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  1. I checked and it is also showing $24.99 in my cruise planner. Chops is showing $22. I have seen Chops for as low as $17 for lunch, so I would say that is a 'good' price. If you book online it includes the service charge. If you get onboard and it's a few dollars cheaper, be prepared for a service charge to be added as well. Not sure why Jamies is pricing out more than Chops.
  2. We also did the sail by when we were doing a Canada/NE cruise.
  3. See attached, and I am NOT saying Royal skims. It seems that Royal has included a tip description that lets them allocate 'tips' however they see fit between dining and housekeeping services. That's not a tip. So call it a service charge and make everyone pay it, or let people 'tip' as they see fit. Royal has chosen to do the latter, so we shouldn't argue about it. Or go ahead and discuss, but don't get worked up. https://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/eats/celebrity-chef-mario-batali-ordered-pay-5-25-million-skimming-tips-restaurant-article-1.1035001 "Previously, the biggest settlement for tip skimming was the $3.9 million paid by the Shelly Fireman's Restaurant group, which owns Trattoria Dell'Arte, Cafe Fiorello, Fireman's of Brooklyn, Brooklyn Diner USA, Redeye Grill and Shelly's New York. The famed Sparks Steakhouse had to pay out $3.1 million for the same practice, as did the Nobu restaurants,who settled with their workers for $2.5 million" btw I used to work as a coat check girl and the establishment took all of my tips and paid me minimum wage. If customers asked me, I told them. I'm sure most people don't do that though.
  4. That person was just trying to help you, not to work you up. I have not experienced The Key to your Wallet but I think that it can have value for a certain cruiser on a certain cruise with certain needs.
  5. oh that was my bad I was just reading The Key thread and that was on my mind. I was referring to the cabin upgrade meaning I'd pay for escorted debarkation.
  6. I guess I assumed that with The Key you would have a dedicated escort off the ship? We usually do self-debark so we get off early, but it's chaotic. When the concierge brought us off we waited in a dedicated lounge and he called the elevator and took us off in groups. It was much calmer.
  7. Many people who purchase the Key might be newer cruisers. People who have cruised many times on RC are going to look at it in a much more critical way because they know what is typical and what might truly be worth the extra cost. So I think it is worthwhile to hear these criticisms and then you will have clear expectations before you commit to the cost. I think that critical reviews are helpful. Someone who had 'a blast' on their cruise tends to be less descriptive than someone who had a problem. Not always, but often.
  8. Yes, I booked a 5 night May cruise in January and we actually got $63 each 'discount' so $126.
  9. I don't think it's that. Pretty sure there is usually one matinee offered on every cruise.
  10. Guess this program is not going away. Too many people bidding. My cruise had multiple larger suites available maybe two weeks ago and they are all gone now. Still offering bids for GS and JS even though none showing as available.
  11. The Key seems to be a good value for shorter cruises where people want to do a lot of the activities. Otherwise, it shows diminishing returns as your party gets bigger, does less rock climbing, and goes on a longer cruise. They should just have a list of various 'upgrades' and charge $25 pp for everything depending on what you want. They would need limits on what they sell to keep it workable. I would pay $25pp for priority departure.
  12. Nobody really knows, so you may as well tip as you see fit. If it is not working for Royal, they will change what they do. Some people tip nothing. If someone wants to tip their own way, great, fine, and Royal allows it so what's the problem?
  13. Interesting. I think my prices are high for a 5 night. I can still get into concierge lounge with D+ on Anthem. No double points. I would love priority debarkation but not for $900.
  14. Interesting same price for GS as my 5 night but $100 cheaper pp for JS.
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