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  1. I was at the pharmacy today, wearing a mask, as was the cashier, and I stepped forward to give my name and address. about 4 feet away, and she said, 'could you step back please?' Maybe it's my area. They did sanitize the pad between customers. I stopped sanitizing my groceries a few weeks ago but I still feel like money is dirty and I haven't gone to the ATM since March.
  2. Which is why you should not be referring to anyone as 'chicken littles'.
  3. Thanks, jndsilver31. Yes, so I can understand others thinking my suggestion would be outrageous. But also, my husband is a doctor, and interacts directly with covid patients, so I realize I may have a more conservative view. He sees what it is like when patients are getting intubated (we know what those odds are) and so I tend to think about any interaction that could increase someone's chance of getting sick. Maybe we will get lucky and it will just go away ⛱️
  4. I said cash in envelope 'at the end'. Meaning you are getting off the ship.
  5. I mention because some businesses here will state 'prefer cc to cash' to avoid unnecessary contact. I am in NJ and realize that people in Texas, etc have different perspectives. My UPS driver will not make me sign for signature required packages so I do not have to come near him or touch his pen. One takeout place tells you to 'bring your own pen' to sign the cc slip. So that's what I am used to. I wonder if it is like that in other states.
  6. I wonder if they will allow cash tipping during the week, once they restart. It seems like a good way to spread germs. Cash in an envelope at the end is different.
  7. I could wear a mask for short times but not if I had to wear it most of the day. I'd rather stay home.
  8. This has been my experience as well. If you take time to fill out the form, chances are good that you will prevail.
  9. Chargebacks are also for charge errors, which includes being charged twice for the same item, returning an item and not receiving credit, for a product or service you never received, or received late, etc.
  10. It is very convenient after a day at the beach. edit: was 😞
  11. marci22


    They are on fb and instagram, maybe you could send them a message asking them to post their menu. (there is a menu posted on tripadvisor but it is illegible from the distance taken). We got the fish sandwiches. Excellent.
  12. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/120835423/whakaariwhite-island-tour-guide-jake-milbank-released-from-hospital https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/120856329/final-whakaari--white-island-eruption-patients-at-middlemore-hospital-released
  13. Someone on the Seabourn forum waiting for a $160k refund. $160,000.
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