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  1. Thank you! Things are just getting better. Will certainly keep in touch a bit nearer the time
  2. Thankyou! Thankyou! 🇺🇸Feel so much happier this morning. Only reason we fly is because MOH refuses to cross the Atlantic in December. Working on it!
  3. Thankyou so much.Hopefully the weather will be good enough for us to do something😀
  4. Thankyou so much.You always have the answers! I am going to ask on board if there is anyway we can see New York before we leave.I do remember someone writing that there is a tour pre flight.
  5. When I go into my Cunard and most popular shore excursions and select New York Highlights ,put the date in and our names appear.It’s just a case of ticking the boxes and paying. Sometime ago I did ask on the forum if there was such an excursion , I am sure the answer was yes.
  6. Another question for another answer? We want to book the New York excursion on January 3rd when our cruise finishes and before we fly back to the UK.It commences at 8.30 and is for four hours. I cannot find out if our luggage stays on the coach whilst we are on the tour.? Do we go back to the cruise terminal to get on another coach to go to the airport? If we do not take our luggage where is it stored.? That’s a worry as new passengers will be queuing to get on board. I have asked Cunard but up to now no one can find the answer. I am sure that someone will come up with the answer, you always do !
  7. Thank you all so much.I knew someone would have it to hand.Will make a note of it for next time.😀
  8. Hi everyone Can anyone help with the address? I am filling in the information again for our visa’s .Cannot recall what I put from two years ago.I know someone will have the answer . Thankyou
  9. Was worried watching the weather, but relieved that you are safely on board.Bon Voyage!,
  10. Looking forward to sharing your wonderful to be voyage
  11. Thankyou so much for your responses. We are hoping so much that we will be able to enjoy our voyage without worrying about getting ill.We still of memories of the phone ringing in our cabin and the doctor telling us we couldn’t fly home and would sail back to Southampton.I was quite poorly but we were so well looked after.And the food (when we were better) was fabulous. Glad no checks to get us on board and to Spirit rev lets hope we can all party. ps .Have enjoyed all day the responses of QM2 Mixed Reviews!,,,
  12. This was one of the many questions I was preparing to ask so pleased that a few people are still concerned.Having been isolated during the 2021 Caribbean cruise we are trying to prepare for as much as possible. Does anyone know if not having covid proof will be applicable from Brooklyn as we board for our Christmas/New Year 2023 cruise? Also are any of the islands asking for proof? Of course we will be taking our own test kits , but do you just inform the medical centre if you test positive? We are both getting our latest covid/flu vaccines next week.I know all this sounds a bit “over the top” but we are hoping to have a fabulous time. Our best wishes hope to meet some of you on board,we will be the ones with balaclava’s and rubber gloves!,,
  13. QM2 has just sailed past our house looking very regal and beautifully lit up.Only doing 10 knots .So looking forward to being on her at Christmas. ps.Couldn’t see any blue jeans !,
  14. Thankyou all so much for your reply’s.Still a bit muddled! Will wait until I can contact Cunard.
  15. Have just had a call from our American friends that the departure from New York is now the 21st December not the 22nd.News to us ?…
  16. Is anyone “bright eyed and bushy tailed” to see Cruise mapper this morning for Queen Victoria? ETA arrival in Cherbourg April 29,17.31.It must have been a time lapse from Bilbao. Hi to all the enthusiasts
  17. Thankyou so much for your kind comments.I think we have resolved ourselves to waiting…patiently.I have a lovely husband who always books a flight and then goes straight to book our seats. .We nearly always fly BA as we find the food better, and as you say the planes are so much more comfortable .We can select our seats I think 7 days before we fly, and can use our Avios points. Its just we cannot do it NOW ps.I cannot tell you how much we are looking forward to the cruise and getting further than Barbados
  18. We are still having a “ding dong” with Cunard over the selection of our seats for our UK flight to New York for the Caribbean Christmas cruise.We now have a case number.Although we have settled our account our flight is yet to be ticketed.BA blames Cunard and Cunard blames BA.We cannot select our seats until 45 days before the flight.We think Cunard block books the seats ,but does not pay for them until the 45 day. It doesn’t make sense, and it certainly does not put the customer first.We are hoping on the 45th day we will be able to find two seats together.
  19. You are certainly not alone! I check cruise mapper every morning over breakfast and throughout the day.I am especially excited when either of the two Queens sail through the Dover Straits as we can see them from our house.
  20. We nearly always fly from T5 and use Club Aspire lounge through a certain bank account . We can use it three times a year. We have always found it very comfortable.Showers and peaceful rest areas.The food is plentiful ,varied refreshments and a good selection of alcohol.Sometimes if we have a night flight it is crowded,but people are always on the move so seats come available quickly. When we do an upgrade then .. Well…a different world
  21. I looked up all the ports schedules for the islands on our Caribbean cruise for this year.Think it gives a rough enough time to organise any excursions.Guess there could be errors depending on the weather.It’s the departure times which were important.
  22. This has really taught me a lesson for our next cruise,guess your never too old to learn.Or maybe my husband will face the Atlantic crossings .
  23. Yes We have the same experience with Cunard airfares.Certainly more expensive than before.We are flying LHR to JFK return for Christmas cruise. What is bugging us is that we are unable to reserve our seats even with settling our account early.We cannot do this until 45 days before we fly.Calls to Cunard and BA get us the same answer. I wish now that I had booked the flights myself.Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to persuade my husband to cross the Atlantic in December.
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