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  1. OP, I agree with you 100%….it was the newest and biggest ship with more bells n whistles that would excite most folks…..however, not me. I will stick with the smaller ships that gives ME the most comfort. I posted MY experience on the Mardi Gras on another thread if you want to look it up. To each their own🍻👍🏻
  2. I was on the 8/7 MG cruise and here are a few things that Makes me think bigger and newer are not always better. Again, my own experience. I was in a spa balcony, deck 17 ALL THE WAY FORWARD. I prefer Pride size. cabin is clearly more narrow and smaller, we noticed immediately while trying to unpack and place our items where they go. Older Better bathroom, best part is the actual shower door and no more curtain. However, again, very narrow and space to put things is limited. Hubs is 5’ 11” and he had a hard time maneuvering around bathroom. Older better balcony door handles that you now swing up and down, not that easy. If not closed 100% correctly, A/C automatically shuts off. We thought we locked it and found out even thought the handle was in locked position, it didn’t close properly. Older better when walking around the inside of the ship and entering doors, there is a sensor button about the size of a quarter that u have to put your thumb on to activate the doors to open, sometimes it worked, sometimes not. Was also very hard to do, if you were carrying items. A women on our sailing had her arm closed in the doors when it shut and had to go to Medical. We also had 3 Brown Outs ( power outages) that lasted only a few minutes after 10pm on this sailing, casino went dark, people were in elevators, TVs took hours to come back. I would not get in an elevator past 9pm. Also, those sliding doors with the little thumb size sensor buttons did not work and I got stuck between the two doors for a few minutes. Not a big deal, but can be scary if young kids or elderly. Older Better food in the flamingo dining room was just Ho Hum and the portion size is very small. Not a problem for me, I felt food was wasted giving the bigger portions so I liked that. My hubs ordered as many and as much of anything he wanted and was given everything with a smile. Good Job. casino….oh that casino…ok so I am a smoker and there are seriously about less than 100 machines that are in smoking section, all of the other 750 machines are for the non smokers. The casino hostess gave me these numbers. I ordered 15 of my free drinks on us in casino and only actually received 4. Big Bummer. There are newer machines and a great variety to choose from on the positive side. casino was constantly announcing that the wearing of masks in casino needs to be followed and are only permitted to remove them while smoking or talking a drink, then u are to immediately put your mask back on. About 80% listened. they had staff handing out masks at all entrances to the inside dining areas and making sure your mask was on…Good Job CCL serenity area is big and beautiful, we spent most time there since it is adult only, strictly enforced and we trying our best to stay where we felt VAX safe. we were told that cruise sailed at 58%, which I lived, I can’t imagine being on that ship with 100%. Just not for me. bolt was fun for hubs and worth the $15 for 1 round. We were told the next sailing would get 2 laps. If you are a smoker, do not book a forward cabin PERIOD Smoking sections are small for the size of that ship. I’m sure they are slowly getting rid of smoking completely. If so, my cruising days will be over. Non smokers should not have 1 single complaint about the smoke with the exception of casino as they barely exists on MG room steward Née, was AMAZING and we took great care of her, plus we are neat people, so she didn’t have much to do. We asked for evening turndown only and every day our room was done by 3pm, once daily,mint works for us, no issues with the time. the snoozing signs are now just SNOOZING on both sides, no more CRUISING on the other i was on an Ultra cruise so they gave lots of little gifts, no mor cookies though, I missed having them in my cabin. You had to call for your chocolate covered strawberries when u wanted them, I passed. These are just a few things that stuck out on this mega ship for me. MG is big, beautiful and has that new cruise ship smell. It’s just not my cup of tea, so I’m sticking with smaller ships. I walked so much, I lost 8 pounds🤣🤣🤣. Looking forward to my Legend aft balcony in May 2022. cheers to those that are sailing on her. It is definitely a Bucket List experience. We scratched it off our list and am blessed to have been able to have done so.
  3. Just off Mardi Gras on 8/14. Masks were NOT required IN the thalassotherapy pool area. I just like laying on the stone heated loungers. Masks are required as soon as you get up and start walking around or to leave that area. hope this helps
  4. I absolutely also have to order Room Service. It’s a tribute to my BFF and cruising buddy that sadly passed away in 2018, I haven’t cruised since then, Mardi Gras/ Aug 7th will be my first time without her. We would just chill in the room, order a bunch of Room Service, chill out and head to casino about 2am….
  5. Menu looks FANTASTIC to me…..I don’t have to shop, prep or cook for 7 days!! That’s what is important to me. There is something for everyone, no one will go hungry. Sometimes I’m good with just a sammie and 🍺. Blessed to finally be cruising🙏🏻👍🏻❤️!!
  6. I can’t complain about the offers, they have been pretty good for me. Here are few of them…
  7. lol, not me😬 Actually, I did not receive the Drinks Everywhere for my Mardi Gras cruise, I booked the Ultra and $200 casino cash, I believe. BUT, my for my May 2022 cruise/Legend, I did. I usually get Drinks On Us in casino, so it's no biggie...I never leave the casino empty handed👍
  8. It is basically a FREE CHEERS PACKAGE and only for the person who receives the offer, unless your cabin mate also received the same offer. I am going with my hubs, he does not gamble, therefore he did not receive this promotion and I did and will received it. Hope it helps.
  9. Log in to your account on Carnival website n look under My Deals…this is where u will see ur offers. Good Luck
  10. I always have to call for the statement as I can NEVER find the place on Barclay website to apply it. Any direction on this would be appreciated. Arrrggg, After my Aug, Mardi Gras cruise, I will be using another cc for better perks as others have stated and only use my Carnival MC for everything Carnival.
  11. I'm confused.....I cruise on Aug 7th Mardi Gras and cannot access ANY of my docs???? How are you seeing and printing out Luggage Tags??? All of my options on My Cruise Manager for this cruise is grayed out and not available. TIA PG
  12. I use my awesome PVP to keep people employed, the same reason I do not use self check outs in stores which takes away jobs.... Also as another poster commented, she was a godsend during all the cancellations and rebooking....100%[emoji1303] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. 8/18 for me as well..may use my cancelled Oct 18th to book an Ultra if far enough out. Still on the fence. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. I currently have a spa balcony booked on the Mardi Gras for Aug 2021. We have previously had a spa balcony on the Vista a few years ago and we absolutely enjoyed all of the amenities, so much so, I decided to upgrade to another one on the Mardi Gras. Fast forward to my over thinking with all of the COVID hub bub, I am now having second thoughts about the spa....uggggg. I am keeping my fingers crossed that by the time this cruise happens, and hoping it does, there will be some sort of vaccine and/or special procedures in place for the spa areas. I know that I can easily just make a room change, but was wondering what others that like to book the spa rooms think and if you are continuing to book the spa rooms or not. Thanks!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. I love GLAMPING.....I have a trailer of my own at a perm spot that Ive been spending most of my Furlough at[emoji1303][emoji894][emoji488][emoji91]!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  16. To Be Determined = TBD Sent from my iPad using Forums
  17. October 2020, but doubtful it will happen. Already had another cruise cancel and rebooked Mardi Gras spa balcony for August 2021[emoji1303][emoji898][emoji481]!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  18. That’s ok, I booked a cruise with a wrong date[emoji12][emoji12]. Thankfully my awesome PVP fixed it immediately [emoji7] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  19. Plus, I never leave the casino empty handed, be it a beer, cocktail, soda or water....put in my fridge in room. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  20. Much thanks!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  21. The correct answer in this climate is....WHO KNOWS🤣🤣 Sent from my iPad using Forums
  22. Not to hyjack...but I don’t want to start another thread....my cruise was canceled and it is not paid off in full as I had until May 25th. Do I need to pay that off first and then rebook to get the $600?? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  23. I bought 100 shares when it was at $23 and thought that was a good deal.....Lord knows I don’t have patience. Got another 300 share at $8.35, that felt MUCH BETTER. Either way I’m in it for the long haul. ☘️☘️Good Luck to all of us that purchased☘️☘️!! Hope everyone stays healthy and happy. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  24. Got our first 100 shares 8 years ago at $37, thought I got a bargain on Wednesday for our second 100 shares at $22. Gonna pick up some more tomorrow at who know how much🤞🤞🤞🤞..... Sent from my iPad using Forums
  25. I received this letter today for a cruise that I have booked for Aug 23, 2020. OBC is $100.00 for my 7 day cruise to Bermuda. March 11, 2020 Dear Carnival Guest, We continue to implement increased monitoring, screening and sanitation protocols to protect the health of our guests, crew and the residents of the destinations we serve. Our measures are designed to be flexible to adapt to changing conditions and recommended best practices. For your reference, you can read our Travel Health Advisory on Carnival.com. Nevertheless, we know our guests have questions about their upcoming cruise and we have relaxed our cancellation policy to provide flexibility should you wish to reschedule your vacation, as well as incentives to proceed with your plans. The following applies only to guests who booked on or before March 10, 2020. Guests who choose to keep their booking, as currently scheduled, for departures June through September, 2020, will receive the following onboard credit (OBC) amount: US$50, per cabin, for 2 – 5 day sailings US$100, per cabin, for 6 day sailings and longer If you choose to continue to sail with us, we will automatically apply your onboard credit to your Sail & Sign account. There is no need to call us. You may also cancel up to 30 days prior to your scheduled departure date. Any cancellation charges will be held as a future cruise credit (FCC) to be redeemed on a cruise within one year of your original sailing*. If your reservation included Fly2Fun air, any monies paid for your air fare will be included in your FCC. If you purchased independent air, please contact your airline carrier as they are being flexible with change fees. Any pre-purchased Carnival shore excursions, specialty dining/spa or Fun Shop orders will be automatically canceled and refunds will be processed to your original form of payment by your bank within three weeks. We are experiencing higher call volume than usual and are currently focused on assisting guests sailing March and April, 2020. We encourage you to contact your travel advisor, Carnival Personal Vacation Planner, or access “My Cruise Manager” on Carnival.com to cancel your reservation. Any penalties will be held in your account as a FCC. You may also get answers to Frequently Asked Questions here. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to welcoming you on board! Sincerely, Colleen Oliverio Vice President, Guest Services Contact Centers *The FCC is non-transferable, cannot be used as a deposit or applied to a chartered sailing, has no cash value and must be redeemed on a Carnival Cruise Line sailing within one year of the original sailing date. The FCC may only be used toward the cruise fare of one (1) booking in the same currency in which the above voyage was originally paid and cannot be used for taxes, fees & port expenses, Carnival Vacation Protection, onboard charges or gratuities. The booking guest shall be responsible for payment of the difference between the amount of the FCC and the amount of the new booking. Any unused portion of the FCC will be forfeited. All monies paid for Carnival Vacation Protection plan is non-refundable and will not be included in the FCC. After you have booked your cruise, please use the link below to provide us with the new booking information so we can process your FCC. www.carnival.com/request-forms/reimbursement-form.aspx. Carnival Cruise Line: Carnival Place, 3655 NW 87th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178-2428. About Us • Privacy Notice Carnival Corporation. All rights reserved. Ships' Registry: The Bahamas, Panama and Malta.
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