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  1. Have a question about happy hour prices in the bars. We were on the Rotterdam almost two years ago and loved it. We enjoyed the happy hours on select days. Great way to mix and mingle. We're considering another Rotterdam cruise and wondered if that was a fluke or if these happy hours is a Holland thing. Thanks in advance! J
  2. Hi! Hubby and I are big fans of the Havana areas of the Carnival line. We have sailed Vista and Panorama and love the layout of the those Havana areas however the Mardi Gras and Celebration, sails we are considering, have a different layout on a different area of the ship. Has anyone who has sailed both layouts liked one over the other? Pros and cons? Thanks in advance! Jenny
  3. I have used Galveston Express. It was first class. I have also used cruise transportation with great service, so I go with what is cheapest.
  4. Traffic to IAH from port can be problematic. It's quite a drive without traffic. Personally, I would choose the 1405 departure. I try not to fly until after 1300, anyway.
  5. I have used them once before. Very nice, on time and friendly.
  6. I'm so sorry, I am sure there are a million threads on this subject but I just couldn't find the one that just answered my one question: I know Carnival serves coke products but do they have any other diet drinks other than Coke. I am hoping diet Sprite or Sprite zero. Thanks! Jenny
  7. That's good information, thank you. This is the same way on the Panorama and the Vista. Smallish pool but never crowded and two hotter tubs.
  8. I have done a Havana interior and patio. The patio wasn't worth it for our group. We wanted to be at the pool. The Havana interior was perfect for husband and I. We were also in Panorama 5225. It was perfect, we never heard or felt a thing. I love the Havana and hope to try the Venezia with the Terraza area. J
  9. OMG. This is a nightmare. I would be horrified if I were banned. I have no answers, you have been given some great information. So sorry this happened to you. Best of luck in clearing it up. J
  10. I realize this topic is old but I love my United Milesplus VISA. It is so easy to book using miles. No blackout dates. It does have a $95 annual fee which is totally worth it because I get free luggage check in for each flight, two United Club passes annually and free TSA and renewals. My Mom is in Houston, so I fly there quite a bit.
  11. Sailing on Musica in Nov out of Athens, Greece. Cruise doesn't leave until 10:30pm, we were assigned a check in time of 11:30, does anyone know the latest we can board? TIA! Jenny
  12. We booked an interior GTY and got upgraded to a Balcony. it's way forward but it's the Mediterranian, so we're thrilled to have a balcony.
  13. LuckyStar


    Thanks all. I just decided I'm not going to worry about it. I'm so giddy with excitement, I'd be happy with a box lunch each night. 🤣
  14. Yes. I have flown them. They nickel and dime you to death. I will usually fly them for a short trip that I have no baggage and no layover. I would never use them for a long trip. They were on time and dependable but the extra charges are annoying.
  15. Well, this makes me feel better about the 1 1/2 hour layover connection in Munich from Genoa to Denver. I had stopped worrying about it. I figure at this point, whatever happens, happens.
  16. Well, the validation process is a giant ripoff but I'm sure they know that. Not even sure of the purpose.
  17. We rode trains throughout our tour of Europe. There were no special rules for luggage. There was a common area for all the luggage as your board. Not sure about the time from Rome to Venice but it is super easy to manage the train system in Italy. One thing to remember on Italian trains, is that you must validate your ticket before you board. We did not on our first ride and got shaken down by an employee for about $10 euros. Lesson learned. 🙂
  18. LuckyStar


    MSC newbie here. We do not see our dining time on our reservation and weren't sure if it would be set? It does note that dining is not set. Not sure what that means. We are cruise vets so we understand how dining works on other lines but MSC seems an odd duck. Any help would be appreciated! Jenny P.S. Not Yacht Club. We are in the commoners area. 🙂
  19. Yes. I remember not getting our tickets validated (didn't know we had to). Man came around and shook us down for 5 euros each. Left a bad taste in my mouth after such great travels by train in Europe.
  20. We are on another cruise line but is the port shuttle available for anyone? And do you have to book in advance? TIA!
  21. We're checking out the same thing. We have visited Rome before so we aren't looking to see the inside of the Vatican or Coliseum again, so we are going to go with a Hop On Hop Off and lots of walking. Our question is how to get from the port into Rome without paying the high transpo rate of the cruise line. It's about $64 per person. I love the train but they strike quite capriciously so I don't want to be trapped in Rome with no way back to the ship. Any ideas on buses or share rides?
  22. It is very easy to get around Italy solely by train. If you haven't, you have GOT to go to Accademia Gallery. It is magnificant. The statue of David is awesome. There are a lot of lesser known Michelangelo work as well. I do not even have an artist's heart but it was breathtaking.
  23. We flew. it was very reasonably priced.
  24. Hello! We are first time cruisers on MSC for a Meditteranean cruise out of Athens Nov 5. The ship doesn't depart until 10pm. We are new to this late a departure. How late will we be allowed to board the ship? We have some sites we want to see pre cruise in Athens. Thanks in advance! Jenny
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