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  1. Well, I got an incredible email deal and booked my first solo. And it's Sunday!!! I'm thrilled, scared, excited, nauseous, etc. Gonna gather a few books for some serious deck time. What do you as a solo traveler?
  2. If you trust leaving your stuff unattended, sure, why not. It's a good idea. But keep in mind, there are always people streaming through that area. The first day people were "window shopping"and wanted to see what the patio area looked like. Just a thought to keep in mind.
  3. We were in the Havana area on the Vista and there was no one at the pools after 7 pm, even when all were allowed. It was dead. It was quiet during the day when only Havana area residents had access. That was the important time. Loved it. We loved our time in the Havana area.
  4. Personally I prefer front or back of ship over mid but it sounds like your choice is fine. Go with the one you want.
  5. I'm the odd soul. I love inside cabins. I have stayed in the Havana area, in a patio. It was overpriced for us but since I love the Havana area and I love inside cabins, I will always choose a Havana inside over a balcony.
  6. I agree. As much as I love the openness of the balcony, I never have enjoyed holing up in my room. The Havana area is so calm and close to your inside room on the Vista, it's almost like a private balcony. We had a Havana patio on Vista and even that was a bit underused.
  7. Havana area is great. Much, much better than Serenity. We loved the sea days. Dedicated pool, bar and lounge chairs. It's very quiet, if that's your thing.
  8. ITA. The aft balcony rooms look great but it is just so great to be in the Havana area. My sisters and I had a Havana patio on Vista and it was mostly a waste too; we loved the pool area. So I'm taking my husband on Panorama in January and we got an inside Havana. I'm considering Vista for Jan 2023. Gonna see how hubby likes it.
  9. I'd go now if I could! We were scheduled January 2021 and pushed it to January 2022. I'm so excited for the world to get back to normal. We're vaccinated and ready to go!
  10. I would expect so. It was free on the Vista, too.
  11. It's not just you. You can't print documents until close to sail. OBC has been especially problematic. Mine on the website shows a very low amount but I have a document from Carnival with my reservation that shows a much higher amount.
  12. Loved our spa room on the Splendor. The t-pool is awesome. We loved the lotions we got, the free classes and the spa area was very nice. I would def pay extra if the boat has the t-pool but we got such a great deal on the spa room, not sure I'd book one again unless the price was low and must have a t-pool.
  13. Aft view sounds great, actually. But you have to go downstairs to get to the Havana area on Vista. We were in a patio and it was great to get to the pool area easily. Running back to the room for forgotten stuff was easy. Only exception: people would stroll in from Pig & Anchor. They just wanted to "look around". We had to remind them this was not an open house. We opted for a Havana inside for our cruise on Panorama. Guess the bottom line: there are upsides and downsides to everything.
  14. I would expect that since your daughter is under 21, you or your wife are listed as in her room. In that case, yes, you each have access for the room you are booked to.
  15. Fingers crossed for you. I never want to embark again in Galveston without FTTF. That port is nuts.
  16. Exactly what we have done in Houston IAH. Should work the same with Orlando.
  17. Pack them in carry on, you should be fine. But to be super safe, check your bag.
  18. Holy cow. I need to get on the ball. I'm on this ship in January and just now booked my airfare and I thought I was booking too early. Better get on my excursions! LOL
  19. It hasn't cancelled yet? My Carnival cruise for Jan got cancelled and am contemplating the same cruise from Princess. Confused as to why one company would cancel but another would not.
  20. April 2020-its our annual sister cruise. Missed last April. Fear we may miss this April as well.
  21. My January just got cancelled. I fear my April out of Galveston will cancel too. The cruise industry can't go on like this forever. I fear it could be the end. And that will be so sad.
  22. Got the email. Expecting the same for our April cruise. I fear that the cruise industry won't survive this.
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