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  1. Moon would be good. Evening truffles all across the pond ... I am doing the Whisper crossing this September and September 2020 too.
  2. Er ... no ... not to me. Quite the reverse if a lot of RCI pax dilute SS benefits. No intention of cruising Celeb again, couldn't even consider a Whale of the Seas. Cabins on Az too small. PS gkbiiii why are you so obsessed about this? You resurrected a dead thread and now you've started a new one. I suspect most SS regulars aren't interested and don't want to know.
  3. Ouch, you’re not to name agents! CC rules.
  4. Not to put you off but I suggest you start a roll call, although I confess to being more of a lurker than poster on those, but these multi - subject threads get too confusing. And I’ve got a whole bunch of other cruises before next March, I’ll get confused too! Might be interesting to see who else joins it? Definitely sign up for the M&M.
  5. I do nearly all my bookings onboard and have them transferred to my own TA who deals with any subsequent issues. She loves me! I do all the research (which I enjoy) and most of the work and she gets the commission, but that’s fine, she always comes through when I need her. Having a TA you work with all the while is so much better than one provided by a cruise line, and you aren’t limited to just that cruise line, for example my TA has just booked me with Crystal for a cruise to substitute for the Shadow crossing in November that SS cancelled. Silversea’s loss. Don't forget l’m offshore and don’t have access to a toll free phone number for SS, or most companies for that matter. On the plus side in this tiny island, my TA’s office is just in town, I can drop in for a chat anytime I want - I mostly deal by email but if some problem gets a bit convoluted it’s easier to fix it face to face.
  6. See you aboard, skleeb! I had booked and paid in full last year for this cruise , but when the 0% solo supplement offer came out I got my TA to ask SS to re-fare me and I got such a big discount I added the subsequent 7 day leg to Barcelona. I got another couple of cruises re-fared too, and the total discount almost paid for this extra cruise which definitely wasn't cheap as it is a Med cruise - always high priced - and at a 50% solo supplement.
  7. Hey Stumble, I've had the Moon TA booked for ages - really looking forward to it - seeya then if not before! PS Was it just speculation here, or was I told onboard my last cruise, that they are thinking of using the 'Indochine' dining space with changing menus to reflect the cuisine of the area in which the ship is sailing? That'd suit me, I disliked the Indochine food altho' I liked the actual room. An Atlantide larger than on the Muse is an obvious necessity, but looking at the deck plan, the Moon's doesn't look any different to the Spirit's Atlantide. Which is adequate, so that's OK.
  8. I've never had a dining reservation cancelled or changed - possibly because they can always 'squeeze in' a solo - but I have been onboard with large groups and use of dining areas maybe modified. I haven't personally seen La Terrazza made unavailable but I have seen large areas of the pool deck set aside and extra tables put out for large groups to dine together in Hot Rocks. And it's always 7 day cruises in the Caribbean when I've seen large groups on board ... PS les37b - why are you so down on Hawaiian shirts? There's jerks in every kind of garment, a tux does not a gentleman make.
  9. I noticed this yesterday for my upcoming cruise. Just another thing to completely ignore, like the onboard shops ...
  10. It’s possible - I’m not saying this is the case - but you’re on a 7 day Caribbean so it’s possible that there’s a big group on board. Even so, it’s unusual if they’ve (or anyone else) been allowed to book the whole of Terrazza. But I can’t think of many other reasons why a confirmed booking has changed to waitlist. On the bright side, you may have more fun in Hot Rocks!
  11. Looking at your itinerary, I'd say the formal might be the third night because you are in Bequia till 11pm and St Lucia till 7pm. They generally avoid 'special' nights on late port stops. Much as I love Bequia, there isn't anything really to do there, particularly in the evening, so most pax will be back aboard by dusk I'd guess, so it might be the formal. It's usually earlier rather than later in the cruise so that they can fit in the Venetian night (for past guests) which will probably be on the 14th. Either way, when you go into 'my Silversea' to book your dining by clicking on the 'activities' tab, under the dates on the left hand side of the page it should say (in tiny script) which are the formal nights. PS For a March 10th cruise, you should already have booked your dining by now!! If in doubt, book more rather than less, it's very easy to cancel once onboard, just tell your butler or the reception desk people.
  12. I was booked on that Shadow crossing - very disappointed when it was cancelled but also slightly relieved - who would want to be in the middle of the Atlantic on the first post dry dock cruise? But no other SS cruise fit my dates or interest so - to Silversea's loss - I am trying a Crystal cruise. I have been looking at Crystal for years because they also offer some lower solo supplements but the fixed dining was a deal breaker. Now they've redone the ships to allow open seating, and I had a spare cruising slot and a refunded cruise fare burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to go for it. So, something different this year!
  13. I wouldn't bother with the prearrangement unless you want to - I've been on a ship in port with another SS ship several times recently and each time we have been told that we were welcome to visit using just our keycard. Do visit the Spirit - she's well worth seeing - she's my favorite ship both before and after the stretch. If it's Antigua where there's only two piers, you might even be docked on either side of the same pier!
  14. As a solo sailor on SS I love sea days and have done many crossings. I travel with just carry on luggage these days so careful wardrobe planning is vital. My evening wear is basic black pants, with navy capris as an alternative, topped with casual or maybe slightly glittery tee shirts to cover casual/informal/formal dress code nights. There's free launderettes on board so you don't need many different clothes. I'll usually add a shiny pashmina for formal, a light cardigan other nights if it's cool. Shoes are flat, strappy Crocs (NOT the clog type!). I never wear a dress - don't own any! As for what to do on sea days - I mostly walk around the deck or sit and read and just watch the sea go by. Good for the soul. There's also pretty good quality enrichment lectures, port talks, cooking demos, bridge games, and spa stuff (altho' I don't do that myself) - and, the highlight of the afternoon, TRIVIA! Gets the brain in gear, great fun. Then there's a solo cocktail get together each evening which often leads to dinner arrangements. I don't do the solo stuff so much any more because after nearly 300 days with SS I know a lot of folks and it's so easy to chat to people on SS, they're (nearly) all so welcoming, but I sometimes do the solo thing, more often I'll dine now and then with members of my trivia team. And solos are often invited to dine at an officer's table on formal nights - that can be very interesting. If you're looking at a cruise with a 0% supplement, I'd say go for it - you'll never find a cheaper way of trying out a luxury ocean cruise line. I moved up from the majors when I saw an offer for a Silversea transatlantic at only 25% supplement in 2012, and I've been hooked ever since.
  15. To the OP: I think Stumbles and co. have been a bit harsh on you, but your original post did come over rather unpleasantly - and being from NY only partially exonerates you. However, when this question arises (trying a new cruise line), my answer always is - only you will know if you like it and you will only know that if you try it. I have been sailing solo on Silversea for a while now (over 250 days) having moved there from the majors and I'd suggest that if you can see an itinerary that suits your dates and interests and attracts the 0% solo supplement, you should try it - I doubt you'll ever get a better chance to try a luxury line for the price. Go with an open and optimistic attitude and who knows? You might have an amazing time. If you don't you will have learned something useful for your future cruising. PS In my experience, Silversea cruising is nothing like you seem to think it's going to be.
  16. The only time I was there, I hardly saw any of it at all, the cloud was so low and so thick. Ah well, just an excuse to go back some day ... soon, I hope.
  17. Colin replaces Allan on the Wind in mid March, then Allan returns in mid June. I am on the Wind for the Apr 10th and the June 22nd cruises so I asked Allan when I was recently on the Wind and it'll be Colin for the first, Allan again for the second.
  18. Not quite sure what you mean? The Spirit deck plan changed a lot last year after the stretch but SS isn't showing different deckplans for next year - what were you looking at? PS I hope you're not on any of the Shadow bookings cancelled or affected by the dry dock in November.
  19. I wouldn’t get too excited until the deckplans are out; actually I’d think you’d need to wait till she’s afloat to find out the restaurant configuration for sure. However, I do wonder if they’re rethinking Indochine because of it’s persistent underutilization and the difficulty of pitching it right - too spicy for some, too bland for others. I eagerly await my first cruise on her however she is configured!
  20. Not actually true. Atlantide and Indochine are open seating, no reservations required. La Terrazza still asks for reservations but since it is much bigger after the stretch, it is usually easy to get a table without a reservation. This tends also to be true of Hot Rocks but not reliably so. Spaccanapoli and Arts Cafe are always casual, no reservations required. The for-fee restaurants do need reservations but IMO your cruise experience won't be diminished if you don't go to them, they're a waste of money and the venues are small, dark and claustrophobic. I don't do afternoon tea or in-suite dining so I can't help you there. Also ditto for Silver Note, I always forget about it because it doesn't appeal to me. Back to the Shadow/Spirit choice: I wouldn't book the Shadow 10 Oct, it's too short at 7 days and it's only one cruise away from a dry dock, could be prep work going on. The Spirit 10 day is, of course, more expensive (but isn't the per diem less than for the Shadow?), but if you like the itinerary I think that'd be my choice. Work out how you'd get to Monte Carlo though. And I gotta disagree with Stumble (sorry, Stumble!) - Vista or Verandah doesn't make any difference to me how much time I spend in or out of my cabin. With the forward elevator on both ships it's quick and easy to get to the Pool Deck from most cabins. To Pash: Very annoying about the Nov 21 TA, I was staying on for the 7 day FLL-SJU leg too, but I just cancelled it all in disgust. I took a 5% discount on a 2020 booking but the amount is pathetic. I knew there was a risk of this happening so when I bought my flights I built in a contingency plan which I've put into motion - I will miss being on a cruise but will have a satisfactory alternative trip.
  21. Depends how you did it? I see this notice on the boards: Our Roll Call Tool is experiencing technical difficulties; new Roll Calls are not being added to the tool. Please go "old school" in locating your Roll Call by browsing the specific ship Roll Call forum.
  22. Not knowing what you like, it's impossible to answer you properly. Dates and itineraries would be useful?? I choose my cruises mostly based on dates and itinerary, then price, then ship. That said, the Spirit is by far my favorite in the fleet because of the much greater choice of dining options. Vista versus Verandah pros and cons depend to some extent on the itinerary - on some cruises the verandah isn't much benefit. The cabins, apart from the verandah, are the same. There are few Vista suites on the Spirit but there's nothing wrong with being down on deck 4, you'd be in a quite select group down there. If you could wangle a Guaranty booking, I'd have thought the chances of a move up to Verandah would be quite high - I've never done it but what do other seasoned SS cruisers think? PS Which Shadow booking are you looking at? There's a dry dock in Nov, SS are screwing around with the schedules, I've just had my Nov 21st Shadow TA cancelled by SS. Could be why she's cheaper than the Spirit?
  23. LAL - thanks for the report, sounds like SS are listening. And my my point about Dolce Vita versus The Bar is related to availability of empty tables, not the entertainment. PS I agree about the shops!
  24. It'd be great to have little areas to accommodate everyone's preferences, but when more space needs to be magically made out of nowhere, bars that may be used by a few people for an hour or two (if that) in the evening aren't high on the preservation list. A useful thing about Dolce Vita that's perhaps not obvious to couples and groups - 'snug and welcoming' may translate for a solo into 'can't find a table to sit at' . I often like to enjoy a quiet pre-dinner drink and read or listen to whoever is playing the piano - easy in Dolce Vita, usually impossible in The Bar on the smaller ships so I never go there (except for trivia). Panorama on all ships is the best bar for a solo to chat with others so I go there if I'm feeling gregarious. In reality, no bar anywhere on any of the ships is very far from the MDR/Atlantide assuming the telephones and elevators are working - if they're not, I doubt I'd be worrying about dinner!
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