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  1. Everyone gets one. Box 100 days out. Ticket 50 days out. (But only if you've completed your on line check in on My Silversea) Silver coloured cardboard box contains luggage tag, luggage labels, and travel journal.
  2. I thoroughly enjoy your writings ME so I'm sorry to be picky but you really mean the PVSA (Passenger Vessel Services Act) - the Jones Act is much the same idea but deals with carriage of merchandise rather than people. Whatever you call it, I agree that it's rather outdated and should be abolished but I think whenever that is raised, it never gets far. This is a comment I read on John McCain's (fourth!) attempt to repeal the Jones act in 2017: Like his prior attempts, the new McCain campaign seems unlikely to gather sufficient support to pass either the Senate or House, or to stir much debate leading to other legislation or policy changes. Legislation protecting U.S. ship operators and shipyards from foreign competition in U.S. inland and coastal domestic trading markets dates from the first few U.S. Congresses during the late 18th century. Despite strong support from much of corporate America and traditional Republican interests, including the oil majors and Heritage Foundation, and continuous pressure from U.S. jurisdictions heavily reliant upon ocean shipping trade with other states – such as Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico – historical efforts to reduce the scope of the Jones Act materially have failed outright or been heavily diluted. The current political landscape is no more favorable. Weakening the Jones Act in any way would appear to run directly counter to the protectionist themes of the Trump Administration. So maybe in the future, who knows?
  3. And don’t forget that going east (usually in Spring) you will have a series of 23 hour days which I find very tiring, I much prefer westward cruising (which is usually in Autumn) with 25 hour days. May not bother you much, but worth thinking about. (The timings are because of the repositioning from Mediterranean in Summer to Caribbean in Winter)
  4. I, as I always do, was travelling with a paper printout and we were required by the cruise line to take a paper copy to the CBP inspection. The CBP officer did not check anything electronically, he looked at my passport and the ESTA printout. The examination was done onboard at Key West, the first port back in the US, maybe that made a difference, although it’s not the first time cruise lines have required a paper copy of my ESTA. Being an old dinosaur, I don’t trust computers and always carry hard copy of important documents such as ESTA and Global Entry.
  5. I've just done a closed loop Caribbean cruise and I did have to show my ESTA on arrival back in the USA. So, yes, do go ahead and renew it! You know it takes up to 72 hours these days, not a few minutes as in the past?
  6. I've done the Princess 28 day one in October, that October the weather was wonderful. But one cannot say it will be in a different year. Pick whichever cruise suits your timing and hope for the best, it's not realistically predictable.
  7. Oft times the vegetarian offerings are OK; if you’re willing to eat fish you can get by on the nights they’re not. I say nights because the lunch buffet in La Terrazza has lots of great options. The veggie burger at the pool grill used to be good but on my last cruise (Whisper) it was slimy and disgusting, I hope that was just an aberration. I don’t eat breakfast so I can’t comment on that. I eat the salmon or fish of the day (or both!) at Hot Rocks, you’ve got to be careful not to overcook it but it’s great fun up there. And since you are on one of the big girls, you have Spaccanapoli - I have to ration myself to only the occasional four cheese pizza, (or is it six cheese?) because they’re just too good. And if you’re not happy, have a chat with the Executive Chef, that should help.
  8. With you there, Les. Safety in statistics. I walked twice over the exact spot exactly a week previously (on my way to and from Borough Market) which gave me pause for (extra) thought but really what are the odds? Among the millions of people in the thousands of places in London during the hundreds and hundreds of minutes in each day, what are the odds it'll be you? Not zero, but not enough to worry about.
  9. Hi Cam Interesting that you post here as I have disengaged from all things Crystal and shan't be bothering with their forum in future. Nor, I think, cruising on their ships, although one can never say never. If the Symphony is too big and noisy to suit me, the Serenity is likely to be worse. And the Crystallised mindset is tough to talk to. On my last cruise on the Whisper, I (again!) commented on the lack of plant based options and Sivi brought the Exec Chef over to me for a chat which was quite productive - the choices subsequently improved in quantity and variety, so it can be done. (And isn't Sivi the best!) Can't wait to get back to SS, also am very eagerly awaiting Spin's view of the new Shadow because my next cruise is on the Shadow for 17 days in January ... and then the crossing in March.
  10. Yes, I had planned to apologise and get off this thread, I only posted because I felt that a M&M happening when the cruise will be nearly over rather defeats the object of it.
  11. It's been a while since I've been on the Spirit so I may be wrong, but don't all cabins have a rain shower head in the shower as well as a hand held shower unit? It's just that the cabins in the 'stretch' only have a shower, no bath. FYI The bath is separate from the shower cubicle, it's not a struggle-up-and-into-the-bath all-in-one unit like the Wind ... ugh ... That's why the bathrooms in the stretch look bigger although they're actually slightly smaller (I think), because they have a larger shower cubicle and no bath.
  12. Hi Spins, As you know, I should have boarded the Shadow yesterday for LIS-FLL and was feeling a little sad about that, but I see she is sailing toward Storm Sebastian so I think they may have a crossing with echoes of our last crossing on the Whisper! Not sad about missing another crossing like that one. I'm boarding Crystal Symphony on Sunday, not really looking forward to it but I 'spect it'll be OK. I hope you have a wonderful cruise on the Shadow, I have to wait till January to see how she is post dry dock. Will be very interested in the new 'Arts Cafe' in the foyer, love the Arts on the bigger girls.
  13. I've done Venice to Zurich by train - it's very easy, the trains ran on time to the minute (!), the change in Milan was no problem, and the scenery was beautiful - I'd recommend that any day over flying such a short hop. Such a pleasure to depart and arrive already in the centre of the city.
  14. Not a dicky, it’s still showing on My Silversea. But it’s such a long way away, anything could happen, wouldn’t surprise me.
  15. A small BTW - make sure you know how to get to Tilbury as well as Greenwich. I have been scheduled to sail from Greenwich twice and haven't either time. The first time we were gazumped by Azamara, I had several months warning so I was able to research the trains etc. The second time the weather was too bad for the Whisper to make it up the river and I got the email only the night before that embarkation had changed to Tilbury - I was very glad that I already knew how to get there! Also be aware that if you do embark at Greenwich, it's by tender, she ship is moored to Greenwich Ship Tier (you can see it on google maps, just upriver of Greenwich pier). There's a pop up tent shoreside to check in, I believe. Dunno how the embarkation goes, haven't done it. The photo shows the Tier in the foreground with Greenwich pier in the background where the Cutty Sark masts are showing (taken when I sailed on the Wind from Tower Bridge, at least that embarkation worked fine). Apologies if you already knew all this!
  16. Yes, I've read all his endless stuff but it's how it applies to me that counts. And I'm very far from a conventional cruiser, I find an awful lot of the minutiae discussed on these boards to be irrelevant to me.
  17. I only wear clothes with pockets, I refuse to buy into the ridiculously sexist nonsense from manufacturers that only put pockets in men's trousers. So I put my card in my trouser pocket. Of course the iPad is a little more challenging; I always sail solo so I carry it all the time so I can sit and read quietly when I wish to. That does sometime have to end on the floor although if I'm dining alone it can sit on the table - depends a little on the chair design, if there are solid sides or it's a bench type seat (although I avoid them if poss, hate them) it can sit beside me.
  18. Ah yes, def need something better than that joyful crossing! Ditto craving warm weather cruise. And it's only 21 days to mine! But, alas, on Crystal not SS - am a bit apprehensive about the work involved in finding out all the 'wheres' and 'hows' on a totally different ship - won't be as relaxing as it should be. And it should have been the Shadow but SS cancelled that one for the extended dry dock and Crystal was the only other even vaguely comparable cruise I could find in the time frame (which I didn't want to change). We'll see, hope it's not too bad. All the best to you and Dr Spins, hope you enjoy!
  19. Oh what a treat - my next SS cruise is the Shadow in January. How much I've missed Moss! The CD's trivia on my last cruise (Whisper) was so bad that I quit mid-cruise, walked out and never went back.
  20. Have done many TAs. Much prefer westbound - a series of 25 hour days is vastly preferable to 23 hour days. Prefer more southerly route - northerly routes may be too cold to spend much (any) time on deck which is what TAs are all about. I love sea days and think the ports are almost irrelevant. However, I prefer interesting embarkation / disembarkation ports so I can stay a few days and have extra, bonus, mini-holidays.
  21. HD begins with an S, is it Sima? Sorry, too lazy to get out of bed to look it up. PS Hope this week’s nor’ easter isn’t too bad for those on board.
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