there’s a $2 upcharge even in the Lounge. I had a direct conversation to show my displeasure about it with the Suite Manager and didn’t have to pay the upcharge the entire week. Hopefully they will retreat in the crazy business of up charging for nominally better products. I don’t mind it for expensive bottles, but for Macallan Quest or Decoy wine, it’s unacceptable.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming travels.
  14. The “wine” part of the cruise probably refers more to the regions you’ll be visiting rather than any special events on board. The only differences regarding drink menus in Australia is that they will have the gratuity built into the price.
  15. Yep. I didn't count right. I'd just wait a few days and not stress.
  16. It could be an issue with where the ship is located versus you and the timing of the opening of check in.
  17. I would check with shore excursion staff to make sure this is the case before going ashore. If they do meet on the ship, you can let them know you’ll meet at port.
  18. Yes that’s true, but unfortunately Amazon doesn’t accept Celebrity OBC as payment. I’ve bought iPads and Apple Watches over the years to burn up OBC. I’m happy with not having the latest and greatest if I can use up OBC. I’d never pay cash for exactly the reason you cite.
  19. It might be useful to post the itinerary. Sometimes there are new speed restrictions put in place due to whales, etc.
  20. We always use a car service. It’s more expensive but we find it worth the added cost. Here is who we use in FL: https://larryslimo.com
  21. As many many folks have already said, this is nothing new. This was also a thing under the previous leadership.
  22. We usually get it when we stay in the higher end suites. There's a note from the hotel director along with the bottle of champagne (or wine).
  23. Now a days there’s not much cost savings with FBC. Main thing is that you don’t have to pay for the flights until final payment. Make sure to read the terms and conditions about what FBC does and won’t do as for getting you to the ship. It’s not as simple.
  24. Celebrity doesn’t really do theme nights. Occasionally there will be a white party, but it’s not consistent across the fleet.
  25. Personally, I'd want to have direct communication with Celebrity Special Needs instead of going through a third party. Unlike the normal customer service side who will not talk to you if you have a TA, special needs will. That way you can be sure they are aware, and you can be sure that they understand what you need, instead of it going through someone else. Even if the TA has made contact, you can also talk to them. Wheelchair Accessible Cruises | Celebrity Cruises (Contact is on this page)
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