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  1. This isn't funny. It's animal abuse and it encourages other idiots to do the same thing.
  2. Next time check the medical facility onboard. They always have meclizine packets out for people to take and I think there were other items as well. Post-covid though they will probably interrogate you first.
  3. They just need time to figure it out. Since the problem was beyond your control I would expect them to let you keep the credits with a new expiration date.
  4. I was looking at a 5 night cruise out of Cape Liberty next year and the premium for refundable was 800ish with 2 people in the cabin.
  5. Wasn't happening to me when you first posted but it's been happening since yesterday.
  6. I've been looking again the past week, but it's expensive to get a refundable deposit. If they made deposits refundable for the same price I'd be more likely to book.
  7. I wouldn't do a food excursion either. We took a short bus ride from Dockyard and went to Woodys for a fish sandwich. They have a bar as well. Swizzle Inn would be a nice lunch option if you are out that way. Sorry about your cruise being cancelled but it gives you more time to plan.
  8. I miss Bermuda. We usually go at least once a year. Missed our Empress May cruise this year. I waited until the last minute to cancel.
  9. I went at 9:30am and it was mobbed. I paused in front of the paper towels and a woman yelled out to me, "just buy it!"
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