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  1. We are departing Dulles Airport this evening and fly into Amsterdam over night. We them leave in the morning from Amsterdam to Venice. My question is when should I put on the luggage tags. Should I put them on our luggage now or when we pick up the bags in Venice.
  2. Thank you and see you on board soon. Tyler
  3. Let me ask you about the QR codes since I'm not familiar with them. When I go to get our covid pcr test next sunday how do the results get put into the QR code that's on the Trust One email we got. I have the QR odes on my cell phone. Will the testing company do it or what. This is the first time we had to screw with QR codes. We will also get a hard copy of the test results. How does this whole system work. Thanks Tyler
  4. We will be sailing on the Quest on 10-19-21 and 10-28-21 and I'm clear about the covid test and trust one but Azamara keeps sending me reminders to register with trust one for disembarkation at the end of our first cruise but we are not disembarking. We're staying on the ship for our second half of the back to back cruises. Does anyone have any insight on the daily emails I get from azamara about registering with trust one for disembarkation testing because we're not doing a disembarkation. Tyler
  5. The wife and I are doing the Back to back starting with the Oct 19 cruise then the Oct 28th cruise and our travel agent was ale to get us the same cabin for both cruises. I understand that the day before we get to the port serving Civitavecchia someone from the senior staff will explain the procedures for all of the guest who are doing this B2B cruise. I'm not going to speculate and worry about how these procedures will work. We will just do whatever they want us to do. Tyler
  6. This is a update to our attempt to recover our airfare for a cruise that Azamara cancelled. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. The people who you and I talk to with Choice Air to make a air reservation or to change a flight are great at these task. The task of recovering your hard earned money for a cruise that Azamara cancelled is something that Choice Air or Azamara falls dramatically short in accomplishing. Between our TA and myself we have places a estimate of 50 or more calls to no avail. We even have the booking confirmation that shows a zero balance which includes the airfare. You would think this would help or even be the definitive proof that we paid this $3, 300.00 dollars but we get the response of duhhhhh. I would appreciate if someone out there could get me the phone number or email of the Azamara CEO or someone that has a IQ above 100. If this sounds like I'm mad then you're correct. This has dragged on for over 5 months. Please help me. Gary Tyler
  7. That's a interesting question but the answer is no. We got some money back from the same card we've been using for two years but I do appreciate your response. Were doing the same back to back as you and your wife are doing so it looks like these cruises are a go. I'm mostly excited with a little bit of hesitation because we've been disappointed 5 times with canceled cruises and I'm a little gun shy. My wife is of the opinion that she'll believe it when she gets on board. I'll buy you and your wife a drink when we start cruising on the Quest.
  8. The august 2021 cruise was cancelled by Azamara in April 2021. It was booked in January 2021. We received the FCC but not the airfare that was done by Choice air. I'm not looking for your sympathy. I'm looking for our hard earned money. Gary Tyler
  9. Our August 2021 cruise was canceled for obvious reasons and we made our air reservations through Choice Air. We made the reservations during the month of April 2021. The air cost was $3,300.28 and were still waiting for this refund. our TA has placed over a dozen calls to Choice Air and Azamara to see what happened to our money. We have supplied our TA with cruise documents to prove the money was spent for our air travel but still no money. We have two more cruises with Azamara and we'll book some more in 2022. This experience has put a very bad taste in my mouth and quite frankly pissed me off. We are not wealthy by no means and $3,300.28 is a nice sum of money that could be used to book a cruise on another cruise line company that respects the value of a consumers money better than Azamara. I'm hoping that someone from Azamara might see this and help us recover our money before we cancel all of our upcoming Azamara cruises. Gary Tyler
  10. I just checked in for our back to back October cruise on the Azamara Quest for Oct 19, 2021 and Oct 28, 2021. this is the most encouraging news we've had since our last cruise on October 2019. I know that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to cruising nowadays but it gives us hope and hope is all we have right now. Tyler
  11. I agree with you completely. Don't like it then stay home. It's as simple as that. I don't buy in to that mentality. I have a cousin that has that mentality as well as she won't be forced to get a vaccination because there's something evil behind this like a government plot to control us . Stupid is as stupid does. Tyler
  12. Godspeed to Azamara Quest. We'll be boarding her Oct 19, 2021 for a back to back cruise that goes until Nov 4, 2021. Can't wait. Tyler
  13. I feel your pain. I was hold for over two hours for two days and then someone got on from choice air and he asked me for my number and reservation and they will call back. They called back around 5 pm the same day.
  14. Thank you to everyone who replied to my post. I posted this out of frustration but I prevailed. Tyler
  15. I got this sorted out. We just switched the incoming flight with a much better one and will get a four hundred dollar refund. All is good.
  16. We're leaving on Oct 18th and arriving in Vienna at 8:40 am on the morning of the 19th of Oct. We were then supposed to leave Vienna at 1:05 and arrive in Venice at 2:10 pm. Plenty of time to get from the airport to the port in Venice. Now they have us leaving Vienna at 5:30 pm and arriving in Venice at 6:35 pm. The ship leaves at 6:00 pm. We did schedule the first leg of the flight from the U.S. to Vienna a day early. I checked the flights leaving Vienna on Austrian air and they don't have any flights leaving going from Vienna to Venice that gets us to Venice in time. I've been on hold with choice air this morning for two hours and finally a agent got on the line to take down my name, number and reservation number so I can get this resolved. I'm sure this problem will be resolved today but it just a unforeseen hassle that I've never had to worry about. This is the first time in probably 35 years of traveling where a airline changes it's departing time and gets us to the cruise port after the ship has left. i will sort this out.
  17. The only problem with this is that the Quest departs from Venice at 6 PM and the second leg of our flight from Vienna to Venice gets in at 6:30 pm. Opps. What a bunch of idiots they must have at choice air. I would call and talk to them about this but you have to stay on hold for hours. Screw them.
  18. The RCCL meet & mingle is now working. Is it not paused now so you can go ahead and register for your cruise. The web link is below. Tyler https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/ccSearch.do
  19. Does anyone know when passengers will be allowed to register for the Meet & Mingle for RCCL. Right now if you go to the site for registering it says that all registrations are paused because of Covid 19. I registered for the m&m months ago for the Enchantment of the seas out of Baltimore for January 8, 2022 but on this ships roll call people are wondering why its paused. Help if you can. Tyler
  20. We were offered several incentives to book another cruise plus a generous amount of ship board credit. We didn't get this information until our TA was a pest to Azamara and they folded. So it was a major disappointment for us at the beginning but all is well now. Thank god for our wonderful TA.
  21. It's not bad enough that five of our cruises were canceled in 2021 because of the pandemic but now we had our May 31, 2022 cruise canceled because Azamara is having our 11 day intensive Spain & Portugal cruise charted out. I guess they would rather have a 100% charted cruise then care about customer service to people who have been waiting for service to start up again. After all everyone has been through with the Pandemics effect on those customers that couldn't cruise for the last year or so we booked this cruise way ahead of time only to have Azamara sell out to some rich corporate entity who chartered this cruise and Azamara stuck their big middle finger up at their best customer base. Namely you and me. Shame on you Azamara and your corporate people. Shame on you. Gary Tyler
  22. Azamara has set age limits on the shore excursions that are strenuous and require flexibility and a level of endurance. On the bike tours there's restrictions on the minimum age as well as the maximum age and a weight limit. I believe they have these restrictions to ensure the health of passengers so they can complete the entire cruise and I'm sure there's some level of liability. Not a big deal. All cruise lines have these restrictions on their shore excursions. Tyler
  23. My wife and I had our back to back cruises on the Azamara Pursuit cancelled for august 13, 2021 and august 20, 2021 and there is another back to back available in october 2021 but we've been playing this lift and shift too long now. We've had 5 cruises cancelled with azamara and I think it's time to get our money back. There is nothing more depressing than looking forward to a cruise in normal times and even more in these covid times. You have to know when to hold them and know how to fold them. Tyler
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