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  1. Boarding the Spirit on the 10th, as am I. At Tilbury, ugh. I leave home 6th, arrive London 7th, so I guess we'll miss. Other coolers on the Spirit aren't coming till 8th or 9th, I think.
  2. And upgraded internet, the free version is about 0.6 MBPS ... slooooow ...
  3. I have flown many times BDA-HNL via MIA and have looked at lots of ways of doing it. Finally settled on MIA-DFW-HNL on AA as best for me. The first (shorter) leg might be a narrow body, but the DFW-HNL is currently a 772 and is quite comfortable. I avoid flying via LAX to HNL because I don't want a 6 hr flight in a narrow body.
  4. The hotels I'd recommend for proximity to the water taxi stop are the Hilton Marina, then the Renaissance, then the Embassy Suites 17th St - all walkable with the Hilton the closest. I've stayed at them all (and several others in the area) pre-cruise. They get booked up fast as they are also close to Port Everglades, and are expensive in peak cruise season so book early. The water taxi is fun, I've done it and enjoyed the day - it's more a hoho boat than a taxi but watch the schedule, it isn't that frequent. https://watertaxi.com The Sun Trolleys are fun too and are more useful for getting around: https://www.suntrolley.com/routes-schedules-fares/ Fort Lauderdale isn't exactly a foodies mecca so don't get too excited. The Boatyard isn't bad and is situated on the small Seminole River so the outside tables are pleasant enough. http://boatyard.restaurant
  5. Hi Spins, Last time I was in Athens (2014), I stayed at the Hera Hotel: https://www.herahotel.gr It's a very friendly, reasonably upscale, boutique hotel centrally located with a useful rooftop bar and restaurant with good views of the Acropolis. Not as posh as other recommendations maybe, but very satisfactory and probably less expensive. Looking forward to Sept! B
  6. I have used dayuse.com several times and have found them to be reliable.
  7. Why would you expect 'weird' food? We're a normal civilised little island. More civilized IMO than some countries with Atlantic coastlines.
  8. Yes, it's amazing how cleverly they do the sums - seldom can you do better with new offers because the base fare has increased. Or the different discounts are worth less. A couple of times, I have seen cruises (that I have already booked and paid for) offering a lower solo supplement but when I get mine re-fared, the base price has gone up just enough so that the re-fare with the lower solo supplement is the same as what I originally paid, to the exact dollar. That said, once ... just that tantalising once ... I did notice that the base fare for a cruise I had booked and paid for had decreased significantly so I asked my TA to get it re-fared and I got over $1,000 refund. So it can pay to keep checking the website for price decreases (I unsubscribe from the emails, they're way too annoying) but don't expect to find any very often.
  9. It'll be Moss. It's the end of his current contract, he's been on since the stretch. Jimmy K is boarding in Boston to take over for a few months. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. I had a similar sort of credit following a cruise - not the Spirit one - and nothing happened until I sent to my TA a copy of the letter that I had received onboard telling me about the credit. She followed up with SS and very quickly received the official form with the code that I'd need to use to apply the credit - it seems that you may have to ask for your code.
  11. I think tickets don't show till 50 days out. No sign of my silver box yet but then it's a loooong way to Bda, always takes ages. My TA will let me know when it's here. Not that I need it, I just keep the bag tag and throw the rest away.
  12. I fly across the Atlantic several times a year and generally get the best prices about nine to ten months out. After that, you may get seats in the cheapest fare buckets but it becomes less likely (but by no means impossible), particularly if you don't have much flexibility on dates. However, this tends to be less true of one way prices - is that what you are looking for? If you have airline mileage status, one ways are a good use of award tickets but availability trans oceanic is limited, again you need to book as early as you can. For a cruise next April, I would have bought the plane ticket by now.
  13. Perhaps some of us simply don't want to. Perhaps some of us simply feel that just because something didn't work out well, doesn't mean we deserve to be compensated for it. Perhaps some of us enjoy life more by simply going with the flow and enjoying what we have, rather than demanding redress for what we don't have.
  14. Good grief, it surely can't be coming so soon. I've only just got home from the Muse. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Obviously this wouldn't apply to people who live near a cruise port, but I think I'll tire of the aggravation of travelling to and from the ship before I'll ever tire of actually being on a cruise ship at sea.
  16. OMG I only watched the brief clip available on YouTube, absolutely cringeworthy. They wasted a Silver Suite for that?!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  17. And if anyone is interested in a simple and cheap way to Rome, which I chose out of interest rather than parsimony, I strolled from the ship to Civi train station in about 20mins, got a train for 5euros, then strolled to my hotel in another 20mins. OK, I admit I only travel with carry on, would be different with luggage, but taxis were in good supply, could take you to the station. Very interesting looking out of the train window at a small muddy stream/river - the Tiber! What a let down. And, I dunno if the ghost of Mussolini is still around, but that train was on time to the second. What a great cruise it was, and I so enjoyed meeting the Stumbles, hopefully our paths will cross again! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  18. Book as much as you feel like - it's very easy to change bookings once on board. There'll be a 'solos gathering' on the first night and the group usually goes to dinner together so you don't have to worry about that. Then, if you have a 'foot in the door', i.e. a reservation for one at a specialty restaurant, it's usually not a problem to increase the number, or cancel it if you get a better offer.
  19. Seems to be just a few items - enough to keep it interesting but not a completely new menu. And I think it may be more often than weekly but I don't pay much attention, I don't fuss about these things, there's always plenty of food that I enjoy.
  20. Ah, hubris. As so often happens after a good score, we crashed in ignominy today ... Saturn's largest moon, anyone? Worldwide, junk food, um, fast food chain with most outlets? However, a very pleasant lunch with the Stumbles was a consolation. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  21. Maybe the guy is getting old, fat, and tired and is looking for a slow sidle out of the business? Maybe his dentist has a very tight schedule on his appointments? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  22. Since it was a sea day yesterday, nearly twice as many pax as usual turned up for trivia, including a lot of children, and it was kinda noisy and headache provoking. BUT it wasn't the kids causing the problem, it was a whole lot of adults (exceedingly drunk after a lengthy lunchtime wine tasting) setting the kids a bad example. Spins, you'll be glad to hear we didn't let our standards slip, but maintaining concentration was tough! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  23. We were told at the presentation yesterday that RCL has assumed SS's future financial obligations (for the Moon and Dawn) as well as the billion for the 66.7% - the debts are about another billion. And is it just me, or does it seem like only a nano second ago all these big deals were concluded in millions, now everything is billions ... sigh
  24. Try going on any browser to tvcatchup.com - doesn't always work but may be adequate.
  25. Sorry, I posted over on the other thread that Keith started, forgot Stumble had left a cliffhanger here! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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