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  1. Just heard from a friend who's onboard - it'a a bit breezy at Key West with NW wind (i.e. blowing straight on to the dock) so the Captain has decided not to risk an encore.
  2. Hmmm ... Spirit was due into Key West at noon today, Dec 10th. From MarineTraffic, she looked to be about an hour out when she turned around and is heading away, wonder if that’s accurate and if so why? Edit - checked Mallory Square webcam and only Celeb Edge in port (she’s an interesting concept btw) so I wonder what’s going on. Perhaps they’re arguing about who’s going to pay for what? Or maybe it’s the dock damage? But I’d have thought they’d have just gone elsewhere rather than approaching and turning away?
  3. Hmmm ... and I'm on the TA from Lisbon on the 21st. I would never, ever voluntarily book the cruise immediately before or after a refurbishment so I'll be watching this closely. Unfortunately the dates and itinerary suit me perfectly so I'll probably keep the cruise ... nervously ...
  4. And VERY annoying. I'm having the same issue on my iPad with Safari. Usually, I can correct it by closing the app and reopening it. It's just yet another of the features of the new and definitely not improved boards that make them less attractive. I am reading these boards much less frequently now because they aren't so user friendly for multiple smallish reasons - if I didn't find the information posted by other users interesting and useful, I don't think I'd bother coming back here at all.
  5. Worst consequence may have been all the flight rearranging required - she didn't make it into Port Everglades till 2pm. US immigration clearance should have been done at Key West, but even so there must have been a lot of messed up travel plans. She sailed about 11pm last night so let's hope she has better weather and a smooth cruise.
  6. Flat screen TV is now on the wall above the end of the desk nearest the bed - much better than the previous 'in mirror' TVs. It has a fair bit of rotation on the mounting, it was comfortable to watch from the sofa and the nearer side of the bed, I wouldn't be so sure about the view from the further side of the bed, as a solo I never tried it! Sorry, I never really think about taking photos of my cabins so can't help you there.
  7. Wondered what was going on! I have friends boarding at Port Everglades today so I checked the Spirit's position on marinetraffic this morning and was surprised to see she was still down by the Keys. I hope there's nothing much more than pride damaged.
  8. I think this is a very important psychological point, often overlooked. I usually sleep little and poorly on planes no matter what seat I'm in, (and I do try to do flatbeds for long flights), mostly because I am a very private person, living alone, and am very uncomfortable with the feeling of 'public sleeping'. This probably doesn't apply to the OP, and the answer to the question is that yes, neck pillows help but aren't the whole answer to sleeping on planes. An eye mask is invaluable and ear plugs may help altho' I don't find they block enough noise to be worth the discomfort. I'm uneasy about sedatives of any sort because you could be at a disadvantage in an emergency but that's a personal decision, and I don't refuse a glass of wine so who am I to talk! BTW Inflatable neck pillows are easier to pack away but do need adjusting during ascent and descent with the cabin pressure changes.
  9. I've just disembarked from the Spirit and I was trying to book a June 2020 cruise on her. At that time they were all showing waitlist and the Cruise Consultant emailed head office for me - the answer was that they have a charter in the works but not a set date so they can't sell anything to us yet. Whatever cruises end up being scheduled will be released for sale 'soon'.
  10. They say boarding from 2pm - 5pm to spread it out a bit but actually they start boarding at noon unless there's been some delay. They say the suites will be ready at 2pm to give themselves plenty of time but they are mostly ready earlier - on this current cruise I boarded at noon, had lunch, and was in my suite and fully unpacked by 2pm.
  11. Irony is a particularly British form of humour, and as I am British I understand and enjoy, it but I saw none in your little diatribe.
  12. Wow, letting your prejudices show Silver, not very pleasant.
  13. Of course men wear knickers, you may choose to call them underpants but knickers are knickers. And knickers are quite different from shorts. Knicker nit picking!
  14. I'm currently back on board the Spirit after only disembarking from the crossing in September and I partially agree and partially disagree with Avalon. When the weather is awful outside, yes the dining options do feel rather restricted. The enlarged Terrazza isn't as attractive as before, it does carry a slight hint of cafeteria, but it does mean it's much easier to eat there for dinner even without a reservation. I really, really hate the black slate plates in Atlantide, and some of the other plating is just silly - salads come perched around the rim of bowl - but the food itself is OK. I'm not wild about the unchanging menus but because I eat a wide range of food, including the vegetarian options, I don't get bored. The waiters ask for your cabin number as their pads show allergies and special diets - I went through a patch where all sorts of allergies had mistakenly been attached to my data and I'd regularly horrify waiters by ordering food that they thought would kill me! Once you cruise enough, they get to know you - I think I've only been asked my cabin number on embarkation day this cruise, not since. And maybe I've been lucky, but I never seem to have slow or mis-orders in restaurants. I tried Indochine again last night because I like the decor - to me it's light, bright and welcoming. But again, the food was too spicy for me - I do know I'm at the bland end of the spectrum, most people don't think it's spicy enough. The Maitre d' made the effort to catch me on the way out to discuss how I could eat there by ordering from the always available menu - I did know that was an option but previously thought it would take too long but he assured me it's all prepared in the kitchen right there and would take no longer than the Indochine menu food, so I'll give that a try in a day or two. As an interesting aside - on these four days down from NYC to Bermuda we have had Manfredi, Mark Conroy, and a bunch of engineers and marine architects on board for a working cruise, discussing the new ships. They're disembarking today but I managed a chat with Mark, putting in a plea not to forget us solo cruisers and he assured me FWIW that he wouldn't.
  15. Indeed, divided by a common language. To me, Speedos, a trade name, refer to small skin tight lycra knickers which leave little to the imagination. Swim trunks are shorts, the length may vary, but are generally loose enough to be fairly flattering to most body types. Sure there's lots of unattractive sights around the pool, and the ship, and I don't think they should be forbidden, but lighten up guys! My comment was mostly in jest. PS Budgie smugglers is the Australian term for Speedos. PPS I'm cruising, aboard the Spirit, and the wifi is worse than usual so I'm not looking at the boards so often.
  16. I am by no means a prude (I'm a doctor - seen it all) but it's the difference between Speedos (aka budgie smugglers) and swimming trunks to which I was referring. Too much visual information does not enhance one's poolside pleasure. And not to be sexist, IMO the same applies to ill advised swimsuit choices by ladies. Yes, people should be free to wear as much or as little as they like, but surely there should be some consideration for pax who find too many body bits paraded in front of them unattractive?
  17. And July and August and November, albeit a much lower risk. Cruise prices for Sep/Oct are often lower to reflect the possibility of rough weather or rerouting to elsewhere. Most - the vast majority - of Bermuda Sep/Oct cruises enjoy beautiful weather, not so hot as August, and less crowded beaches as the children are back in school.
  18. If you flew regularly through JFK and MIA, you might change that opinion. I choose MIA as preferable.
  19. I wouldn't think you could go wrong with that - that's what I wear for the SS regular cruises. I haven't done expedition ships so I don't know if a sequined top would be overdressed (although why do you care what others think if you like the top?) - I use a shiny pashmina to dress up a plain black top for formal nights, then it doubles as a scarf.
  20. My TA called the SS office in Miami today to make my final payment for the SJU-LIS cruise (showing 'waitlist' now) and the agent couldn't even pull it up on her system so I suspect it no longer exists. The agent suggested calling back tomorrow or Monday to try and find out what's happening since she didn't know. I haven't had any email or offer from SS but since they can't seriously expect me to take a 7 day Cuba instead of a 19 day TA, they probably think I'll cancel. Which I will, but an extra 5% off to book something else wouldn't hurt, particularly since I got such a good deal on this cruise - solo occ. verandah deck 5, below $400 per diem. That doesn't come along too often.
  21. Thanks for the offer but I'm not in the UK and my TA will deal with the Miami office - she was going to call them today to make the payment anyway. I presume I'll just have to cancel since I'm not interested in substituting a 19 day Transatlantic with a 7 day Cuba, particularly since I'll have done the Cuba itinerary on the Wind in April 2019 - that email I did get. Depends what SS say - it's so far out in the future that it'll probably just be a take it or leave it response.
  22. They're playing silly games with the Wind March 2020 cruises - they're still showing the old itineraries simultaneously with a series of 7 day Cuba cruises. I haven't received an email about this, and I'm booked on SJU-BGI-LIS at a good price, was going to make final payment today - an email to my TA must be forthcoming! Thank goodness for the info to be found here.
  23. I'm staying on b2b for the next (Eastern Caribbean) cruise - that and the fact that I've bought my plane tickets is why I'm sticking with the changed itinerary. But Nassau ... Port Canaveral ... ugh, ugh, ugh.
  24. And my April 2019 Western Caribbean is now Cuban - OK with that, but the rest of the itinerary is Bahamas and Port Canaveral which I don’t like (Nassau?!! Really?!! ). I’m still going though, staying aboard in port is better than staying home.
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